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Archers in 1.5

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Archery is fine right now. It's not too strong and not too weak. If u will play and training only ur shooting skills, u will see how ur skill increases. Everything will come with experience. If u are want to play as archer and shoot well on 1.5 combat system, everything what u need it's just more trainings and experience. If u really love archery in bl and want to play it like ur main class, no sense to complaining about, just play and u will get used to new system. x)

Dextrus, my arrows love ur head ^^

DMs resident aimbot has spoken!


I think archers are in a decent place right now, acting more in a support role (as they should). They are an essential part of the team and definitely hold their own when it comes to kills and assists in the larger game modes.
I'm not great at the game but still managed this last night. Followed it up with a round of crossbows and scored well in that match too.
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I dont think archers in Skirmish/TDM and Seige can really be compared to captain as its using the Ai and not individual skill

Ill link my forum post about the archer Ai issues in some recent matches we had in Captains League

Essentially the archers are missing near on 15 - 20 ft away from non shielded savages running in a straight line, the Ai 100% has a target aquistion issue in 1.5 as well as i suspect having an issue with the longer draw time change.


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@Callum @Deviant

About what Deviant mentioned, I agree. The fact that archers are able to hold their own on in the larger game modes doesn't mean they can in other game modes. Firstly, the superior position that archers can get in Siege and TDM cannot be compared to Skirmish or Captain. Skirmish maps are small and the 2h's which now have shields can simply rush you, because they got a speed boost too. Which is fine, but archery was also nerfed massively in general with aiming.

Quite ironically, TW will now have to spend a lot of time on fixing and reworking classes which would have been way easier if spawning gear was fully customizable.


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Can we play a tournament before we decide that Archery is broken. The reports are conflicting between archery is great and archery is terrible.
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