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FANs Submods, FIXES and Addons


Brytenwalda 1.40 Fan Bugfixes
By JuJu70

1. Ladies talking about their relatives don't mention some weird stuff
2. Land income should now work correctly
3. Bounty quest shouldn't produce double entries in conversation with the fugitive (2 names). that happened occasionally before.

Just unzip and overwrite everything in your main Brytenwalda folder.

Need to start a new game.

Talk to Author:,253325.0.html


2. TML Submod 1.0 for Brytenwalda 1.40

TML Submod v1.21 Changelog
- Spy spotting bonus bug fix - I noticed an erroneous check for gt 11 above the other checks for gt 9 and gt 4. Got rid of that, now it gives +2 spotting if 10+ or +1 spotting if 5+.
- Decreased elevation at 15.35214 59.85 by 0.27. Din Gonwy had the ground clipping through the icon a bit, now it looks nicer.
- Not sure what happened to 1.2, I didn't change freelancer at all yet it was broken. Re-compiling it magically fixed the problem without even editing any source files. Maybe some kind of error during compile? Never had that happen before. Either that or it could have been an error that restarting M&B fixed since I did that too, but I didn't want to risk it being a problem with 1.20 so I decided to go ahead and replace it with 1.21 even though I hadn't really done anything worth making a new version. In any case, my old save and my new save can now start up being a freelancer without an issue so whatever it was seems to be gone.

TML Submod v1.2 Changelog
- Merged KEHHET's polished map for Brytenwalda from,249833.0.html into the mod.
- Changed the name of the sea raider spawn from sea raider sp to looking for victims. Mostly because it was low hanging fruit when I noticed the issue of them "patrolling around sea raider sp" and I thought having them "patrolling around looking for victims" was worth doing.
- Added a charge routine to the AI formations. No more standing around in nice evenly spaced blocks or shield walls while the enemy cuts a swath through your line, now they'll break formation and charge once enemies are near. Probably still has issues, as I can't account for every situation with a simple charge if enemies are close code, but in my tests this works much better than them religiously sticking to their formations.
- Fixed the next pay time thing for freelancer - it was just going by the next budget report day, which wasn't always the same as the next pay time.
Compatibility note: Since this moved parties around (bridges, towns) it's not 100% save compatible. I put code into a trigger to move all the parties to their new locations if you're using an older version, but I don't know how to rotate parties on the map so the ones that he rotated significantly for his placement won't look quite right. Most of them still look fine, it's just a few misaligned bridges (and you can still walk across them fine, so it's not that big of a deal). Just start a new game if this bothers you, and rage when you realize you gave up your game just to rotate a few bridges that you probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't said anything.

TML Submod v1.11 Changelog
- Made Briton Gwrda troops and mercenary Spearmen guaranteed to have armor. They were the only ones without armor, so it seemed a bit out of place.
- Added 1 agility to the lust for money and power background. All the others gave 1 stat 1 skill, it's the only one that gave you one less stat point.
- Added skill bonuses for the other 3 religious choices (choice 4 had persuasion). Choice one has pathfinding, two has spotting, three has power strike. Don't read too much into these, I just kinda stuck skills onto them arbitrarily since the 4th one had one.
- shaved a point of looting and a point of foraging off the slave background, it had 2 more than all the others. Also took a point of inventory management off the free peasants, and a point of foraging off the poacher. They all had 1 more than the rest. Now total skills you can get from char creation are 28 with 6 int. Native is 20 with 6 int, so it's still 8 points higher.
- Changed the stat gain from height to be +2 str tall, +2 agility short, or +1 agil +1 strength for average (was +1 str tall, +1 agil short, nothing for average). This brings stat to 28 total. native is 34, so that's still 6 points lower.
- Adjusted NPC companion stats and skills to align to this new player standard, except only 20 skills at 6 int (they were set to about what a Native player was, so now they have 6 stat points fewer and mostly about the same skills).
Compatibility note: The guaranteed armor stuff on the troops will work affect save games, but the hero stats and skills won't. You can easily adjust your own and companions stats with the export/import thing though if you really wanted to though, so it's not really breaking save compatibility.

