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Fourty-Eight Factions

This mod is inspired by the mod Anno Domini 1257 but will have several important differences:

1. The mod will be more focused on North Western Europe
2. The mod will go into large levels of detail for the settlements (England alone may have 300+ settlements if the game can handle it)
3. The mod will focus on making a more interactive and immersive environment for the player (Not to discredit 1257 AD)

Planned/Possible Features:

Diplomacy & Household/Court:

. Vassal Factions: A realm can be a vassal of another realm (for example, Palatine Chester is a vassal of England, Lordship of Meath is a vassal of England, Bishopric of Durham, etc)
. Casus Belli: War declarations require a reason: Holy War, Title Revocation War, Way Against Tyranny, War for Title/Fief-Claim, War of Vengance
. Hunting: where the player can go on hunts with other nobles & add royal forests
. Gain and lose relations dynamically
. Offices of State: Kings & some powerful lords have courts with courtiers like: Dapifer (Grand Steward), Steward, Marshal, Chamberlain, Chancellor, Chaplain, Treasurer etc. They also have Retainers (Companions) who can serve as Castellans.
. Marriage Alliances. May require liege lords approval
. Private Familial wars: however if the war is inner faction the ruler can use influence to warn, heavily fine (the aggresor or aggresors), & eventually intervine directly through war having the option to confiscate fiefs from the aggresor party but at a heavy cost in influence.
. Curia Regis: Kings court summoned occasionally to discuss feudal policy, foreign affairs, etc
. Influence per family to family instead of a general influence pool. Ex.: You must have x amount of influence with House Capet to ask for a fief

Battles, Combat, and Sieges:
. Increase siege difficulty: for attackers, defenders can hold keep even after castle taken
. Infantry Crouch: The Ability for infantry to CROUCH in front of archers in a shieldwall, they can also attack while crouched
. Spear Bracing: Have a unit brace their spears to repulse cavalry charges
. Better Charges: Well planned charges are likely to cause routes, especially heavy cavalry against low tier infantry. Cavalry charges will cause more damage from impact and infantry charges will also cause some damage from impact.
. Commander Capturing: The ability to "grapple" a lord off his horse and capture him and tie his hands together, sometimes ending the battle (if he is the only commander), Enemy commanders may try to do this to you
. Adjustable Perma death: chance of permanent death on the battle field for players and NPC lords
. Terrain Penalties/Buffs: Cavalry will have trouble in mountains, rain, forests, and mud but is good in plains, and hills. Most infantry/archers will have penalties in snow, spear infantry and archers have special bonus in Mountains and forests. Crossbowmen have special bonus on hills.
. Better Routing: Routes will happen more early on in a battle but if the player has enough leadership skill he can rally better tier troops back to battle. Troops can Surrender instead of running depending on the players reputation. Siege attackers will not continually attack a castle if they take too many casualties; they will strategically retreat.

Fiefs, World-Map, Travel, & Trade:
. System of Caputs: 3 types: Town Caput (High Income Base, Poor Defense, Low Manor #), Castle Caput (Low Income Base, High Defense, High Manor #), City Caput (Very High Income, Decent Defense). Each caput has a # value of submanors attached to it which determine the fiefs income & troop levies reliant on the # and quality of manors & how the lord handles his fiefs. A lord can eneoff knights: this will lower his income unless he collects scutage which will still be lower than if he held the fief directly but will avoid major rent deficiency losses.
. Party Dispersing: If you are caught by a much larger party you have the option to "disperse" your unit and ride away; your troops will disband but you'll keep your companions and close vassals/knights. This will help avoid the annoying situation where you aren't paying attention and you get caught by an army of 500 men.
. Party Hiding: If your party is less than twenty men you have the ability to "hide" the party- you cant move for a whole day but enemies wont see you.
. Party Resting: Option to require all parties to sleep at night or face morale penalties.
. Party Forced March: Increase party speed with high morale cost

Arms and Armor:
. New Items: Adds dozens of new Items
. Better Heraldry: Some heraldic surcoats will now have shield shaped patches with the heraldry displayed on the patches rather than across the whole surcoat: this allows for more detailed patterns to be on the rest of the surcoat
. Realistic Breaking: If a shield or Lance breaks it is gone from your inventory (Lances would have about a 1/6 chance of breaking per couch)

Immersion, Realism, Improved Gameplay, & Flavor:
. Feudal Administration: Medieval feudal system of Inheritance, Escheats, Grants, and Castellancies
. Banners & Characters: Add Hundreds of banners & characters into the game
. Realistic Money: Reduce money in circulation so it is consistent with how it was during this time (average of about 8.33 Pounds income monthly for a baron)
. Lance Recruitment System: 10 Manors can field one knight for 200 days a year. Knights bring a unit of troops known as a lance which includes: 1 squire, 1 man at arms, & 5 Peasants.
. Kidnapping for Ransom: The ability to ambush & kidnap a noble with possibility of repercussions from leige and the nobles family.
. Different government options: HRE has Ministerials & Imperial Vicars, England Has Sherifs (Viscounts), France Has Viscounts
. Plot to kill: You can plot to kill enemies

TROOP TREES (21 trees):
(In order of average Quality per troop)
Templar Squire > Templar Knight > Senior Templar Miles (High-Ranking Knight) > Familiaris Templar Miles (Trusted Knight)

Templar Civis-Tiro > Templar Sergeant
Templar Civis-Tiro > Templar Professional Scorpiarius (Crossbowman)

Templar Tiro > Templar Hastatorum > Templar Sergeant > Fortis Templar Sergeant
Templar Tiro > Templar Scorpiarius > Templar Professional Scorpiarius


Templar Sergeant & Chevalier​
Norman Donzel > Norman Milites > Norman Chevalier Bachelier > Norman Fortis Chevalier Bachelier > Norman Chevalier > Norman Chevalier Banneret > Norman Magnus Chevalier Banneret

Norman Chevalier de Frontière (Border-Knight) > Norman Fortis Chevalier de Frontiere > Norman Magnus Chevalier de Frontiere

Norman Citoyen (Citizen) > Norman Sergeant
Norman Citoyen (Citizen) > Norman Arbalester

Norman Paysan (Peasant) > Norman Lancier (Spearman) > Norman Qualifié Lancier (Trained Spearman) > Norman Sergeant > Norman Fortis Sergeant > Norman Sergeant Fimiliaris

Norman Fortis Spearman > Norman Homme de Serpette (Billman) > Norman Blindé Homme de Serpette (Armored Billman)

Norman Peasant > Norman Crossbowman > Norman Veteran Crossbowman > Norman Arbalester > Norman Veteran Arbalester > Norman Armored Arbalester

Norman Chevaliers, Donzels & Milites


Norman Fortis Chevaliers


Norman Banneret​
Hospitallier Squire > Hospitallier Chevalier > Fortis Hospitallier Chevalier > Senior Hospitallier Chevalier

Hospitallier Citizen-Tiro > Hospitallier Sergeant
Hopsitallier Citizen-Tiro > Hospitallier Veteran Scorpiarius (Xbow)

Hospitallier Tiro (Recruit) > Hospitallier Soldat (Soldier) > Hospitallier Sergeant > Veteran Hospitallier Sergeant
Hospitallier Tiro > Hospitallier Scorpiarius (Xbow) > Hospitallier Loricatorum Scorpiarius (Armored X-Bow)
Teutonic Knappe (Squire) > Teutonic Erfrahen Knappe (Squire) > RitterBrudern (Knight) > Senior RitterBrudern (Knight)
Teutonic Knappe (Squire) > MitBrudern (Secular Knight)

Freiwilliger Rekrutieren (Volunteer Recruit) > Freiwilliger Soldat (Volunteer Soldier) > Fußtruppe Halbredern (Dismounted Half-Brother)
Freiwilliger Soldat (Volunteer Soldier) > Beritten Halbredern (Mounted Half-Brother)

Freiwilliger Rekrutieren (Volunteer Recruit) > Freiwillge Armbrustschütze (Xbowman) > Trainiert Armbrustschütze (Trained Xbowman) > Gepanzart Armbrustschütze (Armored Xbowman)

Teutonic Kolonist > Teutonic Militant Kolonist > Teutonic Fußtruppe > Teutonic Senior Fußtruppe > Teutonic Stellvertreter Fußtruppe
Teutonic Senior Fußtruppe > Teutonic Guisarmer
Santiagin Escudero (Squire) > Santiagin Caballero > Santiagin Senior Caballero (High-Ranking Knight) > Santiagin Familiaris Caballero (Trusted Knight)

Santiagin Civis-Recluta > Santiagin Sergeant
Santiagin Civis-Recluta > Santiagin Blindado Ballestero (Armored Crossbowman)

Santiagin Recluta (Recruit) > Santiagin Lancero (Spearman) > Santiagin Sergeant > Santiagin Sólido Sergeant
Santiagin Recluta > Santiagin Ballestero (Xbowman) > Santiagin Blindado Ballestero (Xbowman)
Caltravan Escudero (Squire) > Caltravan Caballero > Caltravan Senior Caballero (High-Ranking Knight) > Caltravan Familiaris Caballero (Trusted Knight)

Caltravan Civis-Recluta > Caltravan Sergeant
Caltravan Civis-Recluta > Caltravan Blindado Ballestero (Armored Crossbowman)

Caltravan Recluta (Recruit) > Caltravan Jabalinero > Caltravan Sergeant > Caltravan Sólido Sergeant
Santiagin Recluta > Santiagin Ballestero (Xbowman) > Santiagin Blindado Ballestero (Xbowman)
Français Escudero (Squire) > Français Chevalier > Français Supérieur Chevalier (High-Ranking Knight) > Français Familiaris Chevalier (Trusted Knight)

Français Citoyen-Recruter > Français Sergeant
Français Citoyen-Recruter > Français Blindé Arbalétrier (Armored Crossbowman)

Français Paysan (Peasant) > Français Lancier (Spearman) > Français Sergeant > Français Sólido Sergeant
Français Sergeant > Francais Sergent monté

Francais Lancier > Francais Homme de Glaive > Francais Solido Homme de Glaive
Français Paysan (Peasant) > Français Arbalétrier (Xbowman) > Français Blinde Arbalétrier (Armored Xbowman) > Français Arbalester


Français Familiaris Chevalier


Français Supérieur Chevalier


Français Supérieur Chevaliers (Left)​
Deutscher Knappe (Squire) > Deutscher Erfrahen Knappe (Squire) > Deutscher Ritter (Knight) > Deutscher Senior Ritter (Knight)

Deutscher Burgher (Townsman) > Deutscher Sergeant
Deutscher Burgher (Townsman) > Deutscher Guisarmer

Deutscher Bauer (Peasant) > Deutscher Speerführer (Spearman) > Deutscher Sergeant (Sergeant) > Deutscher Familie Sergeant (Trusted Sergeant)
Deutscher Speerführer (Spearman) > Deutscher Guisarmer > Deutscher Gepanzert Guisarmer (Armored Guisarmer)

Deutscher Bauer (Peasant) > Deutscher Armbrustschütze (Xbowman) > Deutscher Trainiert Armbrustschütze (Trained Xbowman) > Deutscher Gepanzart Armbrustschütze (Armored Xbowman)


Deutscher Ritter


Deutchser Senior Ritter


Deutchser Senior Ritter​
österreichisch Knappe (Squire) > österreichisch Erfrahen Knappe (Squire) > österreichisch Ritter (Knight) > österreichisch Senior Ritter (Knight)

