1. [OSOD] Imperator

    The bad AND good of the new skin update

    This new update is wonderful in the sense that now we can customize our own loadouts and be different from one another. The Bad Things: But I feel like it could've used more work because the sigils for example dont work. At least not the free ones... I cant switch to any of the free ones and I...
  2. Need More Info Same effect of Implemented Skill didn't stack together.

    Summary: Same effect of Implemented Skill didn't stack together. I put a infantry ($17 wage) in a castle. It only apply around 15% wage less, $17 reduced to $14.XX. It seem that same effect of Implemented Skill only trigger one of them. Or some Implemented Skill basically not Implemented. Is...
  3. StaceMcGate

    (Poll) Skills

    Just curious on the community's assessment are which skills are valuable for their main character.
  4. should smithing even be a skill?

    be honest, when (or if) the devs fix smithing exploits will any of us care about leveling smithing? what is even the point of smithing? if it's to let the player make a customized weapon or roleplaying then why is it locked behind level 100+ smithing? I don't want to waste my time or skill...
  5. Need More Info Companions donate troops to garrison beyond limit

    Summary: Companion parties keep recruiting troops from villages only to return and donate them to an already full garrison. The extra troops will obviously desert. I've noticed similar behavior in previous versions as well. How to Reproduce: Town with 5000+ Prosperity (Sanala). Player Character...
  6. Need More Info Skill tree changed upon restarting the game [1.5.9 BETA]

    Summary: Hello, I'm not quite sure if this issue has been files already but I couldn't find it. What I did: I loaded up my game and set all skill levels to 150 for a new campaign. I selected skill attributes for each and every one of them. I played the day and encountered no problems...
  7. Less Talking More Raiding

    A fleshed out Trait system

    A FLESHED OUT TRAIT SYSTEM Some acquired through your journey, others inherited from birth. (POSITIVE), (NEGATIVE) (RARE), (EPIC), (LEGENDARY) Personality Traits (Already in the game): Calculating Generosity Honor Mercy Valor SUGGESTIONS STARTS HERE Birthed Traits: Twin Highborn Lowborn...
  8. Csatádi

    What does this skill do?

    What is 'simulation advantage' from Tactics skill? When does relation increase matter at Charm skill?
  9. robed12

    Tactics Skill

    I kind of liked the Tactic Skill That they had in warband where if you had high skill of tactics. You are able to defeat larger enemy armies through defeat in detail which was pretty cool. Now i feel like tactic skill in banner lord is kind of useless other than making sure your men don't die...
  10. suggestion to incoperate a relation between smithing and trading

    Hi I currently have a campaign focused on smithing because i wanted to explore this feature. the result is i function as a charcoal burner where i buy hardwood and sell charcoal for a gain. This logically suggests to me i would get experience in trading because its how most artisans work and it...
  11. In Progress Trade Skill and stash in town

    Summary: It is possible to deposit items in the stash and gain trade skill points by doing so. How to Reproduce: Owning a city, deposit items in the stash. Checking the experience in that skill before and afterwards reveals additional points in the skill.
  12. WB Coding Adding Custom Character Skill into Mod

    I known that the learning limit value of all character's skills is 15. But I would like to "STRONG" increase movement speed of characters in the battle, so I would like to add a new CUSTOM skill with feature is same with "Athletics" skill but more effect. How can I do that (Without coding would...
  13. Louis Cyphre

    Sort and summarize all perk effects by effect scope

    For example: Personal One Handed: +20% handling, +2% swing speed,.... Crossbow: Crossbow attacks ignore armor below 20,... ... Captain Bow: +5% accuracy for missile troops,... Riding: +30 riding skill for mounted troops,... ... Party Leader Army Leader Governor +20% XP for garrisons...
  14. Quest Companion Skill requirement is ridiculous

    Companions level very slowly, and for some reason the Quest requirements to be able to send them on missions scales with player level (?) or army size (?) Case in point, it requires 150 trade skill to go to next town and get 30 units of grain ... My character is lvl 24 and even though i traded...
  15. Farfigdoogle

    Getting Perks Implemented/Showing Which Aren't Implemented

    Hello, I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of the game, but it took me way too long to figure out there is a large portion of perks that just aren't implemented despite being on the Character sheet. Personally, I would like to see the Stewardship Perks implemented ASAP since that's a perk chain...
  16. Stromming

    Resolved Level 1 Companion with no skills whatsoever

    Summary: Found a companion that cost me 11k to hire and she was level 1 with absolutely no skills whasoever (that 1 in smithing i got her). She later got 1 skill point in Riding so she got leveled up to 5, and now she is 8 or 9 with just a few focus points and skill points. She will never be as...
  17. Smithing skill "Sharpened edge" doesn't apply

    I was very excited to finally reach the 250 skill in smithing so that I could make swords hurt even more. And as I was leveling upp I continually made the same sword, so I knew its stats pretty well. But when I went on to make a new sword of that type with the "Sharpened edge" active, it didn't...
  18. What Exactly Does Troops' Skill Level Do, Functionally/Mechanically?

    Like, if a troop unit has 130 in one-handed for example, what does that functionally mean? Do they have access to the same skills PCs have for having a skill at that level? What happens when there's an either/or perk, is it randomized by the individual troop? Does it affect damage or stats...
  19. Holy Shift

    Restrict Heavy Shield Usage on Mount

    I almost always play with malee but wielding a Wicker Square shield on mount feels weird. You can consider to make a perk exclusive with horse archery in riding skill to allow wielding large shield on mount.
  20. Holy Shift

    Let Weakest Crossbows be Used on Mount Without Skill

    or just make the horse archery perks work please.
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