TML Submod v1.1 Changelog
- Multiplied melee fight rewards by 5. 1250 for a total victory now, 300 if you manage to beat 20 of them. 25 for beating 3.
- Removed the check that makes infantry use square formation above all others if more than 46 infantry are present.
- Changed freelancer reward for leaving service to depend upon your service length. You get 50 xp and 10 scilingas for every day you spent in service. If you stay 25 days or more you get +5 to relations with the lord you were working for plus an extra 4 for every 25 additional days (it rounds down, so 25-31 days would be 5, 32-37 days would be 6, 38-43 would be 7, etc.)
- Reduced the penalty on having troops in the supply wagon, salt mine, your lair, or mercenary parties from 12 scilingas per week to 3. So now you only pay an extra 3 for each troop in those places instead of 12. It's supposed to represent food cost, but food doesn't cost that much. Troops consume 1 unit per day, bread only costs 20 for 150 units - so that's a mere 1 scilling for the week. If you fed them a mix of bread and fish it'd be around 2.5. Bread and meat would be around 4. I figured 3 was a safe bet, assuming they're eating a mix of things.
  - Made troops in your lair act as garrison troops for wage (half cost).
  - Made troops in a mercenary band cost salary again (was a bug preventing them from showing up in your budget)
  - Made it so that the salt mine, lair, mercenary band, and supply wagon don't show in the budget unless you're actually paying them.
  - Rewrote slave labor code for salt mine. It was kind of awkward, giving 10 for each prisoner and taking 10 for each guard - even though you were paying separately for all the guards in your budget. And the prisoners had really high escape rates even with lots of guards, so it never really earned you anything. Now it evaluates the guards based on type, with them able to guard troop tier +1 prisoners effectively (2 for the lowest tier, 6 for the tier 5 heavy infantry, with a bonus for the elite infantry some factions get allowing them to guard 8 ). It then takes that guard strength divided by the total prisoners. If you have double the guard strength as prisoners, escape chance is 0. 99% or above their strength has a 1% escape chance. Anything below 99% has an escape rate of 100 minus the ratio, so double the prisoners than guarding capacity (in the case of tier 1 troops that would be 4x as many prisoners as guards) would have a 50% escape rate. Each prisoner is evaluated separately, and if one escapes the rest of the ones who weren't checked yet have 1% added to the chance of escape - so if you lose one you have a slightly increased chance of losing others. This way the larger your operation is the larger the chance of losing prisoners becomes, unless you keep the guards at double strength. And if you have no guards, all the prisoners will run off. Regardless of how many prisoners you have there, you lose 2 honor a week for keeping slaves at the salt mine. Also added a note to the salt mine menu telling you the escape chance of your prisoners there, so you know when you need to add more guards.
  - Changed the salt mine so that it no longer drops your morale every time you get to the main menu of it. Now it only drops morale if you go to put guards on duty there, and only once per visit. Also made the penalty for adding prisoners only hit you once per visit. Added a pair of global variables for this to work, when you leave the salt mine they are reset to 0 and the next time you visit you can lose morale/honor again.
  - Fixed the salt mine wander around option so that it lets you leave (it was missing a variable required for the mission, so that if you went in you were stuck and had to quit and reload.).
  - Changed troop upgrade path orders around (not the actual path, just if it's the 1st or 2nd choice) to make it play nicer with the scripts that upgrade troops. Only one I actually changed to a diff troop was the elite infantry line of the Britons, I moved the elite line over to the Pedyt and the Uchelwyr over to the Gwrda - that way the Pedyt is a dedicated elite infantry line while the Gwrda gets the mid range infantry and the elite cavalry. This allows an upgrade troop script that wants to focus on infantry to always pick the first one and get the best infantry of every faction, and if it's focused on archers/cavalry it can pick the 2nd one and either get archers for upgrading the first tier troops or cavalry if it starts with 2nd tier infantry.
