1. Holy Shift

    Let Weakest Crossbows be Used on Mount Without Skill

    or just make the horse archery perks work please.
  2. Because

    Do people like Smithing as a concept

    I personally am not entirely convinced by the smithing skill as a concept. I find it dull and grindy and then over the top and too powerful, stamina refreshing only in towns in particular I find mad. This is especially true at the speed the map changes currently, where a lot could happen while...
  3. TheHangover

    Tüm soyluların skill listesi yok mu?

    Soyluların belirli bir sayıdan düşük olan skilleri ansiklopedide gözükmüyor. Yok mu redditte tüm asillerin skill listesi gibi bir şey bilen varsa link atabilir mi?
  4. fritzelr

    Resolved [Bug, Trade] Gain trade skill by discarding items

    Summary: You gain trade skill by discarding items which have a green price onto the ground or into a defeated enemy's inventory (at the loot screen). The glitch is exasperated because there is no supply/demand chain when discarding items. Specifically, the price will not be reduced as the...
  5. Resolved Description of perk is missing

    Summary: Name and description of 250p Charm perk looks like placeholder How to reproduce: Open Character menu, go to Charm and look at description of perk at 250 points threshold Media: Version: Main e1.2.1...
  6. Troops that still has questionable skills after 1.3

    Battania: Veteran skrimisher, Battania wildlings, Mounted skrimisher Throwing/one hand/Athletics - Seems to have some wrong value. Upgrading makes troops have lowers skills? Mounted skrimishers have 150 bow and 15 throwing.Obviously they don't have bows. Oathsworn have 130 riding 80 Athletics...
  7. Faction troop skill inconsistencies

    Battanian Oathsworn has the same stats as Battanian Horseman. Weird because Riding is higher than Athletics and Athletics is downgraded from T4 troop. Vlandian Militia Veteran Archer has higher Crossbow skill than Vlandian Sharpshooter. 150 > 130. Vlandian Caravan Guard has higher Polearm skill...
  8. Issue with Forging ID

    Ok, so I took a long time and eventually got both Master and Legendary Smith. Obviously, the economy is a breeze when you can forge weapons worth 100k+ denars, so I gather up a lot of materials to make a magnum opus. So I make the weapon I want, which of course has a certain configuration. Then...
  9. martin_fcg

    Suggestion: Rebuild looted settlements

    Good afternoon/morning.evening, I have a suggestion that I feel would improve the immersion for some level of game play. This would add to the "good guy" persona of player. Currently when towns are looted they are disabled and day come back later. I feel there is an opportunity here to add...
  10. Quanaril

    Steward (İdarecilik) Hata Raporu

    Steward/İdarecilik yetenek ağacındaki aşağıda belirtilen perkler çalışmıyor. 100 Skill puanında açılan "Bannerlord" perki: Sahip olduğunuz her tımar için +2 parti boyutu 200 Skill puanında açılan "Kahya" perki: +1 yoldaş 250 Skill puanında açılan "Hükümdar" perki: Sahip olduğunuz her şehir için...
  11. Skill gain in beta

    Just trying the new single player beta, to see if it fixes the very slow skill gain. Yes, but it swings it all the way to the opposite. Best example, one of my companions had their one-handed skill rise by 111 points after a battle with a few looters. Is that an error, or is it supposed to make...
  12. 1.1.0 Beta Tutorial Charm Bug

    Summary: I completed the training for the tutorial and went to the village. I clicked take a walk around the settlement and then rode up the the Headman. On clicking through the dialogue it added 67 skill points to Charm. How to Reproduce: Talk to the Headman in the tutorial. Unsure if it works...
  13. Jerezereh

    Need More Info Ranged Weapon Accuracy

    Summary: Ranged weapon accuracy decreases with rank instead of increasing due to logic error. I made a thread here detailing a possible bug I found. In summary, each rank of ranged skills (Bow, Crossbow, Throwing) adds a positive bonus that is then used to increase "WeaponInaccuracy", making...
  14. Jerezereh

    Native Bug - Ranged Weapon Accuracy

    I've been working on adding my own custom skill and during this process I believe I've found a bug with the Crossbow, Bow, and Throwing skills. Each of these has a SkillEffect of increasing accuracy with ranks, which I copied onto my custom skill. When testing my skill, I noticed the accuracy...
  15. Medicine: Doctors Oath

    Doctors Oath: "Medicine recovery chance applies to enemies too." What does this mean and why would I pick it?
  16. [SUGGESTION] Trade fief Perk

    Hi all, For those that don't know there is a trade perk that allows us to trade fiefs. Unfortunately it needs two hundred something points in trade. That said also be noticed that as King's / Queen's of a Kingdom we can't currently give already owned fiefs to any clan. And there are a lot of...
  17. Likbjorn

    Roguery experience is not gained by taking hostile actions against villagers.

    Summary: forcing villagers to give out supplies or recruits does not add experience to roguery. Raiding village does add exp. How to reproduce: note your current roguery experience, take hostile action against a village (except for raiding), check experience after that - none added. Version: 1.0.9
  18. andycott

    Riding ability "Squires" doesn't work

    Riding ability/skill/perk "Squires" which should lead to +2 party size (party member effect ) doesn't work.
  19. Need More Info [Bug] Steward Perk "Nourish Settlement" does not work

    Like title say, the third perk of the skilltree "Steward" which quadruples the prosperity growth rate of the settlement in which you are waiting, does not work. I tried it out in my poorest settlement, to give it a boost and watched the prosperity. It's expected change befor me waiting there was...
  20. Vellarain

    Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    Alrighty twenty hours in and with a level 15 character I feel like I can remark on some things. If you sit there and seriously try and harp about it is early access, I played the original game back when it was not even available on steam. If there is one thing that should be solid over the other...
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