Royal Tournament

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Tournaments are held in the cities of rulers.
Only lords participate.
Prize - expensive armor

Stage 1 - Mini battle
The player chooses a team and equipment in battle controls the soldiers.

Stage 2 - Brotherhood
the player chooses a partner, they fight against two-elite fighters.

stage 3 - Sniper
it is necessary to score more points from small arms, two participants compete for a while.

Stage 4 - Knight Strike
The player must defeat a mounted warrior with a spear.
the stage continues until one participant falls off the horse.

Final stage - One on one
Three rounds with the challenger, each round with a different weapon.

The winner gets:
10 fame points.
Dear armor.
Improved relations with the ruler and random nobles of this faction.
Does the player have to be in a faction?
How often do these tournaments take place?
How many times can a player participate in this faction's tournament?
Who is implementing these ideas?
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