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Hello everyone,

We are introducing the new prefix "Closed" to reduce potential confusion/uncertainty. Previously, we only used "Resolved", but that is easily understood as "Fixed" - which is not applicable for all cases. For similar reasons, we have changed "Unresolved" to "Open".

You can find the full list of prefixes and their meaning below:
  • Open - The default label that is applied when you open a new thread. It means that this report has not yet been processed.
  • In Progress - The issue has an internal ticket and is pending investigation, is being investigated or is being worked on by the developers.
  • Need More Info - The issue has an internal ticket but requires further information to progress the investigation.
  • Modded - The issue has only been reported in conjunction with modding. We do not provide support for technical issues that arise in this context. You should instead report the issue to the creators of the mods.
  • Closed - The issue has been closed due to one of these reasons:
    • The reported issue is intended by design and is as such not considered a bug.
      • If you disagree with a design, you may discuss this in the appropriate section of the Citadel.
    • The reporter provided insufficient information for us to be able to investigate the issue.
    • The reported issue was investigated but couldn't be replicated.
    • The reported issue turned out to be a false alarm and was cancelled by the reporter themself.
  • Resolved - The issue is believed to be fixed. This prefix may be applied before such a fix is published to players.
What can you do if your report is marked Modded, Closed or Resolved incorrectly / a similar issue still appears in the game?
  • If you can confirm that an issue that you reported in a "Modded" context also occurs in the native environment, please share that information in the original thread.
  • If you can provide new information that may lead to the resolution of a "Closed" ticket, please respond to the original thread.
  • If you've noticed a fix for the issue in the patch notes and have confirmed that the same issue is still occurring on that build, please reply to the original thread where the issue was reported.
  • Sometimes several bugs can affect the same or related areas within the game. However, a ticket is often investigated within the scope of what it describes. Should you observe a similar (but not the same) issue to what you originally reported, please...
    • open a new thread if the original issue has already been "Resolved"
    • reply to the original thread if the issue remains Open/In Progress/etc.
While we are trying our best to process, investigate and fix the issues you report - there will sometimes be mistakes. We are grateful for your patience in this regard and can assure you that we are committed to improving the game together with you.
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