österreichisch Burgher (Townsman) > österreichisch Sergeant
österreichisch Burgher (Townsman) > österreichisch Guisarmer

österreichisch Bauer (Peasant) > österreichisch Speerführer (Spearman) > österreichisch Sergeant (Sergeant) > österreichisch Familie Sergeant (Trusted Sergeant)
österreichisch Speerführer (Spearman) > österreichisch Guisarmer > österreichisch Gepanzert Guisarmer (Armored Guisarmer)

österreichisch Bauer (Peasant) > österreichisch Armbrustschütze (Xbowman) > österreichisch Trainiert Armbrustschütze (Trained Xbowman) > österreichisch Gepanzart Armbrustschütze (Armored Xbowman)
Bavarian Knappe > Bavarian Trainiert Knappe (Trained Squire) > Bavarian Ritter

Bavarian SoldatBurgher - Bavarian Gepanzert Speersoldat
Bavarian SoldatBurgher - Bavarian Gepanzert Armbrustchutze
Bavarian SoldatBurgher - Bavarian Gepanzert Guisarmer

Bavarian Bauernsoldat (Peasant Soldier) > Bavarian Speersoldat (Spear Soldier) > Bavarian Trainiert Speersoldat (Trained Spearman) > Bavarian Gepanzert Speersoldat (Armored Spearman)

Bavarian Bauernsoldat > Bavarian Armbrustschütze > Bavarian Trainiert Armbrustschütze > Bavarian Gepanzert Armbrustschütze

Bavarian Bauernsoldat > Bavarian Guisarmer > Bavarian Gepanzert Guisarmer
Swabian Knappe > Swabian Traineirt Knappe > Swabian Ritter > Swabian Gepanzert Ritter > Swabian Expert Ritter
Swabian Knappe > Swabian Berittener Armbrustschütze (Mounted Crossbowman) > Swabian Expert Berittener Armbrustshutze

Swabian Burgher-Soldat > Swabian Gepanzert Speer-Soldat > Swabian Gepanzert Sergeant
Swabian Burgher-Soldat > Swabian Gepanzert Guisarmer

Swabian Bauer-Rekrutiern > Swabian Speer-Soldat > Swabian Gepanzert Speer-Soldat > Swabian Gepanzert Sergeant
Swabian Bauer-Rekrutiern > Swabian Guisarmer > Swabian Gepanzert Guisarmer
Iberian Escudero (Squire) > Iberian Caballero (Knight) > Iberian Entrenado Caballero (Trained Knight) > Iberian Expert Caballero

Iberian Ciudadano-Soldado > Iberian Expert Jabalinero
Iberian Ciudadano-Soldado > Iberian Blinado Ballestero

Iberian Campesino-Soldado > Iberian Jabalinero > Iberian Expert Jabalinero
Iberian Campesino-Soldado > Iberian Arquero > Iberian Expert Arquero
Iberian Lancero > Iberian Infantería de Choque > Iberian Blindado Infantería de Choque




Arquero (Left), Blindado Infanteria de Choque​


Kertilsveinr (Squires) > Skutilsveinr (Knight)
Hirdman (Retainer) > Hirdman Tohåndsøksmand (Twohanded-Axeman-Retainer)
Hirdman (Retainer) > Erfaren Hirdman (Experienced Retainer) > Hirdman Kongevagt (Kingsguard-Retainer)

Bymandvagt (Townsman Guard) > Bymandkregir (Townsman Warrior) > Gestir-Kregir (Guest Warrior)
Bymandvagt (Townsman Guard) > Bymandkregir (Townsman Warrior) > Pansret-Spykriger (Armored Spearman)
Bymandvagt (Townsman Guard) > Bymandkregir (Townsman Warrior) > Dytig Pansret-Bueskytte (Skilled Armored-Archer)

Bondekregir (Peasant-Warrior) > Rikbondekregir (Rich Peasant-Warrior) > Freholdir-Kregir (Freeholder-Warrior) > Gestir-Kregir (Guest Warrior) > Dygtige Gestir-Kregir (Skilled Guest-Warrior), Vigtig Gestir-Kregir (Important Guest-Warrior) > Hirdman (Retainer)

Rikbondekregir > Laerling Spykriger (Apprentice-Spearwarrior) > Spyrkriger (Spear-Warrior) > Pansret-Spykriger (Armored Spearman)
Rikbondekregir > Bueskytte (Archer) > Dygtig Bueskytte (Skilled Archer) > Dygtig Pansret-Bueskytte (Skilled Armored-Archer)








Flemmish Squire > Flemmish Ridder > Flemmish Gepanserd Ridder

Flemish Inwoner-Soldaat > Flemish Piekdrager (Pikeman) > Flemish Getraind Piekdrager > Flemish Deskundigem Piekdrager

Flemish Onderdaan-Soldaat > Flemish Speerman > Flemish Getraind Speerman (Trained) > Flemish Deskundige Speerman (Expert)
Flemish Onderdaan-Solaat > Flemish Kruisboogschutter > Flemish Getraind Kruisboogschutter > Flemish Deskundige Kruisboogschutter


Flemmish Gepanserd Ridder


Flemmish Ridder (Middle)


Flemmish Speerman​
Occitan Squire > Occitan Cavalier > Occitan Expert Cavalier

Occitan Citoyen > Occitan Blindatge Lancier
Occitan Citoyen > Occitan Expert Arbaletrier

Occitan Paysan > Occitan Lancier > Occitan Blindatge Lancier > Occitan Expert Lancier
Occitan Paysan > Occitan Arbalétrier > Occitan Expert Arbalétrier
Italian Scudiero (Squire) > Italian Cavaliere (Knight) > Italian Expert Cavaliere (Expert Knight)

Italian Soldat-Cittadino (Citizen) > Balestriere Della Città > Expert Balestriere Della Città
Italian Soldat-Cittadino > Lanciere Della Città > Expert Lanciere Della Città

Italian Contadino (Peasant) > Italian Militia Lanciere (Spearman) > Italian Qualifacto Lanciere (Trained Spearman) > Italian Blindato Lanceire (Armored Spearman) > Italian Expert Lanceire
Italian Lanciere > Italian Javelineer > Italian Expert Javelineer

Italian Contadino > Italian Contadino Balestriere > Blindato Balestriere


Italian Expert Cavaliere


Italian Expert Cavaliere (Far left)


Italian Cavaliere​
Bohemian Squire > Bohemian Jezdec v Náručí (Rider at Arms) > Bohemian Rytíř > Bohemian Zkušený Rytíř

Bohemian Občanský Voják (Citizen Soldier) > Zezlo Voják (Mace Soldier) > Obrněný Zezlo Voják (Armored Mace-Soldier)

Rolnický Kopiník (Peasant Spearman) >
Brabantier Squire > Brabanteir Rover Ridder > Brabanteir Rijt Rover Ridder > Brabanteir Gezagvoerder Ridder

Brabantier > Gepantserd Brabanteir
Brabantier > Brbant Kuisboogschutter

Brabant Onderdaan-Soldaat > Brabanteir > Gepantserd Brabanteir > Ervaren Brabanteir
Brabanteir > Brabant Bogenschütze (Archer) > Brabant Gepantserd Bogenschütze (Armored Archer) > Brabant Ervaren Bogenschütze (Expert Archer)
Celtic Gwas Cartref (Mounted Servant) > Celtic Sgweier (Squire) > Celtic Marchog (Knight)

Celtic Rhyfelwr (Warrior) > Celtic Profiadol Rhyfelwr (Veteran Warrior) > Celtic Arbenigwr Rhyfelwr (Expert Warrior)

Celtic Gwerinwr (Peasant) > Celtic Gwaywffon (Spearman) > Celtic Profiadol Gwaywffon (Veteran Spearman) > Celtic Arbenigwr Gwaywffon (Expert Spearman)

Celtic Gwerinwr Arfog (Peasant) > Celtic Saethwr (Archer) > Celtic Dyn Bwa Hir (Longbowman) > Celtic Arfog Dyn Bwa Hir (Armored Longbowman) > Celtic Arbenigol Dyn Bwa Hir (Expert)

Celtic Gwerinwr > Celtic Dyn Bywell (Axeman) > Celtic Arog Dyn Bywell (Armored Axeman) > Celtic Arbenigol Dyn Bywell (Expert Axeman)
Gaelic Gwas Cartref (Mounted Servant) > Gaelic Sgweier (Squire) > Gaelic Marchog (Knight)

Rural & Urban:
Gaelic Gwaywtffon Gwerinol (Peasant Soldier) > Gaelic Taflwr Bicell (Dart Thrower) > Gaelic Saethwr (Archer) > Gaelic Dyn Bwa Hir (Longbowman), Gaelic Arfog Dyn Bwa Hir (Armored Longbowman) > Gaelic Dyn Bwa Proffesiynol (Professional Longbowman)

Gwaywffon Gwerinol (Peasant Soldier) > Gwaywyffon (Spearman) > Arfog Rhyfelwr (Warrior) > Gosgordd (Retainer) > Profiadol Gosgordd (Veteran Retainer > Prif (Chief)
Shab Faris > Faris (Knight) > Mudaraea Faris (Armored Knight)
Mameluke Tajnid (Mameluke Recruit) > Mameluke > Mudaraea Mameluke (Armored Mameluke)

Jundiin Muatin (Citizen Soldier) > Jundiin (Soldier) > Aratashiru Alhisan (Horse Archer)

Jundiin Aleabid (Slave Soldier) > Alraqiq Sabirman (Slave Spearman)

This will be difficult for anyone to read but this is the map of Britain I've been working on for the mod. It shows baronies, earls lands, church lands, royal lands, castles etc. Honestly I'm curious if bannerlord could run having such a large kingdom with so many settlements and characters.


Newest Map, added more factions, Established English provinces Straightened things out to be more visually understandable.


