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with the recently added option for console to stop the aging on console's and on current save files. i would like to suggest some tweaks to the current aging system

1. with the normal option of death by aging this stops aging of everything including old save baby's or ya current brother and sister. this feels wrong... so i suggest for the current aging and death to enable alll kids and current pregnant npc's in the game to work like normal even with the option enabeld to stop it. the option will come into full effect when all kids are 18 years old. ofcourse nobody can get pregnant no more with this enabeld but everyone that became pregnant in the first place can still get a kid to 18 years of age.

2. miracle doctor. this doctor is able to cure all ilnesses for u or other companions,other lords currently have. when ya buy the treathment of him ya become temporalily immuun to future illnesses for a year.
alternatiely ya coul buy of him like a fruit of inmortality for a very hefty cost of gold,influence or a different ingame currency. this will make the current user ya buy it for unable to become sick and die from wounds or just old age this also makes them immuun to be killed from decapitation from other lords.to enable there deaths again ya can buy a special poison that makes the target lose the effect.

3. add a possible godly expensive elixer in the game that ones consumed always makes there spouses pregnant with the next time pregnancy check carry's over this is also an exception to the rule of normal aging and allows the kid to age properly to 18 years of old age before stopping it if enabeld. this will give ya 1 child not more always 1 child. this elixer gets more expensive with every time ya buy it.it also works passed 45 years old so if ya wanna keep ya current spoues. ya could while still gaining childeren

4.add life elixers to the game that increases character of ya choice there health by 1-5 points per consumption this should also be very expensive. the elixers could also just b bought from the miracle doctor or some other neutral npc
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