1. In Progress Crashing during Tournaments and Siege.

    Summary: When ever i try to do a Tournament, the game will freeze and make me force close. when i Siege game goes to loading screen and crashes. How to Reproduce: Go do a siege or Tournament literally anywhere. Scene Name (if related): Siege/ Tournament Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer...
  2. Need More Info Companions dying in tourneys - Beta 1.5.7

    So if this has already been drafted somewhere by all means scrap the post I don't want to re open old wounds. Okay, I took up a new campaign on the new beta branch and I had a companion who inevitably got entered into the tourney I was doing however, now that I have finished said tourney she...
  3. Rycon Caldestan

    Need More Info 1.5.7 Tournament Damage Bug: Armor does not actually reduce damage.

    Hey all, I started a fresh playthrough with 1.5.7, clean install with no mods. Playing in tournaments I noticed I was knocked out by a blow reporting 88 damage (20ish) mitigated by armor. My character was at 100% health, early game with no HP modifiers. This means my character should have had...
  4. Aeronwen

    [BEAST#3] Grand Final & Promotion Matches

    Grand Final & Promotion Matches Grand Final Destiny Masters 0(00) - (00)0 Risen Manifest Div B promotion to Div A Keyboard Warriors Dark 0(00) - (00)0 Divine Masters...
  5. The Weekend Cup™️

    The Weekend Cup™️

    The Weekend Cup™️ is a small tournament that involves four clans/teams and is played during one Weekend. Main goal of this tournament is to have fun, but also try your best against quality teams. It will also be tournament that will give chance to newer teams to play competitive scrims against...
  6. KingVargeras

    Host Tournaments

    I think it would be great to host your own tournaments, pick the prize/s, etc.
  7. Hugo_Skywalker

    Resolved Photo mode and Tournament

    When I use the photo mode in the tournament the game stop to work. Is showing the arena infinitely or if I am in combat prevents me from taking actions. The only way to solve this problem is to go to the main menu and load the game again. I don't know if the fights in the arena are safe.
  8. Worlok

    Give tournament prise to companions/family members

    As it suggests in the title. Please consider to give the tournament prise to my companions or family member if they win the tournament. I would suggest to add it to player inventory or equip the item to the winner. Maybe if he or she already has better equipment don't equip but add to inventory...
  9. Bishop Heahmund

    Show the reward from a tournament before participating

    I whant an little hint that shows us what reward we will get from an tournament before entering!
  10. Aeronwen

    📖 Meet the Team - Greenskinz

    MnBComp interviewed Artemeis from a new team of old players in Div A for BEAST3. Meet the TEAM - Greenskinz [Wagh] Greenskinz are newly formed for BEAST 3 but have many players from Resolute of BEAST1 & 2. How did the team come together and what is the origin of the name? Our team was...
  11. Ideas for Improving Tournaments and Tournament loot - other input welcome!

    I enjoy playing tournaments with some of my characters in the early game and have some suggestions for how tournaments can be improved. Generally, speaking tournaments are too easy to win and lose their relevance as the player character increases their level and wealth. I suggest the following...
  12. Aeronwen

    📢 Bannerlord Competitive Scene

    This thread gathers basic information about Bannerlord tournaments. Help in completing the information and any constructive suggestions are welcome. Please post any tournament information. Some resources for tournament administrators are: Calendar Entry Requests...
  13. Tournament vote?

    I thought I would just test my luck really and seeing how many teams that was in the recent tournament of the ECS was decent for an old game which has been revived. I was thinking of what tournament could be next, would it be another WNL? Another NFL? Or even a 6 vs 6 or another 8 vs 8...
  14. Resolved No Weapons in tournament and then game crashes. (Bannerlord)

    (Banner lord). Every time I go to a tournament, no one has any melee weapons, some have ranged ones and after a short while through the first round the game crashes. I have tried verifying game file integrity, updating all drivers and then uninstalling the game and reinstalling it, but it still...
  15. Need More Info Tournaments Always Crashing

    Summary: Upon entering or watching a tournament I am unable to play or skip more than a round or two before the game freezes completely. Game won't even close correctly from this point. I have to force exit steam and then force exit the game through task manager. How to Reproduce: -Enter any...
  16. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.4] Tournament Sparing Weapons as prize

    Currently it can happen that you can win a sparing weapon as a tournament prize (something like the Norse Sparing Axe). Which has the same values as the normal version but has blunt damage instead. Is this intended?
  17. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Lord organizes a tournament (Quest Chain)

    It will be cool to get a quest from one of the Calradian Lords owning a town to help them organize a tournament. The quest would require a bit of traveling around Calradia in order to complete. The quest could be triggered by a messenger party traveling on word map and approaching the Player to...
  18. Short_n_quick

    Resolved [1.5.4 beta]All communicates of slain soldiers in tournament are red

    In any tournament, after soldier is slain, each communicate in top right corner is red, event if it's our teammate who slain enemy. I don't know if it is intentional, but it's wierd anyway.
  19. scarface52

    In Progress Long Named Tournament Prizes Overflows the UI Box

    Summary: Items with long names such as "Segmented Cervelliere Over Padded Cloth" will overflow the UI box when selected as a prize by the game. How to Reproduce: Find a tournament with a long named prize. Media (Screenshots & Video):