Concept art of Henry III de La Pomeroy, Baron of Berry Pomeroy in Devonshire

Concept art of Lord Warin de Isle, Baron of Stogursey in Somerset England

Heres a list of the Factions and the Families. Its got 48 factions and around 510 Noble/Leader Households, and ~1370 fiefs right now (I might knock off a few here and there and redistribute). its a heavy work in progress, if you see anything missing let me know:

Britannia (7, ~365 fiefs):
Kingdom of England (70+14 fiefs: ~215):

Outlaw Leaders:

Lord Fulk FitzWarin
Lord John de Bayeux + Stephen de Bayeux

Clerical Vassals & Lands (14):
Bishop of Durham - Durham (City), Auckland Castle, Norham Castle
Archbishop of Canterbury - Canterbury (City), Eynsford Castle, Saltwood Castle
Archbishop of York - York (City)
Bishop of Exeter - Exeter (City)
Bishop of Bath - Bath (City)
Bishop of Carlisle - Carlisle (City), Linstock Castle
Bishop of Worcester - Worcester (City)
Bishop of Lincoln - Lincoln (City), Newark Castle
Bishop of Hereford - Hereford (City)
Bishop of Norwich - Norwich (City)
Bishop of Dorchester - Dorchester (Town)
Bishop of Ely - Ely (City)
Bishop of Dewisland - Llawhaden Castle

Greater Noble Households and Lands (21):
Plantaganet (35 Fiefs) -
London (City), Nottingham (City), Dublin (City), Bordeaux (City), Eye (City), Boston (City), Portsmouth (City), Waterford (City), Wicklow (City), Oxford (City), Dover Castle, Gloucester (City), New Castle (City), Niort (Borough), Windsor Castle, Odiham Castle, Framlingham Castle, Scarborough Castle, Winchester (City), Cambridge (City), Cork (City), Great Yarmouth (Borough), Retford (Borough), Kenilworth Castle, Rockingham Castle, Colchester Castle, Hertford Castle, King Johns Castle, Benefield Castle, Rochester Castle, Château de Rauzan, Château de Lormont, Chateau de Viex, Taunton Castle, Dingle (Town)
Marshal (12 fiefs) - Pembroke (City), Fishguard (Town), Chepstow Castle, Kilkenny Castle, Crendon (Town), Usk Castle, Tenby Castle, Goodrich Castle, Cilgerran Castle, Carleon Castle, Haverfordwest Castle, Kildare Castle
de Clare (10 fiefs) - Bristol (City), Cardiff Castle, Clare Castle, Tonbridge Castle, Neath Castle, Caerphilly Castle, Kenfig Castle, Winkleigh (Town), St Hillary (Town), NewCastle Castle Bridgend
de Ferrers (7 fiefs) - Tutbury Castle, Oakham Castle, Bolsover Castle, Peak Castle, Duffield Castle, Asheborne (Town), Wirksworth (Town)
de Redvers (5 fiefs) - Plympton (City), Tiverton Castle, Carisbrooke Castle, Truro (Borough), Christchurch Castle
Bigod - Bungay Castle, Walton Castle
de Montfort (6 fiefs) - Leicester (City), Ashby de la Zouch Castle, Montfort L'Amaury, Carcassone (City), Beziers (City), Albi (City)
de Warenne (10 fiefs) - Lewes (City), Reigate Castle, Whitchurch, Grantham, Stamford Castle, Castle Acre, Weeting Castle, Hecham, Castle rising, Conisbrough Castle
de Bohun - Trowbridge Castle, Caldicot Castle
de Burgh (8 fiefs) - Burgh castle, Hadleigh Castle, New Romney (City), Hythe (City), Sandwhich (Borough), Orford Castle, Launceston Castle, Château de Cognac
de Forz (3) - Skipton Castle, Skipsea Castle, Mountfitchet Castle
de Braose (7) - Bramber Castle, Pennard Castle, Brecon Castle, Abergavenny Castle, Builth (Town), Pembridge Castle, Oystermouth Castle
de Beaumont (3) - Warwick (City), Hook Norton (Town), Swansea Castle
Longeespee (2) - Old Sarum (City), Appleby (Town)
de Aubigny (2) - Arundel Castle, Buckenham Castle
de Vere (2) - Castle Hedingham, Bolbec Castle
de Quincy (2) - Leuchars Castle, Long Buckby (Town)
de Mandeville (2) - Pleshy Castle, Marshwood Castle
de Biggorre (2) - Tarbes (City), Narsan (Manor, Nébouzan (Manor)
de Astarac (3) - Mirande (City), Masseube (Manor), Miélan, Castelnau-Barbarens
de Comminges (2) - Muret (City), Château de Prat, Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges (Manor)

Middle Noble Households and Lands (25):
d'Aubigny (4) -
Keeper of the Channel Isles - Belvoir Castle, Rochester Castle, Mont Orgueil Castle, Vale Castle
d'Albret (1) - Albret (City)
de Baliol (1) - Barnard Castle
de Beauchamp (1) - Elmley Castle, Worcester (City)
Brewer (1) - Horsley Castle, Holsworthy (Town)
Courtenay (1) - Okehampton Castle
de Cantilupe (3) - Eaton Bray (Town), Calne (Town), Wilton Castle
de Clifford (1) - Clifford Castle
Dinefwr (3) - Dinefwr Castle, Carreg Cennen Castle, Cardigan Castle
Dunkeld (1) - Huntingdon (Borough)
FitzGerold (3) - Maynooth Castle, Tralee (Town), Sligo
FitzWalter (3) - Baynards Castle, Little Dunmow (Town), Benington (Town)
de Grey (3) - Thurrock (Town), Codnor Castle, Grimston (Town)
Marmion (1) - Tamworth Castle
de Mauléon (1) - Château de Mauléon
Mortimer (2) - Wigmore Castle, Richards Castle
de Mowbray (2) - Melton Mowbray (Town), Thirsk (Town)
Neville (2) - Raby Castle, Middleham Castle
Paynel (2) - Drax Castle, Château de Bricquebec
de Percy (2) - Topcliffe Castle
de la Pomeroy (1) - Totnes (City)
de Pons (2) - Pons (City), Château de Montignac
de Saye (1) - West Greenwich (Town)
de Somery (1) - Dudley Castle
Umfraville (1) - Prudhoe Castle
de Vipont (2) - Appleby Castle, Bowes Castle

Lesser Noble Households and Lands (33):
de Audley - Heleigh Castle, Red Castle
de Barry - Manorbier Castle
Basset - Wycombe (City)
de Berkeley - Berkeley Castle
de Cardinham - Restormel Castle
de Caux - Hereditary Castellan - Laxton Castle
de Chaworth - Kidwelly Castle
de Crevcouer - Leeds Castle
Corbet - Caus Castle
Darcy - Nocton (Town)
FitzAlan - Clun Castle, Oswestry Castle
Fitzgeroldd - Seaforth (Borough)
FitzHerbert - Blaenllynfi Castle
FitzRoger-FitzReinford - Lancaster Castle
FitzRoger - Warkworth Castle, Clavering Castle
de Furnival - Sheffield Castle
de Gaunt - Beverston Castle
de Gresle - Manchester (City)
de Hastings - Hastings (City)
Lanvallei - Walkern (Town)
de Luci - Egremont Castle
Lovel - Castle Cary
de Mohun - Dunster Castle
de Montbegon - Hornby Castle
de Montfichet - Montfichet Castle
de Parthenay - Château du Coudray-Salbart
de Powys - Whittingham Castle
de Seymour - Penhow Castle
de Stanton-Harcourt - Stanton (Town)
de Sudeley - Sudeley Castle
de Vautort - Trematon Castle
de Vaux - Irthington Castle
de Vesci - Alnwick Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers----------------------------------------------
de Muschamp - Bishop of Durham's
Bertram de Criol - Archbishop of York's

Ashby de la Zouch - de Montfort's
William FitzMartin - Fitzwalter's

Royal (55):
Lord Richard Fitzroy - Plantagenet's - (Royal Bastard; Baron)
Lord Philip Fitzroy of Cognac - Plantagenet's - (Royal Bastard)
Sir Ralph de Gernun Fitzroy - Plantagenet's - (Royal Bastard)
Lord-Mayor William Hardell - Plantagenet's - Lord-Mayor of London
Bishop Peter des Roches - Plantagenet's - Bishop (Gov.) of Winchester, Castellan of Taunton Castle
Lord le Botiller - Plantagenet's - Governor of Dublin
Sir Hugh de Vivonne - Plantagenet's - Castellan of Bristol
Sir Engelard de Cigogne - Plantagenet's - Castellan of Winsor Castle (Gov.)
Archbishop of Bordeaux - Plantagenet's - Governor of Bordeaux
Bishop William de Sainte-Mère-Église - Plantagenet's - Bishop of London - Governor of Colchester Castle
Sir Geoffrey de Neville - Plantagenet's - Chamberlain - Governor of Scarborough Castle
Sir Philip Marc - Plantagenet's - Sheriff of Nottingham (Gov.)
Lord-Mayor Daniel Fitznicholas - Plantagenet's - Lord-Mayor of Newcastle
Sir Falkes de Breaute - Plantagenet's - Governor of Bedford Castle
Mayor Hervey FitzEustace - Plantagenet's - Mayor of Cambridge
Mayor Laurence Kepehar - Plantagenet's - Mayor of Oxford
Provost John Despencer - Plantagenet's - Provost (Gov.) of Cork
Mayor John Banbury - Plantagenet's - Mayor of Limerick
Sir Engelram de Furnet - Plantagenet's - Castellan of Framlingham Castle
Walter de Godarvil - Castellan of Hertford Castle
Sir John Russel - Plantagenet's - Steward
Peter de Rivaux - Plantagenet's - Chamberlain
Sir John de Courcy - Plantagenet's - Imprisoned Clamiant
Lord-Forester Hugh de Neville - Plantagenet's
Archbishop of Dublin - Plantagenet's - Garrison Member at Dublin
Lord Stephen de Segrave - Plantagenets
Lord Richard Siward - Plantagenet's
Sir Reginald de Cornhill - Plantagenet's
Sir William de Beauchamp - Plantagenet's
Sir Robert of Burgate - Plantagenet's
Sir Robert of Ropsley - Plantagenet's
Sir Philip of Oldcoates - Plantagenet's
Sir Gilbert de Sanes - Plantagenet's - Garrison member at Framlingham
Sir Richard of Staines - Plantagenet's
Sir Nicholas de Moels - Plantagenet's
Sir Robert of Lexington - Plantagenet's
Sir Robert de Auberville - Plantagenet's
Sir Geoffrey de Luterall - Plantagenet's
Sir Brian de Lisle - Plantagenet's
Sir Simon of Sandwich - Plantagenet's
Sir Robert de Bracey - Plantagenet's
Sir Thomas Moulton - Plantagenet's
Sir John Maunsell - Plantagenet's
Sir Simon of Pattishill - Plantagenet's
Sir Geoffrey de Luterel - Plantagenet's
Sir Robert de Tattershall - Plantagenet's
Sir Henry de Turberville - Plantagenet's
Sir Thomas Sturmy - Plantagenet's
Gérard d'Athée - Plantagenet's
William of Wrotham - Plantagenet's
Walter of Pattishall - Platagenet's
Henry of Braybrooke - Plantagenet's
William of Cassingham - Plantagenet's - Country Squire leader of archers

Principality of Wales (7+4 fiefs: ~25):

Clerical Vassals and Lands:

Bishops of Snowdonia - Snowdonia (Town)
Bishops of St. David's -
Bishop of Bangor -
Bishop of St Asaph -

Noble Households and Lands:
Aberffraw - Caernarfon Castle, Carmarthen Castle, Aber (City), Aberffraw (Town), Rhuddlan (Town), Dolwyddelan Castle, Powis Castle, Llansteffan Castle, Criccieth Castle, Dinas Emrys Castle, Castell Aberlleiniog, Aberdyfi Castle, Holyhead (Town), Conwy Castle
Dinefwr - Dinefwyr Castle, Carreg Cennen Castle, Cardigan Castle
Gruffudd Maelor - Castell Dinas Brân
Mathrafal - Welshpool (City)
Brogyntyn -
of Afon - Aberavon Castle

Kingdom of Desmond:
MacCarthy (5) - Killarney (Borough), Cahersiveen (Town), Macroom Castle, Blarney Castle, KIlbrittain Castle
O'Sullivan -
O'Donovan -

Gaelic Kingdoms of Ireland:
Ua Conchobair - Galway (City), Clonalis (Castle)
Ó Ruairc - Dromahair Castle, Leitrim (Borough)
Dál Birn - Kilkenny (City)

O'Niell - Tullyhogue Fort, Tara (Castle)
O Briain - Clonroad (City), Carrigogunnell (Castle), Ennis (City)
O'Mahony - Dunlough Castle
Mac Eochadha -
Caomhánach - Carlow (Town)
O'Dowd - Belmullet (Town)