  - Rewrote trigger for constable training. It can now train troops all the way from tier 1 to tier 5. Base amount is 10 tier 1->2, 8 tier 2->3, 5 tier 3->4, or 2 tier 4->5. Player's personal training skill boosts this by 10% per level, up to double at 10 skill. Using the improved training adds 50% on top of this number at the cost of 10% more expensive upgrading. Max training with 10 trainer skill and using improved training is 30 tier 1 troops, 25 tier 2 troops, 15 tier 3 troops, 6 tier 4 troops. Not extremely fast, but a nice passive training bonus. I incorporated the "realism upgrade" option into this too - what that option actually does is make the final upgrade tier, from 4 to 5, cost 50% more xp (nothing like the description, I know) so to keep it consistent I made the same change here, so tier 4 troops has a max of 4 now, with an initial training amount of 1.33 (so basically 1 until you get trainer skill up to 5 or use improved training, at which point you get 2).
  - Changed the description on the realism option. It didn't do what it said, so I changed what it said to what it actually does.
  - Changed the constable training option dialog for the "focus on archers" option to include cavalry, since what the option actually does now is pick archers if the troops are fresh recruits (tier 1) or pick upgrades leading to cavalry if the troops are tier 2 or higher along the tree that has cavalry as an option.
  - Made the 500 scillingas bet for arenas only available if you're in expert mode. Expert mode defaults to off now, you can turn it on in the arena options. Technically you could turn it on, place a bet, then turn it off before you actually fight in the arena - but if a player goes to that extent to abuse it he may as well just cheat money in.
  - Upped the horses stocked at stables to 10 from 5. Now you'll see a bit more variety in horses available at any given time.
  - Made it so you can forage on plains. I believe it was intended, as the check was is_between steppe and plains, and the way is_between works it takes the second one and subtracts one, and steppe is one down from plains, so it's effectively a check for if it IS steppe.
TML Submod v1.0 Changelog
- Fixed troop tree display (some were buggy and unclickable due to a coding error)
- Fixed realistic casualties and removed the option since it didn't really make sense to me to be able to disable it.
- Adjusted NPC heroes to have the same # of skills
- Adjusted troop power strike to be a bit more in line with their type (peasant women no longer have more power strike than tier 2 warriors, elite get 4 instead of 3) Also reduced troops with >5 power strike down to 5. Pict elites were the only regular troop with it above 5, so I set them to 5 and gave them 3 points of ironflesh to make up for it. Lords were mostly 10, dropped them to 5 too. If the player is limited to 5 the troops probably should be too.
- Fixed loot wagon/gift caravan conflict - loot wagons will no longer be erased from the game if you send them after you hire a chancellor.
- Reduced hillyness on random scenes
- Reduced elevation of the map to help limit hillyness on random scenes. Still really hilly near the areas with mountainous land, but some of the big open high elevation areas actually generate reasonably flat battlefields now.
- Removed restriction on castles making them very poor income earners. Also buffed blacksmith building a bit too. Combined with reduced wages, castles might actually be able to pay their troop wages now. Maybe.
- Fixed a few minor dialog things - a gender issue in ladies talking about female relations (no more He when referring to a woman), couple extraneous punctuation marks. Not a big deal, but it was an easy fix.
- Adjusted troop levels to be more consistent along upgrade path and between different cultures.
- Adjusted troop wages down, especially for the higher tier troops. Recruits cost 10 now, top tier elites 40. Was 14 and 80.
- Adjusted troop recruitment costs - decreased low tier recruits, increased top tier recruits, mid level about the same. Removed extra cost for mounted troops, they cost the same to upgrade so it seemed wrong for them to cost triple to join you. They still cost more to upkeep. Actual costs are similar to the new upgrade costs, with a little extra tacked on for their preexisting experience.
- Reduced troop upgrade costs.
- Made recruiting higher tier troops from villages cost the total it would require to upgrade them to that level from the basic villager, not including the 10 denar for hiring a basic villager. Hiring higher tier troops from villages still saves a lot of training time, but is no longer an obscenely cheap way to get high tier troops.
- Upped the maximum bet on arena fights to 500. Wager your way to riches! Just don't lose.
