1. Resolved Graphic Bug

    So I have a bug where my character became glitched blob and game became unplayable since im an archer and i cant see **** becouse im too fat. Pls fix it, i've been playing on this character like 100+ hours and it will be really sad if i wont be able to continue my adventure. Actually it happened...
  2. Drezavelt

    Resolved Scene Editor BUG: Black texture on Main_Map 1.5.7 & 1.5.8

    Hello there, Summary: When opening the Main_Map (modded or unmodded), either my project or the vanilla one the ground is black. I have verified the files for the base game and the mod tools and uninstalled then reinstalled for both 1.5.7 and 1.5.8. The problem persists. I have followed a fix...
  3. Gustafssonz

    Resolved 1.5.8 Missing Texture/graphics in recruitment-window.

    There is many issues regarding texture that is missing, shadow, "blured" texture, wrong color etc.
  4. Need More Info Beta 1.5.7 - Textures glitching out on the world map when zoomed in on specific NPC party

    Hi, please see the linked Youtube video for a recording of the glitch. I was travelling around the world map when I accidentally discovered that this particular NPC party causes glitched textures when I zoom in on the party itself. I haven't seen this happen before in over 100 hours of playing...
  5. Oedip

    In Progress Wall texture incomplete

    Hi, A part of the wall of Pen Cannoc is missing as you can see on the following screen : https://ibb.co/q1KxGCx The concerned wall is localized here (on the aim of the crossbow) : https://ibb.co/DrYwz1R At disposition if more information needed.
  6. Link69100

    BL 3D Art New weapon is in the inventory but not visible in fight

    Hey Calradia , I work actually on the finalization of my mod and I encounter some problems , Like you can see , my new blade is here (and I'm dead so ?) But the blade just pop up on the ground when I died , it was invisible during the fight (in the right hand) : The blade just appear...
  7. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Missing textures in Takor dungeon

    I just visited the Takor dungeon and got some missing wall textures:
  8. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Armpit texture stretched

    The texture of the different armors is stretched in the armpit while doing thrust attacks
  9. Etrepcar

    In Progress Lycaron alleyway has a placeholder/missing texture in a certain place.

    Version: e1.5.4 - Beta Bug: One of the places in Lycaron has a placeholder purple texture on the ground. Screenshots have been provided.
  10. Lonewarrior

    In Progress Texture Editor Not sure if bug, new land texture templates not saving

    I’ve created a new layer for the land painting tool and got it to work, however when I save it “save as new template” it doesn’t appear in the game files at the location. For example it by default says “save to /modules/native but even searching the game files it is not located there. Does this...
  11. hollow232

    Resolved 1.5 stable version. texture bug, does not render completely

    I've been having this problem since the game upgraded from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 I've done several tests until I updated my video card drive, all without success, I bought the game to play it updated but I'm stuck with version 1.4 .2 if you want to have a "normal" game, I hope you can help me !. My...
  12. LSP Other 2D Art Texture Resources For Modders

    These are all OSP textures that can be used for free (with credit depending on the creator). Credits for the textures are always in the spoiler name. Feel free to post your own if you'd like to contribute! ScaleLamellarMail Note: CWE team's lamellars...
  13. Unique

    Resolved Karakterimin Görünmez Olması, İnsanların Hızlı Yürümesi Ve Map Sorunu

    Merhaba, oyunda herhangi bir şehre girdiğimde veya köye farketmez, karakterim sürekli görünmez oluyor. Ya yarı görünmez takılıyorum etrafta ya da arada ful görünmez olup tekrardan geliyor. Aynı şekilde köydeki insanlar inanılmaz hızlı yürüyorlar ve komik bir görüntü çıkıyor ortaya bir o kadar da...
  14. LewdGeek

    Resolved [Prop] [Lighting] [Texture]The trees in a fight zone have a different color at the bottom.

    Summary: The trees in a fight zone have a different color at the bottom. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Version: e1.2.1 Prerequisites: N/A Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Fight Bandit in the map until you find this place with trees. Attachments: Note: Version e1.2.1 Possible that...
  15. Ridged iron broad sword glitch

    The ridged iron broad sword has mesh textures from something else pasted on the edge of the sword as you can see, immersion breaking, can't play knowing it's there! lol Unfortunately i download like 8 mods and applied them all at once, only one that could have affected the sword is the Weapon...
  16. Middovah

    Resolved Oyuna Hiç Yakışmayan Hatalar

    Sürüm 1.1.0 : 1.0.11 Hata Değil Ama Komik :grin:
  17. WB 2D Art World Map Re-texturing

    Finding it hard to get concise and relevant information on re-texturing the world map. Can a kind soul point me in the right direction? I'm currently using Cartographer/Blender. I aim to give the 'plains' grassland and 'snow forest' a complete retexture (thus changing their appearance in game)...
  18. BL 3D Art if making models to import into game, what is the neccesary polycount?

    if you're importing models with height maps, specular etc.... what is the limit for vertex count of certain objects? I'm thinking about modeling and rigging a war elephant...
  19. MightyMidgit

    Need More Info Hyubar Arena Floor Graphical Texture Error

    Summary: Ground graphical/texture issue in arena floor. How to Reproduce: Just enter the arena. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Hyubar Arena (update: it's all desert arenas) Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.0.9 Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 GPU: GTX 960, CPU: Intel i7-4720 2.6GHz RAM: 16 GB
  20. LewdGeek

    Resolved [Level Design] [Texture] [Arena] [Desert] Missing Texture in the Desert Arena.

    Summary: Missing Texture in the Desert Arena. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Version: 1.0.8 Prerequisites: N/A Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Go in the Desert area. Find a city with a Tournament. Join the Tournament. Skip matches if you have to. Join the...
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