NA Skirmish Open Bannerlord Skirmish League Season 3 ($1050.00 In Prizes)

    Bush Wookie Gaming is proud to sponsor the Bannerlord Skirmish League! With the test release of Battle Mode, Bannerlord has experienced a large spike in activity, with several new clans being formed. As such, we hope that this skirmish league can offer these new and former existing clans an...
  2. Gladiator system.

    Im sure people have been posting something similar but will post my thoughts as well: Seeing a lot of nobles in a tournament made me want a gladiator system. Recruiting and training gladiators who become stars, similar to in the Roman Empire. Instead of caravans you travel around and compete...
  3. deuxhero

    Bonus awards in tournaments to provide incentive to win when there's 4+ teams.

    Currently in tournament matches where there's 4+ sides, there's zero incentive to actually win the match rather than merely survive till half the other teams are defeated since the top 50% of teams all move on to the next with no penalty. Obviously this raises the question of why one would even...
  4. AnFhile

    Next Native Tournament Interest Check/Discussion

    Hello. I was thinking of hosting a Nation's Cup but have received very mixed responses to the idea. Some hate it while others really want one. So just dropping this poll to see what people actually want to play. You can vote for all of them if you don't mind. fyi winning the poll doesn't...
  5. [AG] Heir of Aenarion

    NA Captain Completed NA Captain Draft Tournament #2

    NA Captain Draft Tournament #2 It's been a long time since we last had a captain mode competition of any kind, and longer still since the first draft tournament. I propose that it's time to fix that, with the 2nd NA Captain Draft Tournament. I'll outline the rules and how to register below...
  6. BL Coding How to make tournaments in cities pop much more often?

    Hi there, I guess arena pops in cities are random and checking every moment with very small chance and seems it depends on cities characteristics such as prosperity and etc. Can anyone, please, tell me where those checks are programmed and how can I change it, I want to make tournaments...
  7. nereid

    In Progress [1.7.1] Wrong Culture Tournament Prizes

    Just joined a tournament in Omor with 5 nobles, thus getting a nice tournament prize. It seems that the current item pool allows to pick items from other cultures: Thus resulting in a Vlandian armor from a Sturgian tournament.
  8. Nodice83

    In Progress 1.7.0 CTD when attempting to join the tournament in Baltakhand

    Summary: I was about to join the tournament and shortly after the loading screen was on - an error message popped up. How to Reproduce: Load the save. Dump id: 2022-01-10_09.49.03_e1c4352f3d9a58c011dfefa7c7944e46 Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Baltakhand...
  9. roadworker

    In Progress family members no longer join tournaments even if you leave them in town

    the main issue is that you need to leave family members in town in the first place for them to fight in tournaments, they dont join if they are in your party, but this is already being worked on. even if i leave members in the town, and there are no wanderers in the tavern taking up tourney...
  10. [WRT] Warband Revival Tournament

    [WRT] Warband Revival Tournament

    Competitive, European, Native 8v8 Tournament, trying to revive the native competitive scene yet again.
  11. BL Coding XP gain rate in arena

    Hello, does anyone here know where exactly I can modify the XP gain rate in the arena (both for training and tournaments)? I would like to set it to 100% to make the game a bit less grindy (I'm a casual player). So far I couldn't find anything in the module files and being a noob at modding I...
  12. RonnyJonny

    EU Native Battle Open Announcement of a new Warband Tournament; WRT (=Warband Revival Tournament) hosted by RonnyJonny

    (Logo made by Apollo) Old Post Progression of the Tournament So as I said on my latest post, everything important is shown below: Map Pool: Closed: Verloren, San’di’boush, Legacy Town, Aldea Dumar, Fort of Honour, Mountain Fortress, Naval Outpost Open: Castellum, Desolation Valley, Reveran...
  13. Lazregamesh

    Resolved Family members in party don't join tournaments.

    Summary: When i join a tournament my family members don't join even if their have high combat skills. A workaround is to put them in the town and then join. However, if the tavern is full of wanderers, they will have a higher priority then your most skilled family member. How to Reproduce: Join...
  14. Mazewind

    [BGC1] Rules & Guidelines

    === Rules & Guidelines === How does the Cup work ? The Bannerlord Groupfighting Cup is divided into two stages : > A Group Stage (Swiss Tournament) at the end of which the six best teams are selected for the final (Duration of 5 weeks) Matchups are determined by the score of each team in their...
  15. Ttauket

    Companion winning a tournament

    I'm happy when one of my companions wins a tournament but I'm very sad to see going away the rewards ... :smile: Can we get the rewards (renown, influence, weapon, armor ...) when one of ours companions (or someone from our clan) wins a tournament ?
  16. Bannerlord Captain Tournament

    Bannerlord Captain Tournament

    Tournament aimed to keep the community engaged in the captain mode, the objective is to make a shorter but more frequent series of tournaments
  17. ChristopherR

    NA Duel In-progress Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

    #1: Only Cavalry, Improved Armor / Lance - No Long / Heavy Lances #2: You may only attempt to hit your opponent, not their horse, until their shield is broken. Once their shield is broken, you may either aim for them or their horse. #3: Swords, and Maces are NOT allowed, the only weapon you...
  18. TOURNAMENTS - command allies

    Time after time, I watch my helpless moronic allies suicide into another squad to get completely destroyed. Why can't we issue commands in Tournaments? Wouldn't it make more sense that if you're paired with another combatant that you can be tactical? Please Taleworlds! Allow the same army...
  19. TheDragonknight

    NA Siege Completed Bannerlord 2nd Siege Tournament

    This is the post for the second Bannerlord Siege Tournament. The previous tournament concluded a few days ago and was won by the clan Syndacite with SkolderBrotva getting second place and Butterlords placing third. The next tournament will commence at the start of October but I encourage all...
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