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Ive been following this mod for around 2 years i think?
Man... I am honestly losing interest :/
I know things have slowed down every now & again but i thought this would have been released a while ago.


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James380 said:
Man... I am honestly losing interest :/

You've all the reasons to do so. But trust me, a great lot of awesome stuff they don't show. You'll be surprised on the release, for sure.
And why not asking Waldzios few pics ? :mrgreen:


Holmgaardviking said:
Could we get a little progress report?  :smile:

I agree.

It's been an year since I started to follow this mod. The 'Progress Reports' thread seems abandoned...  :???:
I seriously think that if you make a little 'Developers' Diary'-style thread (weekly updated maybe), people will stop bothering you asking a release date and you can keep high the hype for the mod.
Your (loyal) followers just want to know how the job is going, that's all...I'm not asking for a release date.  :wink:

Sorry for my bad english, I hope this will be constructive.
Have a nice day.  :smile:



Yeah I think that a little news would keep people happy for a while and create some hype which every mod needs.


Orbal said:
Yeah I think that a little news would keep people happy for a while and create some hype which every mod needs.

I fully agree, and I know it sucks, but I'm also wanting to news...

Sry. Zimke and all staff
Lol, np :smile: Atm Waldzios is working on adding new troop trees and polishing old ones, it's not really such a visual report, I can't show you nothing, but progress is good,I get it daily and am pleased with the tedious work done. Not sure/or can make assumption of eta tbh.
Nick_Mac said:
Aaaand? Maybe release with what done at that moment?
Whats the point of releasing something unfinished?

I'm aware that the work speed is much slower that we would like,  but we are still working and it will be released as soon as it will be ready to play and enjoy.
By all means, you guys are the experts, but I would like to second the notion that
"I would literally turn into a 12-year-old girl and make hilariously unmanly squeaking noises while doing a rather embarrassing dance if you released an open alpha."  :oops:

Okay, maybe no one else said that.  :razz:
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