Public Campaign - Napoleon's 100 Days

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The NWRP Community is excited to announce our next Campaign - Napoleon's 100 days!
The War of the Seventh Coalition saw Napoleon's glorious return and eventually his ultimate fall at Waterloo. Will this Campaign see the same outcome or will the French Empire survive for more than just a hundred days? Your actions on the battlefield shall decide the future of the Continent!

  • Events every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 CEST from May 25 to June 16
  • Battles will be played on the NW_Public_Events server
  • Flag Respawn script will be used. More information below
  • Factions are going to coordinate on our Discord -
  • Leadership applications will open in 1-2 weeks since this thread was originally posted

All battles will be played in the Flag Respawn mode. Each event there will be 2-3 maps of max 3 rounds each. Once a team win 4 rounds, they win the event.
Half of officer slots in each faction will be reserved. We believe this will bring some fun chaotic aspect to the battles while still keeping them organized. You will be able to apply to lead a line in a special channel on the Discord.​
  • No rambo. Infantry follow beaconed officer (flag bearer or another officer if he dies), cavalry follow general (stay together or pick a new leader if he dies)
  • No camping enemy spawn
  • No delaying
  • No wasting Build Points
  • When "All Charge" is called both teams cannot reload anymore and must engage each other. Fire in Charge is allowed except for Artillery. Cavalry must dismount and continue on foot
  • No spamming or discriminating others in chat
  • Regiments are allowed to recruit once per map

We have a pool of ~150 custom maps at our disposal. You can view them here:
Maps will resemble Campaign Map provinces/tiles

  • Flag Respawn
    • You will respawn at your regiment's flag as long as allies are nearby. There must be no enemies near the flag or you won't respawn. Each respawn costs a set amount of tickets depending on your class. If your regiment loses its flag, your team loses tickets. When a team loses all its tickets there are no more respawns.
  • Footguards spawn with 2 grenades which explode a few seconds after a throw
  • Local chat (O), personal stats and animations (B)
  • Officers get a beacon and a special officer chat (O) to communicate with their line
  • Ranged damage reduced for officers

  • 2 Factions - France vs Coalition of UK and Prussia
  • A small tilegrid of 3x4 tiles
  • Each turn a faction attacks an adjacent tile
  • After 4 weeks (8 battles) we will see who has the most tiles and this faction will be declared the winner

Both factions start with an army camp on opposite ends of the 3x4 tile grid. Starting from their respective army camps, each turn they attack/claim an adjacent tile that is either neutral or hostile. Armies can move 2 tiles in the same turn in friendly tiles. Neutral tiles will simply be taken without a battle. If a faction attacks a hostile tile, in contrast to a neutral tile, a battle will occur. If the winning team lose less than 2 rounds, they get to move one additional tile but they cannot move to a tile where the enemy army is present. If one army attacks another, the defeated army must retreat to a friendly adjacent tile. If there is no friendly tile, they will retreat back to camp. If the camp is captured by the enemy, the army will be removed from the map and will attack the camp in the next turn in order to recapture it.​
Under Generalfeldmarschall Blücher, Coalition forces march into Ligny, sweeping aside the meager French garrisons and prepare for a pitched battle. Napoleon rushes back, thus heralding the beginnings of the battle of Ligny...

First event of this minicampaign is going to take place this Saturday at 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST on "NW_Public_Events" server.
Everyone is welcome!
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