SP Native Realistic Weapons - Spear Rebalance

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I've release my first version of a spear rebalance. I've buffed both spear damage (and thrust damage for swords by a lesser degree), as well as modified the troop equipment of spear units, by removing their one handed alternatives (since I don't know how to tell them to use their spears otherwise).

If you want to give it a try, expect spears to be really strong (high tier spears about the same thrust damage as high tier axes do swing damage).
Also expect some minor bugs (overpriced javelins, units still wielding one-handed weapons, etc) as the mod is in an early stage. It should not produce any kind of crash by itself though, as the mod contains only minor xml modifications.

I'm planning on modding other weapons as well, as I find the time, and also refine the spear balance a bit more.


I dont think he cans. Just because taleworlds didnt give us the modders tools yet. When they come out ot will be a next step in modding bannerlord
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