Earldom Palatine of Chester (6):
Blondeville (24 fiefs) - Chester (City), Lincoln (City), Frodsham Castle, Caludon Castle, Mold Castle, Shrewsbury Castle, Leek (City), Wallingford (City), Newton (Town), Lancaster Castle, Shotwick Castle, West-Derby Castle, Coventry Castle, Ullerswood Castle, Bridgnorth Castle, Richmond Castle, Castle of the Peak, NewCastle-Under-Lyme, Northwich (Town), Nantwich (Town), Macclesfield (Town), Crewe (Town), Knutsford (Town), Wirral Forest
de Lacey (8 fiefs) - Pontefract Castle, Halton Castle, Clitheroe Castle, Castle hill (Town), Huddersfield (Town), Penwortham (Town), Rochdale (Town), Longtown Castle
de Vernon - Shipbrook Castle
de Massey - Dunham Massey
de Venables - Kinderton
de Malpas - Malpas Castle

Lordship of Meath (7):
de Lacey of Meath (14 fiefs) - Trim (City), Kilbixy (City), Kilkea Castle, Carlingford Castle, Clonard Castle, Horseleap Castle, Dundrum Castle, Slane Castle, Drogheda, Kells, Duleek, Ratoath (Town), Raithwire, Killeen Castle
de Angulo - Navan, Margallion, Nobber Castle
Hussey - Galtrim Castle, Derrypatrick Castle
de Feypo - Skreen (Town)
le Petit - Castlebrack, Magherdernon, Rathkenny
Tyrell - Castleknock
de Tiuit - Moyashel, Granard Motte

Kingdom of Scotland (23):
Dunkeld - Edinburgh (City), Stirling (City), Scone (City), Dumbarton Castle, Montrose Castle
Coluim - Macduffs Castle, Tantallon Castle
de Lennox - Balloch Castle, Rosneath (Manor), Row (Manor)
de Moneteadhaich - Rusky Castle
Comyn - Rattray Castle, Kingussie (Town), Banff Castle
Stewart - Rothesay Castle, Dundonald Castle, Renfrew Castle, Mars Castle, Renfrew (Town), Kilmacolm (Manor)
de Carrick - Turnberry Castle (Castle)
Ó Beólláin - Inverness (Town)
de Menteith - Menteith Castle
de Dunbar - Balloch (Manor), Dunbar (City), Berwick upon Tweed (Town), Beanley (Manor), Killearn (Manor)
Fitz Roland - Kirkcudbright (City)
of Strathearn - Perth (City)
Douglas - Linvingston (Town), Hermiston (Manor)
de Valognes - Benington Castle, Kilbridge Castle, Inchgall Castle
de Brus - Skelton Castle
Wallace - Kyle (Town)
Gordon - Huntly Castle
de Giffard - Yester Castle
Mac Donald - Aros Castle
MacDougall - Duart Castle
Campbell - Campbell Castle
Macsween - Sween Castle
Ruaidhrí - Castle Tioram
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers----------------------------------------------
Ernulf III de Swinton - Dunkeld's
Thomas de Bissat - Dunkeld's
Donnchadh of Argyll -
David Olifard - Dunkeld's
Bannerman - Dunkeld's

For Germania, Gallia (Second Page), Scandinavia, Hispania, and & Italia see the comments!

Please leave suggestions below or let me know if your interested in getting involved with the project!
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Good luck with your project.
This can be very interesting with the amount of details you have already put in your map of the British Isles.

However, I think with the details you go for in this mod it makes sense to keep the focus on the British Isles.
This is because I think the rest of Europe would be a huge task on this scale.
Imagine the number of castles that you should place on this scale in France alone, that country really had many.

I am telling you this because I am currently planning to make a mod with similar details to yours, but in a different part of Western Europe and in a different time frame.
So I looked at the amount of work it takes to do this.
It's already a lot of places to look up if you want to make the mod historically accurate on that scale.

Of course, it's not my decision to tell you what to do with the mod, I just recommend picking up small parts of your mod one at a time and using those results as motivation not to overwhelm yourself.
Maior Germania (Factions: 17, ~450 fiefs):
Kingdom of Bohemia (16, fiefs: ~35):
Premyslid (17 fiefs) - Prague (City), Brno (City), Olomouc (City), Znojmo (City), Děčín (Borough), Olomouc (Borough), Jihlava (Town), Spiš Castle, Angerbach Castle, Bítov Castle, Hněvín Castle, Buchlov Castle, Burkvíz Castle, Freudenštejn Castle, Loket Castle, Křivoklát Castle
Rožmberkové - Prčice Castle, Prácheň Castle
Zierotin - Zierotin Castle
Czernin - Chudenice (Town)
Landštejnové (2) - Landštejn Castle, Třeboň (Town)
Hradce (3) - Jindrichuv Hradec (Castle), Banov Castle
Krumlov - Krumlov (Town)
Bibra - Bibra Castle
Pernštejn (3) - Devicky Castle, Veveri Castle, Auesperk Castle
Markwartinger - Valdštejn Castle
Harrach - Rohrau Castle
Strakonice - Strakonice Castle
von Prčice (3) - Blankenburg Castle, Bergheim Castle, Lichtenau Castle
Boskovice - Boskovice Castle
Černvír - Černvír Castle
Žampachové z Potštejna - Litice Castle
Švihovští z Rýzmberka - Švihov Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers-----------------------------------------------
Veliš - Premyslid's of Moravia - High Judge
Častolov ze Žitavy - Premyslid's
Oldřich Zaječek - Premyslid's - High-Royal Marshal
Konrád z Janovic - Premyslid's
Slavek I Hrabišic - Premyslid's - High-Royal Chamberlain
Bohuslav - Premyslid's - Sub-Royal Chamberlain
Anselm - Premyslid's - Royal Scribe
Benedikt - Premyslid's - High-Royal Chancellor
Dalibor - Premyslid's - High-Royal Judge

Patriarch of Aquilea (7, fiefs: ~20):
Theocratic Leadership (7 fiefs) - Aquilea (City), Cividale del Friuli (Borough), Udine (Borough), Landskron Castle, Cormonas Castle, Fagagna Castle, Poreč (Town)
Meinhardiner (5) - Gorizia Castle, Bruck Castle, Arnulfsfeste Castle, Flaschberg Castle, Stein Castle
von Huenburg (2) - Haimburg Castle, Bleiburg Castle
von Falkenstein (2) - Falkenstein Castle, Altenhof Castle
Sbrojavacca (1) - Torrate Castle
Rihemberk (1) - Branik Castle
de Gruneburch (1) - Grünburg Castle

Holy Roman Empire (Households: 144 + 26, fiefs: ~300 ):

Robber Barons:

Haus - Haus Castle

Clerical Vassals & Lands (27):
Prince-Bishopric of Liege (5) - Liege (City), Kasteel de Burg (Castle), Antoing Castle, Moha Castle, Bouillon Castle
Archbishop of Trier (2) - Trier (City), Ehrenbreitstein Castle
Archbishop of Mainz - Mainz, Saarbrücken Castle
Archbishop of Madgeburg - Madgeburg (City), Moritzburg Castle
Archbishop of Bremen - Bremen (City)
Archbishop of Besancon - Besancon (City)
Archbishopric of Lyon - Lyon (City)
Archbishopric of Salzburg (7) - Salzburg (City), Geiersberg Castle, Leobenegg Castle, Puzarnitz (Town), Rottenstein Castle, Rauchenkatsch Castle, Taggenbrunn Castle
Bishop of Munster - Munster (City), Ludinghausen Castle, Stormburg Castle
Bishop of Worms - Worms (City)
Bishop of Speyer - Speyer (City)
Bishop of Toul - Toul (City)
Bishop of Metz - Metz (City)
Bishop of Wurzburg Warzburg (City)
Bishop of Trent - Trent (City)
Bishop of Augsburg - Augsburg (City), Laubenbergerstein Castle
Bishop of Brixen - Brixen (City)
Bishop of Lübeck - Lübeck (City)
Bishop of Bamberg ( 7 ) - Bamberg (City), Pottenstein Castle, Oberes Castle, Dietrichstein Castle, Ehrenfels Castle, Grivena Castle, Wolfsberg Castle
Bishop of Ulrecht - Ulrecht (City), Kasteel van Coevorden
Bishop of Cambrai - Cambrai (City)
Bishop of Constance - Constance (City)
Bishop of Strassburg - Strassburg (City)
Bishop of Regensburg - Regensburg (City)
Bishop of Naumburg - Naumburg (City)
Bishop of Merseburg - Leipzig (City)
Bishop of Gurk (4) - Gurk (Town), Hochwart Castle, Pöckstein Castle, Thurnhof Castle, Straßburg Castle
Prince-Abbot of Stavelot-Malmedy - Kasteel van Logne
Prince-Abbot of Tegernsee (2) - Tegernsee (Town), Achleiten Castle bei Limbach
Prince-Abbess of Essen (2) - Essen Minster (Town), Marburg (Town)
Abbot of St. Paul in Lavanttal (2) - St Paul in Lavanttal (Town), Riedenegg Castle

Great Noble Households and Lands ( 19 ):
Hohenstaufen ( 41 ) -
Frankfurt (City), Aachen (City), Worms (City), Hamburg (City), Erfurt (City), Cheb (Borough), Weil der Stadt, Rottweil, Ravensburg (City), Nordhausen (City), Hohenstaufen Castle, Ortenberg Castle, Meersburg Castle, Nordlingen (City), Schweinfurt (Imperial City), Dexheim (Town), Giengen (Town), Friedberg (Town), Friedberg Castle, Hohenschangua Castle, Osterburg Castle, Dohna Castle, Petersberg Castle, Kyffhausen Castle, Munzenberg Castle, Guttenberg Castle, Cochem Castle, Lindelbrunn Castle, Meistersel Castle, Wegelnburg Castle, Trifels Castle, Ramburg Castle, Lindenfels Castle, Gelnhausen (Town), Cham (Town), Hasenburg Castle, Rothenburg Castle, Ehrenberg Castle, Hohenberg Castle, Vohburg Castle, Kasteel van Hamal, Lofen Castle, Heimenburg Castle
Zahringen (12 fiefs) - Zurich (City), Zahringen Castle, Hohenbaden Castle, Freiburg im Breisgau (City), Bern (City), Verona (City), Baden (City), Fribourg (City), Weilheim an der Teck (Borough), Offenburg (Borough), Burgdorf Castle, Thun Castle
Andechs (9 fiefs) - Marano Lagunare (Borough), Innsbruck (Borough), Rijeka (City), Duino (Borough), Pazin Castle, Plassenburg Castle, Bad Berneck im Fichtelgebirge (Town), Veste Coburg (Castle), Niesten Castle, Schaumberg Castle, Harbach Castle
Welf (9 fiefs) - Brunswick (City), Lüneburg (City), Heimburg Castle, Blankeburg Castle, Dannenberg Castle, Haldensleben Castle, Lichtenburg Castle, Harliburg Castle, Norheim (Town)
von Wurttemburg (3 fiefs) - Stuttgart (City), Wurttemberg Castle, Lichenstein Castle
Hohenzollern (4 fiefs) - Nuremburg (City), Hohenzollern Castle, Cadolzburg Castle, Balingen (Town)
Ascania (5) - Brandenburg an der Havel (City), Berlin (City), Ballenstedt Castle, Anhalt Castle, Aschersleben Castle
von Tyrol (3) - Tyrol Castle, Tyrol (City), Merano (City)
Wettin (5) - Wettin Castle, Albrechtsburg Castle, Storkow Castle, Dornburger Castle, Rochlitz Castle
Ardennes-Verdun - La Roche-en-Ardenne Castle
Ardennes - Château de Wodémont, Coudenberg (Castle)
Mecklenburg (3) - Rostock (City), Schwerin (City), Neustrelitz (Town)
de Guelders (6) - Geldern (City), Zutphen (Town), Groningen (Town), Kernhem Castle, Kasteel Nijenbeek, Valkhof Castle
Hohenlohe (3) - Weikersheim Castle, Haltenbergstetten Castle, Hohlach Castle
Nagold (3) - Tubingen (City), Hohennagold Castle, Nagold (Borough)
Holland (5) - Haarlem (Borough), Rijnsburg (Borough), Dussen Castle, Gravensteen Castle, Burcht van Leiden (Castle)
Henneberg (3) - Henneberg Castle, Botenlauben Castle, Suhl (Town)
de Baux (2) - Orange (City), Baux (Borough)

