0.8 changelog

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Bad Idea

Major problem fixed, no more runtime errors for some players

30 New enemies added

Decapitation and gore effects

Nightwatch Faction

Chaos Faction
-Chaos Lord

Swords overhauled, Rapiers and Sabers added

Javelins have a melee mode

Admin controls to alter difficulty and spawn special items

Silver swords with bonus damage and special kill effects vs. undead enemies

Nightmare horses added to some existing enemies

Summoning Spells

Exploding bullets balanced

All Classes faction now has every troop availible

More detailed descriptions for some items

Vials fixed

Horse charging deals more damage. Bonus killing power vs. Imps

Blood knights turn into skeletons when cheating death

Imp heads remade

Crashing issues fixed

Scythe wielder weakened

Thrall Gunman no long has a sword

Berserker troop prices fixed

Potion of Fortitude added

Vampire bows are more useful

Berserker axe model fixed

vials will fall immediately to the ground

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