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If you're aiming for historical accuracy, the great helm, ailettes, surcoats with coat of arms and separate coifs with round hems are way off. There would be early surcoats but most would be of plain colours. Most armours of this period were simple hauberks with attached mittens and coifs, some had ventails but primiraly they were laced tight around the face and neck. The first helm shown in the image is more on target for 1217. Do not use the material DrTomas has as inspiration, there's half a century worth of technological improvements in-between, the sources reflect this and the arms and armours of either times change drastically. I'd advice looking at sources here: https://manuscriptminiatures.com/ and restricting the search to 1190-1220 or so.


bannerlord default armors are absolute ****. recommend you update them with custom tabards and surcoats with proper chausses
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