Middle-Noble Households and Lands ( 38 ):
Abenberg - Abenberg (Borough)
Arenburg - Aremberg Castle
Arnsberg - Arnsberg (Borough)
von Berg - Berge Castle (Altenberg), Hof te Dieren (Castle), Castle Bensberg
Bärenfels - Brombach Castle
Cleves - Castle Genhoes, Hainsberg (Town)
von Diez - Dehrn Castle, Counts Castle of Diez
Grogling-Hirschberg - Hirschberg Castle
Hirschberg - Hirschberg Castle, Sulzbach Castle
Hupaldinger - Dilingin Castle, Katzenstein Castle
Habsburg - Habsburg Castle, Bregenz (Borough)
Hagen - Hayn Castle, Munzenburg Castle, Schwerin (Borough)
Kyburg - Kyburg Castle, Liebegg Castle
de Mark (4) - Hamm (City), Castle de Mark, Altena Castle, Castle Krickenbeck
von Leuchtenberg - Leuchtenberg (Borough)
von Lohn - Stadtlohn (Borough) Kasteel Sinderen, Bredevoort (Town)
van Loon - Kasteel van Binderveld, Kasteel Carolinaberg
Montfaucon - Montbeliard (City), Montfaucon Castle
Montbeliard - Bar (Borough)
von Montfort - Montfort Castle
von Mansfeld - Mansfeld Castle, Eisleben (Town)
Nassau - Nassau Castle, Sonnenberg Castle, Kasteel Zuilichem
von Plotho - Kyritz (Town), Genthin Castle, Altenplathow (Castle)
von Plain - Hardegg Castle
Rapperswill - Rapperswil Castle
Rieneck - Rieneck Castle
Schaunberger (3) - Schaunberg Castle, Aschach Castle, Köppach Castle
von Schwalenberg - Schwalenberg (Town)
von Sayn - Syn Castle, Blankenberg Castle, Löwenburg Castle
Sponheim -
Sponheim-Vianden - Vianden Castle
Schwarzburg - Käfernburg (Castle), Hallermund Castle
von Schweinspünt - Spoleto (City)
von Tecklenburg - Tecklenburg (Castle)
von Urach - Urach (Town), Hohenurach Castle
von Vaihingen - Vaihingen (Town)
Valkenburg - Valkenburg (Castle), Heinsburg (Borough)
Waldburg (Stewards) - Waldburg (Borough/Castle)
von Wernigerode - Wernigerode Castle
Ziegenhain - Ziegenhain (Borough)
von Zweibrücken - Zweibrücken Castle , Lemberg Castle

Lesser-Noble Households and Lands ( 90 ):
Aichelberg (1) - Aichelberg Castle
Ammendorf (1) - Ammendorf (Town)
Aufseß (1) - Aufseß Castle
de Bauffremont (1) - Chateau de Bauffremont
Batenburg (1) - Kasteel Batenburg
von Bentheim (2) - Bentheim Castle, Kasteel Duurstede
von Berkule (1) - Holsterburg Castle
van Boc (1) - Boxmeer Castle
von Bodenstein (1) - Bodenstein Castle
von Bogen (1) - Bogenburg (Borough)
Büren (1) - Büren (City)
Castell (1) - Castle Castell
Calw (1) - Calw (Borough)
de Chimay (1) - Chateau de Chimay
de Chiny (1) - Montquintin Castle
van Cuijk (1) - Tongelaar Castle
de Crane (1) - Kuinderburcht Castle
Dachsberg (1) - Dachsberg Castle
van Dalhem (1) - Castle van Dalhem
von Dassel (1) - Hunnesrück Castle
Eberstein (1) - Eberstein Castle
Egloffstein (1) - Egloffstein Castle
Egmont (1)- Egmont Castle
van Elsloo (2) - Elsloo Castle, Stein Castle
Ghoor de Horne (1) - Aldenghoor Castle
van Gronsveld (1) - Rijckholt Castle
von Grumbach (1) - Grumbach Castle
Gleichen (1) - Gleichen Castle
von Gurnitz (1) - Gurnitz Castle
Hodenburg (1) - Hodenburg Castle
Königsegg (1) - Fronhofen Castle
van Haasdal (1) - Gronsveld Castle
Heer (1) - Castle de Burght
von Helfenstein (1) - Helfenstein Castle
von Hoya (1) - Hoya (Town)
Hohengundelfingen (1) - Hohengundelfingen Castle
van Horn (2) - Castle Horn, Kasteel Nijenborgh
Heren van Wisch (1) - Wisch Castle
von Isenburg-Braunsberg (1) - Braniewo (Town)
Katzenelnbogen (1) - Katzenelnbogen Castle
van Kessel (1) - Keverberg Castle
Klingenberg (1) - Klingenberg Castle
von Krucen (1) - Krucen Castle
Kronberg (1) - Kronberg Castle
von Lauffen (2) - Hornberg Castle, Dilsberg
Lippe (1) - Lippe (Town)
Lobdeburg (1) - Lobenstein Castle
von Lohra (1) - Lohra Castle
von Lupfen (1) - Hohenlupfen Castle
von Manderscheid (1) - Oberkail Castle
von Münzenberg (2) - Münzenberg Castle, Königstein (Town)
van Monfoort (1) - Monfoort Castle
Neipperg (1) - Neipperg Castle
Nellenburg (1) - Nellenburg Castle
Ortenburg (2) - Ortenburg (Borough), Mannsberg (Castle)
von Neuffen (1) - Hoheneuffen Castle
Pappenheim (Marshals) (1) - Pappenheim Castle
van Ooy (1) - Castle de Ooij
van Raephorst (1) - Castle Raephorst
von Rappoltstein (1) - Ulrichsburg (Castle)
Ras - (1) Ras Castle
Raugraves (1) - Baumburg (Town)
de Ravensberg (1) - Ravensburg Castle
Regenstein (1) - Regenstein Castle
von Rechberg (1) - Hohenrechberg (Castle)
Rieme (1) - Allerburg Castle
von Reuland (1) - Reuland Castle
Salm (1) - Vielsalm (Town)
Schellenberg (1) - Schellenberg Castle
von Stauffenberg (1) - Stauffenberg Castle
Schönburg (1) - Schönburg Castle
Sigmaringen-Helfenstein (1) - Sigmaringen Castle
Soelen (1) - Kasteel Soelen
Stolberg (1) - Stolberg Castle
van Strijthagen (1) - Strijthagen Castle
Spiegel (1) - Lichtenfels Castle
Schwarzburg (1) - Schwarzburg Castle
von Stain (1) - Rechtenstein Castle
von Trauchburg (1)- Alt-Trauchburg Castle
von Talheim (1) - Talheim Castle
Thannhausen (1) - Tannhausen castle
Trautson (1) - Reifenstein Castle
von Veldenz (2) - Veldenz Castle, Lichtenberg Castle
von Veringen (1) - Veringen Castle
Vincke (1) - Osnabrück (Borough)
van Voorne (1) - Voorne Castle
von Woldenberg (1) - Woldenberg Castle
Woellwarth (1) - Wellwart Castle
von Wied (1) - Wied (Borough)
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers-----------------------------------------------
Under Clerical Lords:
Timeo von Knöringen - Archbishop of Augsburg's
Erchenbrecht of Pottenstein - Bishop of Bamberg's

Cunrad de Snellenrode - Bishop of Bamberg's

Bertold de Oste - Archbishop of Bremen's
Theodericus de Oste - Archbishop of Bremen's
Walther de Oste - Archbishop of Bremen's
Hizel de Oste - Archbishop of Bremen's

Gunthram von Grünberg - Prince-Abbess of Essen's - Baillif of Marburg
Hermann von Bottlenberg - Prince-Abbess of Essen's
Gyselbertus de Horst - Prince-Abbess of Essen's

Theodoricus Cozce - Archbishop of Madgeburg's

Herbold von Ingelheim - Archbishop of Mainz's
Meingote - Archbishop of Mainz's
Rötger vom Gisenberge - Archbishop of Mainz's
Bernhard von Hardenberg - Archbishop of Mainz's
Warnerus de Rouhenhausen - Archbishop of Mainz's
Dietrich von Uder - Archbishop of Main's

Hermann II Rüdenberg - Burgrave of Stormburg Castle
Hermann von Ludinghausen - Bishop of Munster's - Castellan of Ludinghausen Castle
Gottfried de Bischopinck - Bishop of Munster's
Bernhardus de Thekenbroke - Bishop of Munster's
Wecelo Vriedach - Bishop of Munster's
Lambertus de Hovele - Bishop of Munster's
Henricus Corf - Bishop of Munster's
Hermannus de Mervelde - Bishop of Munster's
Heinricus de Vitighoven - Bishop of Munster's
Theodericus de Vitighoven - Bishop of Munster's
Winimarus de Vitighoven - Bishop of Munster's

Günther von Bünau - Bishop of Naumburg's

Gerhard Trauner - Bishop of Salzburg
Herman von Toerring - Bishop of Salzburg
Eberhardus de Liubneke - Bishop of Salzburg's - Burgrave of Leobenegg Castle

Burcardus Riplin - Bishop of Strassburg's
Burkard von Geroldseck - Bishop of Strassburg's

Eberhard von Stein - Archbishop of Trier
Werner von Stein - Archbishop of Trier

Under great lords:
von Hahn - Duke of Mecklenburg's

Heinrich von Schaumberg - Andechs - Burgrave of Schaumberg Castle
von Laudeck - Andech's
Wernhardus de Graeze - Andech's
Rudegerus de Hirzperc - Andech's
Eberhardus Sacculus - Andehc's
Otto von Schaumberg - Andech's

de Puele - Ascania's
Vredebernus von Ketelhot - Ascania's

Gerhard von Loë - de Guelders

Herdegen von Gründlach - Hohenzollern

Rademacher - Flemish

Dietrich von Lichtenhain - Salzburg's

Hiltbolt von Schwangau - Welf's - Hohenschwangau Castle
Saldern - Welf's
Albert von Hörde - Welf's
Godefridus de Asscheberghe - Welf's
Gunzelin von Wolfenbüttel - Welf's
Bernhard der Gute - Welf's
Albertus de Torchhe - Welf's
Wulfhard von Watbergen - Welf's
Ludolf von Watbergen - Welf's
Lambert von Watbergen - Welf's

