SP - General seperate age and birth or add options for illnesses,age,births,

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exactly as the name seperate the option of aging and birth and add in more option to disable death of old ages for the player or family members/party

my explanation why i want this
i am for 1 a gamer that can easily play games forever with just 1 character. played bannerlord on console's several months ago with just that then playing an entire nght/morning weekend at 1 point i got a message that my main character was sick because of hise old age. i was a bit confused at first so pauzed the game then afther some searching that sickness of aging up was a thing... which made me reload a save i made before i started my annihilattion mission. was a good bit of hours ago(litterly the day before..) instantly deleted the auto saves of my character being sick. afther that i closed the game. been waiting for the new option ever since.

then we are at now. well the patch is getting live in november with the age an birth option for console's but, i would like to have this option expended if possible.

expended in what way ya might ask well...
1.seperate aging and births.
2.add in seperate options to disable illnesses for player,family members,clans,companions.,other factions if no for balance reason just add in a heavy xp nerf or something when disabiling any of these options for them..
3.allow ya to select if ya want other faction including your own of party;s,clans,family if they could have kids(keep in mind if aging is disabeld there kids wont age up).
4.add in an options to disable aging deaths of all factions,clan member,family members,companions. if ya got ilnesses enabeld instead of killing it could just be like a overall nerf for character(s) untill there immunity gets ride of it. keep in mind the older ya get the longer this takes and the more severe of a nerf . thinking of a -10-50% combat nerf. of overall skils,speed,health,damage ones cured ya become immuun to illnes for like a year.
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