1. Spearmen obviously have such a long weapon. How can they attack from a long distance

    Spearmen obviously have such a long weapon. How can they attack from a long distance
  2. RodLimitless

    spears too slow

    im ok with spears being clumsy one handed with the shield, but when used 2 handed, the trust should be mega fast and u should add a feign mechanic so u can switch point of attack between the attacks like this dude demonstrates: 8:35 it doesn't take much effort for spear to switch directions...
  3. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Troop Abilities: focus fire, charge, stand ground...?

    I've always loved M&B's tactic system for its simplicity, but I was hoping for more in Bannerlord. I know this concern has been raised but I'm just gonna reiterate: implementation of some more focused commands would help make simulations feel more immersive. Right now, commands still feel more...
  4. brognar

    Fix Spearmen: They're not even spearmen at the moment.

    The effectiveness of spears has been discussed endlessly here, so I won't get into the specifics of the weapon itself. There is a larger problem in the game affecting spearmen in game, and it has effects on both gameplay AND immersion. Spearmen DO NOT USE THEIR SPEARS. They almost...
  5. Spears should be viable melee weapons

    Since I made my initial post on the wrong forum, here a thread for the balancing on single player. https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/spears-should-deal-more-damage.414209/ I've experimented quite a bit with spears since I made my original post, and they are even worse than I...
  6. SP Native Realistic Weapons - Spear Rebalance

    https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/888 I've release my first version of a spear rebalance. I've buffed both spear damage (and thrust damage for swords by a lesser degree), as well as modified the troop equipment of spear units, by removing their one handed alternatives...
  7. fermionic_friend

    SP - General Infantry should have access to deployable stakes to help deter calvary charges.

    The below is an excerpt from an earlier reply I made concerned with specifically with horse archers and infantry, which can be found here. Obviously, I would personally love to see a system like this implemented, but I'm curious what you all think about something like this?
  8. Spearmen and cavalry

    I've done a couple of tests both in the campaign and custom battle. My character when is mounted cannot go near spears, every little hit done by them stops my horse and the charge, and this is fine it's also fun, but I've noticed that this not seems to apply to the AI. The AI mounted units can...
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