Heinrich von Hunleve - Wettin
Albertus de Canneworfin - Wettin
Bertoldus de Wincigeroth - Wettin

Gottfried von Staufen - Zahringen

Under mid-ranking counts:
Conrad von Hüsten - von Arnberg's
Erenbertus de Musche - von Arnberg's
Conradus de Musche - von Arnberg's
Rotgerus Pape - von Arnberg's
Eberhard von Varendorff - von Arnberg's
Eberhardus Wrethe - von Arnberg's
Alardus de Arnem - von Arnberg's

Lubbert von Bevern - von Bentheim's
Bartoldus de Geismaria - von Everstein's
Edlen von Hürnheim - Hupaldinger's, Castellans of Katzenstein Castle
Ulrich von Weissenwolff - Habsburgs
Henricus Ducere - Kleve's

Gijsbrecht III van Amstel - Holland
Herman van Woerden - Holland

Burkhard I von Liebegg - Kyburg's
Ludwig von Liebegg - Kyburg's

Dietrich von Cloet - de Mark's
Holtoye et Arnoldus - de Mark's
Ludwig de Mesekenwerke - de Mark's
Dietrich Vullespit - de Mark's

Everhardus de Busche - de Ravenburg's
Johannes de Thinclage - de Ravenburg's
Conradus Nagel - de Ravenburg's
Heinrich Vincke - de Ravenburg's
Johannes Vulpes - de Ravenburg's
Winemarus Luscus - de Ravenburg's

Randolf von Briedbach - von Sayn's

Gottfried von Germar - Schwarzburg's
Dietrich von Germar - Schwarzburg's

Diethard von Aspelkamp - von Tecklenburg's
Hermann Budde von Tranthem - von Tecklenburg's
der von Haren - von Tecklenburg's

Otto von Wolfskeel - Burgrave of Warzburg
Hartmut von Scherenberg - Warzburg

Folpert von Hatzfeld - Ziegenhain's
Gottfried von Hatfeld - Ziegenhain's

Under the Emperor ( 38 ):
Hildebrand von Rechberg - Hohenstaufen's - Marshal of Swabia
Heinrich von Kalden - Hohenstaufen's - Imperial Marshal
Heinrich I von Praunheim - Burgrave of Frankfurt
Ruprecht von Carben - Burgrave of Friedburg castle
Cunradus de Berleibisin - Hohenstaufen's - Garrison member of Friedburg Castle
Hohenberg - Hohenstaufen's - Burgrave of Hohenberg Castle
Degenhart de Bibra - Hohenstaufen's - Garrison member at Friedburg Castle
Gerlach von Biedenfeld - Hohenstaufen's - Garrison Member at Friedburg Castle
Sifrid von Biedenfeld - Hohenstaufen's - Garrison Member at Friedburg Castle
Hiltbolt von Schwangau - Hohenstaufen's - Burgrave of Hohenschangua
Henry II von Donha - Hohenstaufen's - Burgrave of Donha Castle
Heinrich von Vohburg - Hohenstaufen's
Heinrich von Weida - Hohenstaufen's - Vögte von Weida
von Ehrenberg - Hohenstaufen's - Burgrave von Ehrenberg
Gunzlin of Wolfenbüttel - Hohenstaufen's - Imperial Senator
Bligger von Steinach - Hohenstaufen's - Minstrel
Heinrich von Künsberg - Hohenstaufen's
Conradus de Bodemin - Hohenstaufen's
Wolfram de Rotenhagen - Hohenstaufen's
Bolanden - Hohenstaufen's
Rudegerus de Hirzperc - Hohenstaufen's
Conrad de Görschen - Hohenstaufen's
Konrad von Franckenstein - Hohenstaufen's
Gans zu Putlitz - Hohenstaufen's
Schellenberg - Hohenstaufen's
Heinrich von Helmstatt - Hohenstaufen's
Ludwig von Wangenheim - Hohenstaufen's
James of Avellino - Hohenstaufen's
Heidenricus de Minnigerod - Hohenstaufen's
Heinrich I von Schmalegg - Hohenstaufen's
Hans Sparneck - Hohenstaufen's
Sifriedus de Adelmanesfelden - Hohenstaufen's
Conradus de Bodemin - Hohenstaufen's
Rudolfus Grasloc - Hohenstaufen's
Hadebrand von Heideck - Hohenstaufen's
Friedrich von Waldthurn - Hohenstaufen's
Ulrich Storro - Hohenstaufen's
Heinrich Storro - Hohenstaufen's
Ulrich von Waldthurn - Hohenstaufen's
Engelhard von Berlichingen - Hohenstaufen's
Walter von Croelsheim - Hohenstaufen's
Konrad I von Dürn - Hohenstaufen's

Sponheim (9 fiefs) - Sponheim Castle, Sankt Veit an der Glan (City), Klagenfurt (Borough), Clervaux Castle (Cadet-Held), Dill Castle, Finkenstein Castle, Freiberg Castle, Hallegg Castle, Hardegg Castle
Trixen (2) - Trixen Castle, Schaumburg Castle
Rudlandus de Gradnich - Burgrave von Gradenegg Castle
Wernhardus de Paradysowas - Burgrave of Gradisch Castle
Gerhardus de Haileke - Burgrave of Halleg Castle
Osterwitz - Cupbearer, Burgrave of Hochosterwitz Castle
Reimbotus de Horbach - Burgrave of Harbach Castle
Kraiger -Burgrave of Kraiger Castle
Waisenberg - Waisenberg Castle
Karlsberg - Burgraves of Karlsberg Castle
Zeiselberg - Zeiselberg Castle
Ungnad von Sonnegg - Waldenstein
von Wilaren - Staudachhof Castle
von Silberberg - Silberberg Castle
Albrecht von Nussberg - Nussberg Castle
Steuerberg - Steuerberg Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers----------------------------------------------
Albertus de Haileke - Sponheim's
Hermannus de Horbach - Sponheim's

Bishopric of Riga (4) - Riga (Borough), Ikšķile (Borough), Helme (Town), Lielvārde (Town)
Teutonic Order (4) - Dietrichstein Castle, Râșnov Citadel (Borough) Turaida Castle, Amouda Castle, Eschenbach (Town)
Livonian Sword Brothers (3) - Cēsis Castle, Sigulda Castle, Ērgļi Castle
Duchy of Satekle -
Latgalians - Rēzekne Castle
Abbey of Daugavgrīva - Daugavgrīva Castle
Semigallians -
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers----------------------------------------------
Volkwin von Naumburg zu Winterstätten - Teutonic Knights - Lord-Master of the Brothers of the Sword
Hermann von Balk - Teutonic Knights
Carl Thulen - Teutonic Knights
Tiesenhausen - Teutonic Knights
Ludwig - Teutonic Knights
Gerhard von Malberg - Teutonic Knights

Estonians -
Curonians -
Vends -
Latvians - Salacgrīva (Borough), Tukums (Borough)
Selonians -
Osilia -
Ungannians -

Ludovingians (5 fiefs) - Wartburg Castle, Obernburg Castle, Neuenburg Castle, Marburg Castle, Eckartsburg (Castle)
Hermann Trotts - Burgrave of Lipenhausen Castle
Theodericus de Breitenbuch - Burgrave of Breitenbach
Burchart Creuzburg - Burgrave of Creuzburg Castle
Henricus de Eckirsberg - Burgrave of Eckersberg (Castle)
Daniel zu Helbra - Burgrave of Tanrodda
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers (20)----------------------------------------------
Heinrich von Eckersberg - Ludovingians - Marshal of Thuringia
Ditmarus Ridesil - Ludovingians - Marshal of Hesse
Volkhold von Schernburg Ludovingians - Steward of Thuringia
Rudolph Schenk von Vargula - Ludovingians - Cupbearer
Cunradus de Berleibisin - Ludovingians - Treasurer
Johann von Dörnberg - Ludovingians - Küchenmeister
Heinrich von Morungen - Ludovingians - Minstrel
Kunemund auf Malsleben - Ludovingians
Wigand von Gilsa - Ludovingians
Heinrich von Trebra - Ludovingians
Dietrich von Laucha - Ludovingians
Wolfram von Eschenbach - Ludovingians
Albertus de Můchele - Ludovingians
Albertus Kedel - Ludovingians
Berthold Trott - Ludovingians
Albert von Sobech - Ludovingians
Nortmann Creuzburg - Ludovingians
Henricus de Heselere - Ludovingians
Rodolphus de Buscingheleiben - Ludovingians
Rudolfus de Kozeleibin - Ludovingians

Duchy of Brabant (4, fiefs: ~5):
Reginar (4 fiefs) - Brussels (City), Antwerp (City), Löwen (Borough), Westmalle Castle, Bouchout Castle
van Heeze - Heeze Castle
van Dickbier - Mierlo Castle
Rijswijk - Rijswijk Castle

County of Luxembourg ( 5 fiefs: ~10 ):
Luxemburg - Luxembourg (City)
Koerich (Stewards) - Koerich Castle
Beaufort - Beaufort Castle
Van der Feltz (Flag bearers) - Larochette Castle
Meysembourg - Meysembourg Castle

County of Provence ( 5 fiefs: ~10 ):
Barcelona of Provence - Marseilles (City), Nice (City), Toulon (City), Aix (City), Château de Forcalquier, Château de Gourdon
Archbishops of Arles - Arles (City), Forteresse de Mornas (Castle)
Archbishops of Nice - Drap (Town)
Adhémar - Château de Grignan
de Ginestous - Chateau de Montdardier

Archbishopric of Cologne (~5, fiefs: ~5):
Archbishop of Cologne - Cologne (City), Menden (Borough), Mergelp Castle
Richwin von Erwitte - Archbishop of Cologne's - Marshal
Heinrich II von Volmestein - Burgrave of Volmarstein Castle
Henricus de Westerholte - Burgrave of Westerholt Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers----------------------------------------------
Richolf Parfuse - Mayor of Cologne
Heinrich von Volmarstein - Mayor of Menden
Henricus Scuckeman
Heinrich II von Gevore
der von Heppendorf
Wilhelm von Eschweiler III
Siegfried von Hanxleden
Godefridus de Uore
Hermann von Itter
Hunold I von Plettenberg
Conradus de Weichs
der von Gaugreben
Herbold von Meschede
Rotger von Galen
Heinrich von Grafshaft

Duchy of Lorraine ( 6 fiefs: ~10 ):
Lorraine - Nancy (City), Château de Gerbéviller, Château de Longwy, Château de Rothenbourg, Château de Bruyères
de Vaudémont - Château de Vaudémont
d'Anglure - Saint Cheron (Town)
de Ligniville - Chateau de Autricourt
de Briey - Brieys (Town)
de Ficquelmont - Ficquelmont (Manor)

County of Geneva ( 5 fiefs: ~10):
de Geneva - Geneva (City)
de Faucigny - Château de Faucigny
Allinges - Château-Vieux d'Allinges
Compey - Château de Thorens
Sallenôves - Château de Sallenôves
Clets - Châteaux des Clets
de Duin - Château de Duingt
Ternier - Châteaux de Ternier

Bishop of Passau - Passau (City)

Duchy of Brandenburg:
Ascania - Brandenburg (City), Berlin (City), Arneburg (Borough), Altmark (Town), Annalt Castle

