Unsolved A New Dawn Mod - Crash processing INI file

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Could anyone tell me what to do here?
On a Mac Pro 10.12.6
I downloaded the New Dawn mod from https://www.moddb.com/mods/a-new-dawn1
Moved the "A New Dawn" folder into my Modules folder within Steam (Library>AppSupport>Steam>Common>Warband>Modules) and replaced the files with each subsequent patch.
Now every time I run Warband in Steam it says PROCESSING INI FILE and quits automatically.

Any help appreciated,


MArdA TaleWorlds

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Unfortunately, we can't provide any support for issues that occur with modifications for our games. Your best chance of resolving an issue with a mod would be to contact the mod developer directly, or by creating a post explaining the issue on our forums in the relevant section. We are sorry that we can't be of more help to you with this issue and we hope that you find a way to fix the problem.