Archery 5on5 Cup #1 - SIGN UP!!!

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S_ said:
Add Achto -  1245794 to Dream Archfantry team


Ebdanian Admiral said:
Clan/Team Name:Noble Savages
Captain Name, TW link and Steam link:<<<TW
Co-Captain Name, TW link and Steam link:
Team Banner:TBA
Roster(must be added before first match) with IDs:
Captain Ebdanian Admiral
Co Captain Marquis
All Luck
RoseFlower the Flower Ninja
Did you read and agree to rules?:YES
Please tell us if you have any suggestion for Archery 5on5 (please don't put a big wall of text):#Freethejavelin#Freechroniss

Added & Welcome! :party:

Sign ups close tonight ok!
Please Add Fidel Lagstro-403069 to Noble Savages

Ill get the rest of the IDs tomorrow.
Fail_BEANSACKS said:
  This should be Pico's ID

Done! :smile:

Here is the bracket. We were supposed to get a sub-board today. I guess Captain Lust forgot because he was busy, he said.
I will contact him tomorrow :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
There will be 1 week deadline, for Round 1 ok? 17-10-2016 GOODLUCK HAVE FUN! :party: :party: :party: :party:

Round 1 Maps -
First map: Playground
Second map: Forest

Round 2 Maps -
First map: Market
Second map: Playground
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