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9te Silesien Landwehr Commander Battle Server

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9te Silesien Landwehr Commander Battle Server

This server almost has administrators online and is owned by the 9te

The 9te Landwehr is now hosting a commander battle server which hosts special events with an active staff of administrators. The server capacity is suitable for commander battle and can afford to deal with higher troop counts than other servers. Artillery and cavalry serves important role with working together with infantry. This server hopes to host a common household name of a high class server. We ask of only a few rules:

Please respect our guidelines and rules:
1.No arguments with administrators.
2.Refrain from Trolling and Bigotry.
4.No recruiting, it is a 95th only thing.
5.Have fun and stay classy!

Special Events:
The 9te hosts special events that requires no regimental status to play. One of the events being hosted is called Left4Frenchie. Players will be placed on Prussia and handed shotguns and must survive 20 minutes of an onslaught of french soldiers. After 20 minutes of duration time the Prussians win if they are not dead.

More events and details will be added soon!​
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