- Upped leg armor on the med/heavy armors. Didn't seem right that shooting troops in the feet did noticeably more damage than the body. This probably has the effect of making cavalry harder to kill, but killing them by stabbing them in the toe doesn't seem right either. Ow, my toe! *keels over*
- Changed viking lamellar to medium armor instead of heavy. Also upped its protection value from 42 to 45. You can only get it from fighting franks or buying it from the special blacksmith merchants, so it seemed like it should be better.
- Made all the 350 hp 9 resistance round shields 400 hp 9 resistance like the celtic round shields. They are all round shields that look nearly identical and cost the same, so it seemed they should be equal in terms of utility. Also boosted the heraldic round shield to the same.
- Increased sword thrusting damage by about 15-25% (mostly 3-4 points more). This makes them a bit more dangerous when both troops are heavily armored, since the armor piercing thrusts hurt more now. Cut damage unchanged.
- Reduced one handed axe damage by about 10% across the board (mostly 3 points less). They still pierce armor extremely well, but maybe now swordsmen can compete a bit. Hopefully. I left two handed axes alone - a troop carrying one is already vulnerable, and I figure if you're hit by a big axe like that it should hurt no matter the armor you're wearing. Plus I want to encourage players to run around with big two handed axes. Raaaaargh!
- Removed the 5 relation requirement from the freelancer join dialog. You still need at least 0, but now you can go join whatever army you like right off if you want to.
- Reduced penalty for low trade skill on trade goods a little bit (20 down from 23, -2 per trade skill, so the benefit maxes at 10 instead of 11.5 - but I doubt many if any people actually get 11 or 12 trade skill anyway). Native is 12 with -1 per trade skill, so to be like Native 0 you still need 4 and skill 8 here is now the same as skill 8 in native.
- Completely Rewrote loot wagon selling code to behave as if the player sold the items and the prisoners himself, except using the party member's trade skill who you sent on the mission instead of the whole party's (so no player bonus if you have your own trade skill). It was just a straight item value with a bunch of strange calculations and a bonus for trade skill, which gave mixed results. It didn't take item modifiers or trade prices into account and applied the trade skill bonus even to selling prisoners - so in some cases gave you more money than you could get yourself, other cases much less. For instance, load wagon full of cracked and rusty and such items and sell with wagon and you get values as if the items were normal. Sell trade goods that the town is totally overstocked with and get average value instead. Or sell a lordly/masterwork item with it - d'oh there goes 90% of my money. It also generated revenue for towns, which could be abused by sending it to your own town repeatedly. Now it's just like the npc went in town and sold all the stuff like a player would, with everything that entails.
- Fixed bounty hunter quests from sometimes showing multiple names and glitching out, the dialogs were missing a check to make sure the quest was active - thus putting messages from previously completed bounty hunter missions on the current one if the troop type matched up.
- Reduced relation penalty for bounty hunting missions. -10 seemed a bit extreme for hunting down and attempting to apprehend (not your fault they always try to kill you intead of coming peacefully!) a criminal, even if he had relatives there - you get the same relation penalty for ENSLAVING ten of them or robbing the entire village. Now it only gives -1, the same as if you had robbed and enslaved one of them.
- Reduced the renown requirement for purchasing items from the special smith shops from 700 to 500. 700 just seemed a bit too steep. Many of the lords only have around 500.
- Upped the minimum prisoner limit from 15 to 20, so you can hold a few extra men with a small party. Just for reference, the limit is increased by 10 every 50 men you have, up to 110 at 450 men.
- Halved the effect of player level on the party_get_ideal_size adjustment. Previously it gave them an extra 10% for every 8 levels of the player, so a level 25 player would face parties 30% larger. Now it's 5% for every 8 levels, so a level 25 player only faces parties 15% larger. I never liked level scaling - was going to remove it completely, but I thought some people might like to see the parties grow a little bit over time.


