Adding real fast forwarding, A Bridge to far?

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This maybe is a long shot but it's on my mind for a while now.

The idea is quite simple, there should be an option to fast forward time. Not like it's now but with (for example) 10 years at the time.
Having this feature opens a lot more possibilities and I will try to explain what I mean.

1. Not a big one, but I'm always annoyed that my character starts as a nobody and can become Vassel (or even King) in no time. This doesn't make sense for me. Waiting until your children/grandchildren are fully grown is taking to long (keeping in mind that you only can be a mercenary/trader or bandit).

2. Adding to this would be a proper family tree. So you can really build up your dynasty (like in CK3)

(now the really cool stuff)

3. A system where clans can rise and clan can die out. I will try to explain.
It would be nice that new clans can rise as a spin off of another clan. E.g. My main character has 2 sons and both sons have multiple children, also has my main character multiple holdings. When the characters dies it would be interesting to see a part of holdings going to the second son under a new clan.
But with clans rising, clan should also have the possibility to die out. This can be done if a clan has no holdings for a certain amount of time. Or some kind of a decay in clan lvl and on reaching lvl 0 the clan dies out. (Or when al members die off course).
For people that like to do story telling this is nice because you can have war with your evil uncle or a misunderstanding with your brother which ends in 2 rival clans or... (imagination is the limit here:p)

4. A map that evolves over time.
The starting map has less settlement, villages, castles. As time goes on new settlement can be set. villages can grow settlements can grow. Taking into account that growing a settlement takes time (years). This way the map is evolving when you are playing in your different generations generations.

With these growing towns different features can be implemented. A leveling system for towns that determents the number of workshops the town can have, resources it consumes, type of unit's that can be recruited, how many notables are present,... It also makes more sense that a town has his own primary production. This way if a villages becomes a town the primary production can stay.

Also should there be a limit of number of towns in a certain area. This can be done by having a natural migration to Towns from villages. If a new town rises the villages around it will then have a population loss due to this migration.
(This way the campaign map is also changing between the different campaigns you play).

5. Last but not least, you should be able to marry nobodies. It doesn't make sense that a son of a bard can mary a noble....

I could add more but I think you guys get the idea, and I'm interested in your opinion.

Save Travels, DeFlunt

(More stuff that can be added related to Troop tries, weapons, siege engines,...)
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