1. Slithirius

    Resolved Whole Seller / Appraiser skills both disable colored item statistics comparison

    Summary: When hovering the cursor over not equipped items, like armor, weapons or horses, the player can easily see which item is better at what thanks to the statistics' colors (green = better, red = worse, no color change = identical). Picking Whole Seller / Appraiser skills from Trade skill...
  2. Steppe Bandit Boss

    The Steppe Bandit Boss appears to have no skill in using bows, despite carrying one. Its underlings carry similar equipment and have similar skills, except for the bow skill. A possible correction would be to assign it bow skill, superior to its underlings and on par with its comparable to its...
  3. [SUGGESTION] Trainers

    Hi all, Would be nice if we could pay trainers to increase perk points, or even learn special perks, for example: Going to a blacksmith and increase Smith points or learn new parts to craft. Like the ones in Kingdom Come. And Books or other items that we use to increase them too.
  4. Likbjorn

    Boardgames should give skill points

    Board games presented in Bannerlord are simple representations of battles of different kinds. In fact, these games are profitable for tactical mind. So how about reward winning board games with some tactics skill points? Maybe not that much as reward for real battles but still...
  5. Caravans not improving trade skill(?)

    Version: 1.05 I've noticed that one way to improve trade listed is to "operate caravans." I currently have 4-5 caravans running (making an absurd amount of money but that's another issue) but since then I've stopped trading with my party and the skill hasn't improved at all. Is this the...
  6. Laryakan

    Need More Info "Nourish Settlement" perk isn't working

    Summary: "Nourish Settlement" perk isn't working (possibly no perks are working, as Cash666 suggesting - see below) How to Reproduce: Unlock a perk, for example "Nourish Settlement", then go to a settlement and wait here, you will see no difference at increasing "Prosperity" from the...
  7. Unresolved Skills not working

    So it seems major faction bonuses such construction faster for the empire or 30% cheaper caravans for Aserai are not working. I think this problem that skill bonuses/perks in general are not working.
  8. Need More Info [1.0.4]Trading Skill isn't leveling.

    I was at skill level 75, my skill limit is somewhere between 120 to 140. After I bought some tool for less than 40 denars, sheep for less than 50 denars, I sold it for more than 100 each, but somehow my trading experience didn't change. If this isn't a bug please inform me how does the game...
  9. no effects from govenor, lost character skills

    If you use a companion with a Govenor skill as a Govenor, all skills are deactivated and the companion has no influence on the settlement. Images:
  10. Crossbow Cavalry perk doesn't function

    Well i wasn't sure where to post this but this issue is closest to the balance since its a skill that doesn't function it damages the balance of the game. Problem is literally what title says. I can't reload my crossbow on horseback even though i have the perk.
  11. My experience about smithing and skills.

    1)The long glaive head in the two handed polearm section have base swing cut damage of 170 and over 200 range. When used on horseback and charging, I am able to deal over 400 damage to looters. While other weapons like pike, one handed sword, or lance are much much inferior in terms of damage...
  12. mc24

    Tournament not leveling up combat skills?

    I've fought many tournaments for coin and gear now, but I don't seem to notice combat relating skill leveling up, which I think it should (very realistic combat, non blunt weapons... Joke aside, it is combat so don't see why bullying looters count and this doesn't, you get matched with high tier...
  13. Trade Skill Issues

    With the workshop cap at 200 half the trade skills are now useless. Like less wage payment for workshops is completely useless. At least give us some way to respec skill tree in case something like this happens and break the skills
  14. Sauron The Black Knight

    Definitive NA Tier List (No contest/no bias)

    Made by knowledgeable players (myself included)
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