1. Popowiczka

    EU Native Skirmish Open [BNL] Bannerlord Native League #4 - Skirmish tournament (signups open untill 20th of January)

    Warriors of Calradia! We are happy to announce the fourth season of the Bannerlord Native League! The tournament will mainly be hosted through our Discord server. Signups will be done through this forum thread and an overview of rules, team rosters and match results can be found on our forums...
  2. Megas

    Need More Info The game crash in the arena / tournament

    Summary: The game crash in the arena / tournament How to Reproduce: The game crash in the arena, whether I participate in a tournament or just enter the arena the game crash, I do not play with any mode Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots &...
  3. Ashhh

    Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi

    🛡️ Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi Sunucusu'na Hoş Geldiniz! 🏹 Selamlar Dostlar! Bannerlord'un heyecan ve drama dolu dünyasına hoş geldiniz! Türkiye'nin en büyük ve en aktif Multiplayer topluluğuna katıldığınız için teşekkür ederiz. Sunucumuz, sizin için unutulmaz anlar ve eğlenceli vakitler sunuyor...
  4. Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi

    Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi

    Bannerlord Türkiye Ligi - Discord üzerinden başvurular açık =
  5. BudsGaming0515

    SP - General Add fast forward option when watching arena fights

    When watching arena fights your companions gain EXP when fighting in the arena and its very tedious to have to watch horses run in circle for 15 minutes when participating in tournament with horses.
  6. Gotha

    [BNL1] Match History

    Match history of BNL1 Division A Play offs ╔═══════╦═════════════════════════════╦═════╦═══╦═══╦═══╦════╦════╦═════╦═════╗ ║ 1 ║ Risen Manifest Silver [RMS] ║ 5 ║ 5 ║ - ║ - ║ 57 ║ 20 ║ +37 ║ 015 ║ ╠═══════╬═════════════════════════════╬═════╬═══╬═══╬═══╬════╬════╬═════╬═════╣ ║ 2 ║...
  7. Royal Tournament

    Tournaments are held in the cities of rulers. Only lords participate. Prize - expensive armor Tournament Stage 1 - Mini battle The player chooses a team and equipment in battle controls the soldiers. Stage 2 - Brotherhood the player chooses a partner, they fight against two-elite fighters...
  8. Tournament Items Modifier

    Hello, is there a way to give items (helmets, weapons) won in tournaments a positve item modifier? Like this: campaign.add_modified_item eastern_vendel_helmet lordly_plate thanks in advance.
  9. SpartanBG

    Resolved [Game Freeze] Tournament finished and loading screen just froze

    Summary: So, i took a quest from a town - Betting Fraud. I went to the nearest city and entered the tourney. A NPC met me before the tourney and told me to loose at the 4th round. I did lose to a normal soldier NPC. After clicking to exit the tournament the loading screen just froze. Waited for...
  10. Uncle Khai

    Need More Info Something about AI behavior at Tournament/ Arena

    Summary: 1. Delay animation, when join tournament in first 5 sec you don’t see anyone (random happen ingame, 4vs4) 2. When horse death! AI will try mount on new horse but they can’t run anymore (walking only) 3. AI lock target ranged to player at arena. No matter what happen they aim player...
  11. In Progress Betting Fraud - Closing dialog hidden by loading screen graphics - 1.0.1

    Summary: Wrapping up dialog after losing or winning a tournament is now covered by the loading screen graphics. How to Reproduce: Begin Betting Fraud quest. Win or lose tournament. Loading screen graphics will stay up until you click a mouse button and then you're back in the settlement menu...
  12. TommyDarkstar

    Custom servers

    I know this is a long shot but I thought I'd ask anyway just incase you amazing guys and gals at taleworlds could help a guy out keep the multiplayer alive and fun for the console community who love the game and have been playing for a long time. I'm looking to do a 6vs6 tournament on PS4/5 to...
  13. genrev0914

    SP - UI Tournament Master Quicktalk

    I've been hunting tournaments to be the first on the leaderboards, I always ask the tournament master if there is a nearby tournament going on, but I always have to enter the Arena scene(loading screen) in order to talk to the tournament master. I would like to suggest a shortcut button to quick...
  14. Popowiczka

    EU INT Skirmish Completed [BNL] Bannerlord Native League #2 - Skirmish tournament

    Sign-ups open until: 13 March 2023 Introduction Hello, and welcome to our next iteration of Bannerlord Native League, a tournament that has been around since 2022 and will go into its second season this March. The basic idea behind BNL was to improve on the previous tournaments such as...
  15. Resolved Got the same mace with the same name.

    Summary:Not a major bug but a weird one. Got the exact same 2 maces from tournaments. They have the same name and stats. How to Reproduce:Go to Tournaments and continue winning them. Eventually you should get the same mace. Have you used cheats and if so which:no Scene Name (if related): Media...
  16. SP - Battles & Sieges Fix Throwables

    If you try to throw a throwable right in front of an enemy it will cause your player to bug out, just remove that entirely, or don't allow the player to wind up to throw.
  17. Fantasy Warband League

    Fantasy Warband League

  18. In Progress Tournaments in Asserai Towns using wrong weapon

    Sometimes, when you start on foot with a shield and without Javelins, you will have Iron Flyssa instead Sparring Flyssa. Iron Flyssa has cut damage type, not blunt. I know about it for a long time, but only now I know when it have wrong weapon. Also I dont know if its in multiple towns, or in a...
  19. Why is there literally no any armor piece for tournament prizes with 4~9 nobles.

    I found that there is literally no any armor piece for tournament prizes when the amount of nobles (player included) joining the tournament is between 4 and 9, which is the usual case, especially if the player is accompanied with some companions. For example, if the player is accompanied with 3...
  20. LES IS MOREx

    NA Skirmish Open Bannerlord Skirmish League Season 3 ($1050.00 In Prizes)

    Bush Wookie Gaming is proud to sponsor the Bannerlord Skirmish League! With the test release of Battle Mode, Bannerlord has experienced a large spike in activity, with several new clans being formed. As such, we hope that this skirmish league can offer these new and former existing clans an...
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