Duchy of Austria & Styria ( 33, fiefs: ~80 ):
Babenburg ( 20 ) - Vienna (City), Wiener Neustadt (Borough), Styria, Stadeck Castle, Durnstein Castle, Statteg Castle, Glanegg Castle, Wartenstaine Castle, Walkenstein Castle, Tursenstein Castle, Starhemberg Castle, Senftenberg Castle, Seebenstein Castle, Schönbühel Castle, Rosenburg Castle, Ottenstein Castle, Neudegg Castle, Mödling Castle, Losenheim Castle, Gutenstein Castle, Lamberg Castle
Pranckh - Pranck Castle
Leonsteiner - Leonsteiner Castle
Heunburg (2) - Ödenfest Castle, Haimburg Castle
Kühnring (7) - Rappottenstein Castle, Aggstein Castle, Kühnring Castle, Allentsteig Castle, Wolfstein Castle, Schwarzenau Castle, Ried am Riederberg Castle
von Lengenbach (2) - Neulengbach Castle, Orth Castle
von Kuenburg - Khünburg Castle
Pfannberg (2) - Pfanannberg Castle, Rabenstein Castle
Hollenburg - Hollenburg Castle
Stubenberg - Oberkapfenberg Castle
Dürnstein - Dürnstein Castle
Araburg - Araburg Castle
von Aistersheim - Aistersheim Castle
Peilstein (2) - Peilstein Castle, Scheibbs Castle
von Arnstein - Arnstein Castle
von Perchtoldsdorf - Perchtoldsdorf Castle
Chiowe - Kaja Castle
Wasserburg - Wasserburg Castle
Merkensteiners - Merkenstein Castle
von Wildegg - Wildegg Castle
Weißenburg - Weißenburg Castle
Maissauer (2) - Maissau Castle, Horn Castle
Rauhenecker - Rauheneck Castle
von Haichenbach - Haichenbach Castle
Hirschberg - Hirschberg Castle, Litschau Castle
Trutman (2) - Trautmannsdorf Castle, Stixenstein Castle
Streitwieser - Streitwiesen Castle
Kirchberg - Kirchberg Castle
von Stallegg - Stallegg Castle
Raabs - Heidenreichstein Castle
Riegersburg - Riegersburg Castle
Wildon - Kirchschlag Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers----------------------------------------------
Babenburg's (22):
Hadmar II von Kuenring - Babenburg's
Hadmar III von Kuenring - Babenburg's
Heinrich III von Kuenring - Babenburg's
Rudolph von Stadeck - Babenburg's
Heinrich von Karlstetten - Babgenburg's
Chunradus de Wartenstaine - Babenburg's
Ulrich von Liechtenstein - Babenburg's
Albero de Dunehensteine - Babenburg's
Hainericus de Lufftnberg - Babenburg's
Ulrich de Marpach - Babenburg's
Rudolf von Pottendorf - Babenburg's
Heinricus de Hertinsteine - Babenburg's
Wernhart the Lehrbühler - Babenburg's
Eberhard von Wecelendorf - Babenburg's
Ulrich von Poigen - Babenburg's - Burgrave of Tursenstein Castle
Almar von Poigen - Babenburg's
Chunradus de Niweneke - Babenburg's - Burgrave of Neudegg
Wichard von Poigen - Babenburg's - Burgrave of Senftenberg Castle
Hugo de Ottenstaine - Babenburg's - Burgrave of Ottenstein Castle
Kdolz von Seebenstein - Babenburg's - Burgrave of Seebenstein Castle
der von Schönbühel - Burgrave of Schönbühel Castle
Wulfing von Losenheim Babenberg's - Losenheim Castle
Hugo von Rastenberg - Babenberg's
Konrad von Hohenstein - Babenberg's
Dietmar von Losenheim - Babenberg's Losenheim Castle

Khunringer's (2):
Perchtold von Wolfstein - Khunring's - Burgrave of Wolfstein Castle
der Pilgrim von Schwarzenau - Khunring's - Schwarzenau Castle

Duchy of Bavaria ( 10, fiefs: ~15 ):
Wittelsbach - Regensberg (City), Heidelberg (City), Stahleck Castle, Undorf Castle
Schönburg - Schönburg Castle
von Fraunberg - Fraunberg (Town)
Leningen - Leningen Castle
Chamerauer - Haidstein Castle
Moosburg - Moosburg (Town)
Notthafft - Wernberg Castle
Gravenreuth - Grafenreuth (Town)
Lenberg - Lenberg Castle
von Valley - Valley Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers----------------------------------------------
Rüdiger de Ramelstein - Burgrave of Undorf Castle
Eberhard von Riedern
Albert von Sattelbogen
Heinrich von Bartisperi
Conrad von Riedern
Hermann von Reidern
Godesdiu von Reidern
Wehard von Wizensprech
Georg von Zedtwitz
Wolframus de Castro Graben
Arnold von Zeiskam
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i'm thinking of making a mod during 1280 - 1310 around the low countries with maybe some other german countries. Doesn't mean I'm actually going to make it anytime soon Its more an idea for a mod then anything else. I will probably be way too busy when the mod tools are released to do much about it anyway.
Oh well, thats interesting. I tried to research that area but I could not get the same level of detail as I can with England.
Good luck good buddy. However, you should scale back a little on the detail. The mod has to at least run to be played.
I would like to announce that this mod is Recruiting Ideally I need. Message me if your interested.

. At least one Programmer (3)
. Mapper (2)
. Writers (2)
. Graphic Designer (2)
Im considering using the Silver Penny as the main unit of currency because it seems to be fairly universal... https://brill.com/view/book/edcoll/9789004383098/BP000003.xml#:~:text=Its basis was a pound,penny (denarius) were obtained.&text=Gold was at this time,old Roman coin) or shilling.

However I'm also considering using the mark... however this currency is worth too much to be a unit of currency without having fractions... which I dont think is viable. Additionally this coin seems to have been limited to Germanic countries like the holy roman empire, England, Low countries.

I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions, not just in relation to currency but also in general related to the mod.
Couldn't all fit in one post so I had to move half of it here:

Italia ( 8, ~100 fiefs ):
The Papal States ( 11, fiefs: ~25 ):
Theocratic (10 fiefs) - Rome (City), San Marino (City) Vatican (Castle), Tivoli (City), Nettuno (City), Rimini (City), Faenza (City), Assisi (City), Fano (City), Arpino (City)
Savelli - The popes family
Riaro - Bologna (City)
Orsini - Vicovaro, Licenza, Roccagiovine, Nettuno
Montfeltro - Rimini (City), Montecopiolo Castle
Crescentii - Terracina (Town)
Pepoli - Bologne (Town)
Ordelaffe - Forli (Town)
Colonna - Columna Castle
Braschi - Cesena (Town)
Mattei -
Massimo - Massimo Castle

County of Savoy ( 15, fiefs: ~20 ):
Savoy (7 fiefs) - Turin (City), Chambéry (City), Aosta, Rivoli Castle, Moncalieri Castle, Cuneo, Montmelian
Faucigny - Château de Châtillon-sur-Cluses, Château de Faucigny
Beaufort - Château de Beaufort
Seyssel - Château de Bourdeau
Allinges - Allinges (Town)
de La Chambre - Château d'Épierre
Baume de Montrevel - Château de Montribloud
Challant - Château de Challand-Saint-Victor
Châtillon de Michaille - Château de Châtillon-en-Michaille
Costa de Beauregard - Château de Cordon
de Féterne - Château de Féternes
de Gingins - Château de La Sarraz, Château du Châtelard
de Miolans - Château de Miolans
de Montmayeur - Château de Montmayeur
de Viry - Viry (Town)

Ghibellines ( 8 ):
Montfeltro (3) - Carpegna (City), Urbino (City), Rimini (City)
Montferrat - Casale Montferrato (City)
de Biandrate - Biandrate (Town)
Republic of Asti - Asti (City)
Republic of Lucca - Lucca (City)
Republic of Sienna - Sienna (City)
City of Treviso - Treviso (City)
City of Modena - Modena (City)

Republic of Genoa (7):
Republican State - Genoa (City), Monaco (City)
Feischi - Lavagna (Borough)
Embriaci - Torre Embriaci (Castle)
Fregoso - Voltaggio (Town)
Fieschi - Lavagna (Town)
Coravaia - Castiglione di Garfagnana (Castle), Castello Aghinolfi (Castle)
Malaspino - Rocca Malaspina (Castle), Fosdinovo Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers-----------------------------------------------
Oberto Grimaldi - Republic's

Republic of Florence (5):
Repuplican State - Florence (City)
Albizzi - Albizi Tower (Castle)
Attems - Attmiis (Town)
Simonetti - Colle di Val d'Elsa (Castle)
Aldobrandeschi - Verrucola Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers-----------------------------------------------
Lorenzo Ruspoli - Republics
Bellincione Alighieri
Brodaio di Sacchetto - Republics
Engelberto d'Ugo Piccolomini - Republics

Republic of Pisa (5):
Caetani (Republic) - Pisa (City)
de Cagliari - Cagliari
Visconti - Massino (Borough)
Guidi - Guidi Modigliana Castle
de Conti - Olbia
City of Massa - Massa (City)

Republic of Venice (12):
Ziani - Venice (City)
Carraresi - Padau (City)
Della Scala
da Camino

Guelphs ( 8 ):
d'Este - Ferrara (City), Ancona (City)
Aleramici - Ivrea, Castle of Racconigi, Castello della Manta
da Polenta
Republic of Mantau - Mantau (City)
City of Perugia - Perugia (City)
City of Orvieto - Orvieto (City)
Della Torre -

Scandinavia (4, ~120 fiefs):
Kingdom of Denmark (12+6):

Clerical Vassals (6):

Archbishop of Lund - Lund (City), Borgeby Castle, Hammershus Castle
Knights Hospitallier - Antvorskov Castle
Bishop of Roskilde - Copenhagen Castle, Dragsholm Castle, Absalons Castle, Søborg Castle, Hvidovre (Town)
Hundslund Priory - Dronninglund Castle
Sorø Abbey - Sorø Abbey (Castle)
Bishopric of Aarhus - Aarhus (City)

Houses and Lands (12):
Estridsen ( 12 ) - Viborg (City), Randers (City), Svendborg (Town), Odense (City), Køge (Town), Vejle (Town), Rønne (Town) Haderslev (Borough), Lilleborg (Borough), Gurre Castle, Hesselagergård Castle, Hørningsholm Castle, Nyborg Castle, Sønderborg Castle, Sprogø Castle, Vordingborg Castle, Gram Castle, Hovdola Castle
Hvide - Jørlunde Castle
Aalholm - Aalholm Castle
af Rügen - Rugard (Borough), Gagern (Town), Stralsund (Town)
von Hardenburg - Hardenberg Castle
Ranzow - Rantzau Castle
Galen - Ellinge Castle
Råbock - Hovdala Castle
Nielsen - Karsholm Castle
Klågerups - Klågerups Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers-----------------------------------------------
Hasso Wedel - Estridsen's
Reimbem Wedel - Estridsen's
Gunde Grubbe - Estridsen's
Jakob Bille - Estridsen's
Thorkel Bille - Estridsen's
Sifridus de Bokwolde - Estridsen's
Heinrich von Bardenflete - Estridsen's
Ago Vind - Estridsen's

Kingdom of Norway (7):
Sverre - Oslo (City)
Crovan - Dingwall Castle, Castletown, Cronke Howe Mooar (Castle), Dunvegan Castle
Godwin - Nidaros (City)
Ribbung - Tønsberg (City), Kungahälla (Town), Sverresborg Castle

