1. DukeDunac

    Resolved Terrain and people become pure black after the first hit of a battle, game-breaking bug

    Summary: After being hit by a rock from a looter, this happened. The next battle I played out, after killing a khuzait lancer with a spear, it happened again. I haven't played a battle since, only simulation. Has only happened on snow maps so far, will continue testing. How to Reproduce: No...
  2. DukeDunac

    Need More Info [Texture/Mesh Error] Battanian Ruler is a giant ball of visual artifact

    Summary: This Battanian ruler is a ball of what I assume is a glitched mesh for an armor. I saw it once before this lord on either another Battanian or on a Sturgian. This ruler fought on foot and looked like this during battle. EDIT: This glitch is present on what seems to be ALL lords with...
  3. dedikado

    Need More Info Textures bug

    Summary: The game textures are completely bugged, i tried to reinstall the game and restart my computer but didn't work, when i put all the settings on very high all the bugs goes away How to Reproduce: i dont know the game just starts that way Media: Version: 1.0.4 Computer Specs: OS:win10 GPU...
  4. LewdGeek

    Need More Info [Texture][Clan Creation][Flag] Multiple Flag texture are not showing properly.

    Summary: Multiple Flag texture are not showing properly. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Click on Campaign. Select a ethnicity bonus. Create a character. Do the tutorial until you can choose you family flag. Observe the flag from the Attachments...
  5. Resolved Quest bug : Army of poachers & Buy Ressources + No texture

    Took an army of Poachers quest, visited the town for a few minute, doing nothing, when i came back to campaign map the quest timer was -6 days. The other was from yesterday so don't know is resolved, Merchand just asked to buy 3 sheep for 600 denar but i could buy them in the same town for 80...
  6. Need More Info Texture rendering bug

    Some textures look corrupted when you get too close. https://streamable.com/ugha3 I'm using an RX 5700
  7. nini_zinho

    Texture bug on Sestadeim Castle

    Found a texture bug at the entrance of Sestadeim Castle.
  8. black/missing textures on mac (mostly in mods)

    hi. wondering if anyone knows how to fix this. playing brytenwalda right now and specifically items such as the "godelic tunic" and "scale armor" have jet black textures that appear both on item screen and in battle. it's not unplayable, just ruins immersion a little. i've experienced the same...
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