19te Prussian Infantry [Recruiting]

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Just stole your signature DeciBit.  ME LIKE IT A ALOT  :cool:

Our Regiment ROCKS!!!

I will be back playing after the coming 6 days of constant work 24-7.  :cry: :cry:
Where do you hear about us?
First I saw this video on youtube, some idiots fooling around. Was hilarious. And temp joined here, I just got Warband and now I'm ready for action! I am temps padawan.

What can you bring to the table? (Witty answers accepted)
I have a voicechanging software for funny comments. Regiment can be lead by a demon, who knows? We weren't there?

Have you ever participated in another regiment?
Negatory, I'm a quick learner.

Which trainings are the best time for you?
My sleeping patterns are horrible, so at any time but not early in the mornings.

Desired Name :

EU or US/Canada :

The thing I enjoy the most about Musket mod is _______ .
The simplicity of the game and the organization with random jokers.
Where do you hear about us?
I just saw some of your guys, among other regiments' members, around on a M&M server.

What can you bring to the table? (Witty answers accepted)
Man, I dunno. I guess I'm an adroit writer, and I like the vidyagames. Been a long time player of Mount & Blade, and Warband, and I've been messing around with M&M for three weeks now. 

Have you ever participated in another regiment?
Nope. I was into Planetside for a year or two though, and in an outfit, but that's entirely different.

Which trainings are the best time for you?
Saturdays, and maybe Thursdays, would work out.

Desired Name : Savitry

EU or US/Canada : US

The thing I enjoy the most about Musket mod is _______ . (Optional)
Getting really lucky shots. More than half the time I miss, but the odd headshot out of a dozen rounds is really nice.
So my first training session went pretty good. Learned the basics and actually learned a bunch of gameplay tricks I didn't know. Can't wait to do an actual linebattle soon

Edit: Actually I won't be here this entire weekend, so wont be able to attend the Sat training or the Sunday line battle :sad:
No NA Line Battle tonite!


But there is an alternative....


At 9 Eastern, the 1st EPI will be holding a conquest event to fill in the Friday Linebattle that's been cancelled for tonight.
Public players are welcome to join, the teamspeak you'll be using is ts3.1stepi.com - regiments can stay in their own teamspeak for this one.
If you have any troubles connecting to the teamspeak server, then update teamspeak.

Conquest Event Rules

Each team has a headquarters. This is generally Flag 0 for Team 1 and Flag 1 for Team 2. You may only spawn in your headquarters. Anybody who has spawned outside of the headquarters will be slain, and repeated offenses will be a kick/temp ban.

To leave the headquarters, you must be in a line of at least 6 players. A regiment may have as many lines as they like, but each needs to be at least 6 people to leave spawn. Public players can form their own lines or they can attatch to another regiment.

Once your line has dropped to 2 players, and you are not currently in a melee, then you need to rout to the nearest friendly line and latch onto them.

You may garrison houses.

All players will be line infantry. No artillery, cavalry, or skirmishers **This may change on the fly, we may designate a couple small regiments to be artillery for example, but expect to play as line infantry!!**

And most importantly... You must stay in a line at all times. Treat it like a normal linebattle when you're on the field.

For any questions, post here, or talk to Avoric or I on steam (Bruck_Konn | azrooh)

Teams will play to 750 points. The round ends when the points reach 0 OR a team's headquarters is taken and everybody on the team is killed.

MAP 1 -- Austerlitz
MAP 2 -- Borodino
MAP 3 -- Kazinek Crossing

The event will be hosted on the 1stEastPrussianEU server (200 slots, runs very smooth for North American players)
*cries* I'm stuck here for another week... about a month until I move to Texas and still tons left to do on the house before my parents can sell...
I know what you feel frank . i had a really crappy internet but i changed it . But even if it is better it stops when there are storms (or rain in fact) even the slightest .
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