Kingdom of Sweden (14+6):

Clerical Vassals and Lands (6):

Archbishop of Lund - Lund (City), Börringe Priory (Town), Gladsaxehus Castle
Bishop of Linköping - Linköping (Town), Linköping Castle
Bishop of Strängnäs - Strängnäs (Town), Tynnelsö Castle
Order of Premonstratensians - Bäckaskog Castle
Benedictine Order - Börringeklosters Castle
Cistercian Order - Herrevad Castle

Noble Households and Lands:
Sverker - Kalmar Castle, Kärnan Castle, Eketorp Castle, Alsnö Castle, Kärnan Castle, Näs Castle, Nyköping Castle, Ängsö Castle, Olsborg Castle, Ragnhildsholmen Castle, Bogesund's Castle, Ekebyhovs Castle, Granhammars Castle, Göksholms Castle, Örebro Castle, Bjärsjölagårds Castle, Borgeby Castle, Falsterbohus Castle, Skanörs Castle, Skarhults Castle, Elghammer Castle, Hörningsholms Castle, Sotes Castle, Taxinge-Näsby Castle
Bjelbo - Stockholm (City), Nyköpingshus (Castle)
Bullathorp - Bullathorp's Castle
Due - Bollerups Castle
Ingvarsson - Hanaskog Castle
Egeside - Vittskövle Castle
af Linholmen - Lindholmen Castle
Enkelhusborg - Glimmingehus Castle
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers-----------------------------------------------
Niels Krognos - Sverker's
Peder Strangesson - Sverker's
Werner Brunkow - Sverker's

Duchy of Pomerania (3):
Griffin - Szczecin (City), Greifswald (Town), Demmin (Borough), Usedom (Town), Stargard (Town)
von Loppenow - Loppenow (Town)
von Platen - Platen Castle

Hispania (6, ~145 fiefs):
Kingdom of Aragon (21+3):

Clerical Vassals and Lands:

Archbishop of Tarragona - Tarragona
Bishop of Zaragosa - Juslibol Castle
Order of Alcantara - Castle de Portezuelo

Noble Households and Lands:
Barcelona (20 fiefs) - Zaragoza (City), Barcelona (City), Lérida (City, Llieda), Tarragona (City), Cinco Villas (Manor), Caspe (Town), Castle of Montearagón, Montblanch Castle, Castle of Flix, Cambrils (Town), Girona (Town), Berga (Town), Figueres (Town), Jaca (Town), Fraga (Town), Épila Castle, El Castellar (Castle), Castle of Santed, Ruesta Castle, Castle de Peracense, Château de Quéribus
de Empúries - Empúries (City), Roses (Town), Requesens Castle
de Urgell - Urgell (City), Formós Castle
de Bearn - Orthez (Town)
de Pallars - Castle de Mur
de Arborea
de Cabrera
Anglesola - Anglesola Castle, Butsènit Castle, Bellpuig Castle
Cervelló - Guimerà (Town), Sitges Castle
d'Oluja - Castle of Ciutadilla
Luna - Villahermosa Castle
Entenca - Fraga (Burgher)
Montcadas (Steward) - Orís Castle, Tortosa (Borough)
de Rocafort - Gallifa Castle
de Canet - Castle of Santa Florentina
de Besora - Besora Castle
de Canals - Canals Castle
de Alagón -
Cornellá - Cornellá Castle
Eroles - Eroles Castle
de Pinós - Torre del Baró (Castle)
de Cervera - Castle of Verdú

Kingdom of Navarre:
Clerical Vassals and Lands:

Noble Households and Lands ( 2, fiefs: ~10 ):

Jimenez (8 fiefs) - Pamplona (City), Estella (City), Sigüenza (City), Bernedo (Borough), Xavier Castle, Huarte, Navascues, Maranon, Calahorra, Tafalla, Portilla Castle
Garcia - Castle de Sádaba

Kingdom of Castille (10+5):

Clerical Vassals and Lands:

Archbishop of Toledo (Governor of Toledo) -
Order of Santiago - Uclés Castle
Order of Calatrava - Calatrava la Vieja (Castle), Alcántara (Town)
Order of Montesa - Montesa Castle
Order of Saint John - Castle of Consuegra, Miranda del Castañar (Borough)

Noble Households and Lands:
de Castilla (17 fiefs) - Burgos (City), Toledo (City), Madrid (Borough), Zamora (City), Valladolid (Borough), Soria (Borough), Castle de El Barco de Ávila, Alcázar de Segovia (Castle), Peñafiel Castle, Santander (Borough), Oropesa Castle, Escalona Castle, Almonacid Castle, Frias Castle, Fuentidueña Castle, Castle de Galve de Sorbe, Castle of Peñaranda de Duero
Haro - Haro (Town), Bilbao (Borough), Durango (Borough), Bermeo (Borough)
Guzman - Roa (Town), Guzman (Town)
de Mendoza - Mendoza Castle
de Cuéllar - Cuéllar Castle
Cameros - Castle de Arnedo
de Sotomayor - Sotomayor Castle
Traba - Castle of Traba
Lamuño - Lamuño (Town)
de Caleruega - Caleruega (Town)
de Lara - Lara (Town)
de Castro - Castrojeriz (Town)
Meneses - Montes Torozos (Town), Alburquerque (Town), Dos Hermanas Castle,
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers-----------------------------------------------
Guillén Pérez de Guzmán - de Castilla's
Nuño de Guzman - de Castilla's
Theobald de Guzman - de Castilla's
Pedro Ponce de Cabrera - de Castilla's
Esteban Domingo Dávila - de Castilla's
Ramón de Bonifaz - de Castilla's - Governor of Burgos
Rodrigo Rodríguez Osorio - de Castilla's
Rodrigo Osorio - de Castilla's
Álvar Rodríguez Osorio - de Castilla's
Gonzalo Rodríguez Girón - de Castilla's - High Steward
Rodrigo de Giron - de Castilla's
Pedro de Giron - de Castilla's
Nuño de Giron - de Castilla's
Álvaro de Giron - de Castilla's

Kingdom of Leon (6+2):

Clerical Vassals and Lands:

Bishop of Lugo - Lugo (City)
Knights Templar - Castle de Ponferrada

Noble households and Lands:
de Leon (5 fiefs) - Leon (City), Salamanca (City), Zamora (City), Santiago (City), Oviedo, A Coruña (Borough), Gormaz (Borough), Pontevedra (Borough), Maside Castle, Monterrey Castle, Castle de Ledesma, Castle de Grajal de Campos, Cuéllar Castle
de Soutomaior - Castle de Soutomaior
Sarmiento - Sarmiento Castle
Mariño de Lobeira - Castle de Vimianzo

Quiñonesdd -
-------------------------------------Lordly Retainers-----------------------------------------------
Sancho Fernández de León (Royal Bastard) - de Leon's

Kingdom of Portugal (5):
Clerical Vassals and Lands:

Noble Households and Lands:

Burgundy (5 fiefs) - Lisbon (City), Evora, Braganca, Chaves, Leria,
de Melo
de Briteiros
de Leomil

Almohad Caliphate:
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I assume the research hasn't really began on Spain and this is a preliminary.

Kingdom of Aragon (9):
Barcelona (6 fiefs) - Zaragoza (City), Barcelona (City), Cinco Villas (Manor), Caspe (Town), Château de Quéribus, Château de Miglos
de Bearn
de Urgell
de Arborea
Barcelona de Provence
de Cabrera
de Pallars
de Empúries

First off, Quéribus was not really in Aragon, it was fortified by the French during the late 13th Century. Miglos doesn't ring any bells, but it was probably the same story.

The nobles families are not wrong, but you're going for 1257, right? Then you're missing some and some should not be there. To start with, the "Barcelona de Provence" (what language are you representing here?) are not supposed to be ruling Provence, because by 1257 the war for Provence is in full swing and Charles of Anjou is mostly in control.

The Borgias (Borja) are literally nowhere to be found at this time. We have no record of the House of Borja before Domenech de Borja, father of Pope Calixtus III, who was a minor noble and merchant. There is one Lord of Borja in the 12th Century, but he died childless, and it's rash to assume the two are connected in any way.

The Counts of Urgell and Empúries are the most important, followed by the Viscount of Cabrera, the Viscount of Cardona and the Lord of Montcada. The Counts of Pallars were important due to their title (Count was the highest title in Spain, there were no dukes until the mid-14th century) but their lands were poor.

Kingdom of Navarre:
Jimenez (6 fiefs) - Pamplona (City), Huarte, Navascues, Maranon, Calahorra, Tafalla

The cities should be Pamplona, Estella and Sigüenza (Pamplona for sure, but if you need more, pick Estella)

The castles, Tafalla, Tudela, Rada, and then Huarte and Navascués. Calahorra was not in Navarre, It was precisely a Castillian castle guarding the Ebro river against Navarrese raids.

Kingdom of Castille (10):
Ivrea (of Castille) (3 fiefs) - Burgos (City), Toledo (City), Madrid (City)
Ivrea of Villena
de Castro
de Mendoza
Méndez de Sotomayor

Today we call the ruling house of Castile the "Ivreas", but they were never called so. The progenitor, the husband of Queen Urraca, father of Alfonso VII, was called "de Borgoña", but even then, the royal houses were never known as such. I'd just leave the royal dynasty as "de Castilla".

So, first: Madrid was not a city in 1257. It was a medium-sized town with a castle and some good hunting grounds dead center in the middle of the Peninsula, which is why Philip II chose it as his permanent capital. But in 1257 it should not be a city.

What about Córdoba and Sevilla? Ferdinand III took both cities between 1230 and 1240.
Hey I'm so glad you commented! I am really in need of fellow researchers and just about any help I can get for this mod. And yes you guessed correctly I haven't really sunk my teeth into Spain yet. This mod is set in 1217 so that's why Cordoba is not included. As for the cadet branch of the house of Barcelona ruling the county of Provence I'm referring to Ramon Berenguer IV Count of Provence. I'm aware that the counts of Toulouse also had part of Provence as Marquis's of Provence. I will have to change some of the settlements and noble families for Spain. I had difficulty finding Spanish nobility but I haven't really dived into the Spanish Wikipedia yet. I would appreciate any help you can offer to the project and thanks for commenting.

Edit: I don't know why I had Barcelona de Provence in the kingdom of Aragon, its the leader of its own faction the county of Provence.
Hey I'm so glad you commented! I am really in need of fellow researchers and just about any help I can get for this mod. And yes you guessed correctly I haven't really sunk my teeth into Spain yet. This mod is set in 1217 so that's why Cordoba is not included. As for the cadet branch of the house of Barcelona ruling the county of Provence I'm referring to Ramon Berenguer IV Count of Provence. I'm aware that the counts of Toulouse also had part of Provence as Marquis's of Provence. I will have to change some of the settlements and noble families for Spain. I had difficulty finding Spanish nobility but I haven't really dived into the Spanish Wikipedia yet. I would appreciate any help you can offer to the project and thanks for commenting.

Edit: I don't know why I had Barcelona de Provence in the kingdom of Aragon, its the leader of its own faction the county of Provence.

Oh, ok. I thought your mod was set in 1257, and my brain farted...

Finding Castilian and Portuguese noble families is a pain, but there's a couple of good genealogy websites that are decent. Not a substitute for good books on the matter, but these are hard to come by outside of a university library...
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