1. Lopezgdanny

    Resolved Rhagaea

    Summary: Rhagaea sits in mid air if you visit her. How to Reproduce: If you pick "visit" from the town menu to visit Rhagaea, she'll be there sitting mid air. This also happened before the update. Have you used cheats and if so which:no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  2. Need More Info Rhagaea stuck in Makeb as prisoner and not visible

    Summary: Rhagaea is stuck in Makeb. After being captured by Khuzaits she did not get released, after the war ended. Nor does she show in prison when I visited Makeb. Asking relatives or looking at the heroes section, last location is Makeb. Even so the game moves on and she is/has been...
  3. Need More Info Raid an enemy territory quest fails

    Summary: I had a quest from Rhagaea to raid at least 3 Khuzait villages, which I did. Still the quest fails. I cant provide screenshots yet since my account here is less than 24 hours old, but will provide through discord or email if needed. How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so...
  4. Resolved Rhagaea Death crash

    Summary: When Rhagaea dies (she's 71 so she's had a good run). I get a message that the Pethros clan has been destroyed and then a 'Vote for new ruler of the Southern Empire' to-do pops up... at which point the game crashes. I'm married to Ira - I'm not sure if that is a complicating factor. Is...
  5. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Rhagaea is hard mode, Derthert is easy mode.

    I started a second 1.7 game and joined Ragy for a change. It was early game and she was already paying tribute to 4 factions! She does all the bad leader stuff, makes peace while I'm sieging, makes double war and gets gang banged, gives me a castle in the middle of enemy land. By contrast...
  6. GusThePug


    It's exactly what it sounds like, and Derthert wants a piece...
  7. FriendlyMerchant

    Resolved CTD related to "Rhagaea wants Desparion captured"

    Summary: When the quest with the name in quotes in the title is active, I am getting a CTD whenever I fight the battle with the targeted character and press done. It happens 100% of the time. It occurs both if you choose "attack" to fight the battle yourself or "send troops" to have the game...
  8. Resolved Rhagaea is not a man. I think.

    Asking a Southern Empire noble to defect and he says that Rhagaea is his friend and couldn't think of betraying him. Rhagaea is a woman though so... yeah.
  9. Is Rhagaea marriable in the late game?

    I know the player can't marry Rhagaea when she is empress in the early game. But in my game play I've defeated the empire and Rhagaea is now only a clan leader instead of empress. Does that mean she is now marriable? Or she is single but not available because she's still leader of a clan?
  10. UK-Tranquillity

    Velvet Weavery doesn't make any money... Why!? - Tranquillity - Video Thread

    First video:? After months ingame my velvet weavery still wasn't making ANY money. But why!? I went to find out why... Hope you enjoy!
  11. The HellBlazer

    Resolved Ana Görev

    Oyuna başladığımızda gelen 10 kişiyle konuşma görevinin üzerinden 10 yıl geçtiğinde görev iptal oluyor. Bu bir hata olmayabilir ama açık dünya oyunu olduğundan bu tarz bir şeyin olması bence mantıksız. Şahsen ben 10 yıl boyunca görevi çok az ilerlettim çünkü ilgilenmiyordum ama ilerde...
  12. Can't break out lord

    So... I need to talk to empress Rhagaea, and at the moment she is in prison. When I go to the prison guard and tell him to give me the keys, he says "Prison break! Preason break!" but nothing happens. Nobody attacks me and I can't damage him. if I bribe him Rhagaea says she can't talk to me. Is...

  14. East_Champion

    I Married the Empress's Daughter and now I think I'm stuck:

    Hello fellow warriors, I was curious if anyone else has tried to plot their rise to power through marriage as I did. Here is my story thus far albeit a bit abridged: I spent my first couple of years roaming most the Imperial land and beating on bandits and looters instead of completing the...
  15. Resolved Rhagaea dialog text not showing properly

    Summary: First time talking to her on this character. Save is from 1.02. How to Reproduce: Engage Rhagaeas party on the map i guess Quest/Settlement Name (if related): na Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.0.4 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: GTX 970 CPU: i5 RAM: 16gig Motherboard...
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