3. SUBminipatch Britenwalda (+ Custom Kingdom troops) etc. by FALX


4. DOWNLOADS: Various tweaks, fixes, and scene updates by vidamir

5. Spear Overhaul (overhand + underhand attack animations, stat changes) by vidamir

6. Fixed lords of defeated factions still roaming around,283638.0.html


FANs Modifications

Compatible with Brytenwalda 140-1.41 version

NEW SUBMOD for Repolished :,327187.15.html

ajaxjs's Brytenwalda Realism Submod 0.5 :

Fire_and_Blood's Expanding functionality of the Lair:

Fire_and_Blood's Fix for "Enslave villagers":,314713.0.html

overtyped's Brytenwalda troop balance fix :

Hidole555's Unofficial Graphics Pack Patch for Brytenwalda :

Compatible with Brytenwalda 1.40 version

DerHerbst's Guide to Prevent Companions from Leaving:

Brujoloco's Brytenwalda Pict based Banners :twisted::,315834.0.html

Polished Overland Map for 1.40,249833.0.html

Is there a way to return to old (static) system? (if you have problems with ship moving sea battle system)

How to tweak number of reinforcement waves?,221735.0.html

how to stop companions complaining?,201162.msg4840352.html#msg4840352

Stronger companions - a small "submod",278548.0.html

More fast upgrade troops?,235342.0.html

Turn off that doggone wolf that hollers every night,242440.0.html

alternate night ambience sound to replace wolf howl by iron_commander,248754.0.html

-Calradia in Darkness v.1.1 (+Brytenwalda adaptation)  Autor: CHUR,157802.0.html[/spoiler]

-Custom Music - Mech Warrior 2 for Brytenwalda - Autor: ppga

More information, suggestions, issues, talk to autor:,155628.0.html[/spoiler]

-Alternative Women Faces

Not included in the official version of the mod for a small defect on the neck, we offer you best faces for women.


-Donwload file
-Open faces folder.
-Copy interior and overwritte it in Brytenwalda.

Combinate Women Faces more Polish Landscapes:

-Join both modules and overwrite in Brytenwalda Folder (less module.ini)
- Open module.ini of PL and find:
load_resource = meshes_face_gen
Change it to:
load_mod_resource = meshes_face_gen

-Save, and overwrite this module.ini in Brytenwalda Folder.
-Enter game and enjoy.


Compatibe with Brytenwalda 1.39 version

-Companion SubMod  - This submod is for brytenwalda 1.39, It adds 37 more companions that don't argue.,211791.0.html

-Mod Tweak: Expanded Armor/Weapon Merchant Inventories 

I was always a bit puzzled why things like Scale Armor, Lamellar, and some colors/styles of other armors and helmets never ever showed up in merchant inventories under any circumstances; and yet many troops and some nobles have them, as if they appeared out of thin air. Likewise many of them were not purchasable through the "famous" smiths either, nor were they worth purchasing. The only way to aquire them was by attakcing deserters who have them in quantity, or just getting lucky in a battle.

So I modified the item_kinds so that most of the "missing" armors (and some weapons) now has a chance of showing up in merchant inventories. You'll see larger varities of armor colors and helmets, as well as a few armors that I dont think any troops or nobility wear. Most of them have normal stats and prices, and many are regionally dependant. Longbows and Composite bows have a small chance of showing up in weapon vendors now. Anything with the name "noble" or "king" in it has a very small chance of showing up (equal chance to Kingly Mail),220789.0.html

Compatible with 1.38 version

-TweakMB now supports Brytenwalda
Autor: kefka95

The latest release of TweakMB (3.02) adds support for Brytenwalda 1.38.  You will need to select "Brytenwalda 1.38" from the tweak database dropdown before loading your module.

Most TweakMB tweaks should be working with Brytenwalda, although some will be disabled simply due to the number/extent of changes that the mod makes to the game.,101731.0.html

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