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Archer perk suggestions/wishlist

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Sergeant at Arms

I know the video is a huge meme, but it gave me some ideas about perks for archery.

"Master archer"-fire up to 3-4 arrows without having to reload.(Holding the arrows in your draw hand as shown in the video)Increasing reload time may be a potential drawback as to avoid making this perk too powerful.(Or making it a extremly late-game perk with 200+ prof. needed).

"Ranger"-This is in the game already(though not working), but as the "better at firing arrows while moving" is kinda vague so here's my take.Greatly decrease movmentspeed and accuracy penalties when using/firing a bow while moving.(Potentially allow shooting mid-jump?)This perk also should be availabe ealier-opposite to the mounted archer perk for pepole who prefer to play foot archer instead of mounted.

"Rapid fire"-Allows for instant firing upon reload without having to line-up your shot.In the game even after nocking your arrow your character needs to wait a bit and line up his shot before he can shoot.This perk would eliminate this need and allow for quick firing in cqc situations.(The shots would obviously be really inaccurate without lining them up.

As someone who played thorugh a foot archer playthrough I think these perks would give the necessary spice and sense of progression archery needs as of right now. "Rapid fire" would maybe allow archer players to disregard a meele weapon entierly in favour of a third quiver.I think the rapid fire perk could replace the "Merry men" perk in the tree and "Master archer" could be a option at 250/275 prof.
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