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  1. Need More Info anti cheat kicks me and says corrupted memory #0

    After connecting to any server i get kicked by anti cheat and it says corrupted memory #0 I tried to reinstall the game, battle eye and nothing works.
  2. Bannerlord HC Challenge

    Bannerlord Hardcore Challenge - Saison 2 Edition 2

    La saison 2 du Bannerlord Hardcore Challenge continue les 6 et 7 février prochain avec une édition Classique ! 100€ à gagner (1er = 60€ / 2me = 30€ / 3me = 10€) lors de chaque édition Infos & Inscriptions : https://bannerlord.hardcore-challenge.com/ ---- Bannerlord Hardcore Challenge Season 2...
  3. Focus

    Bannerlord Türkiye Discord Sunucusu

    Merhaba! Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Türkiye Discord Sunucusu Discord adresimize katılıp yapabilceğiniz şeyler: - Yeni arkadaşlar edinebilirsiniz. - Kendi klanınızı tanıtabilir, üye edinebilir veya bir klana katılabilirsiniz. (Multiplayer) - Bannerlord sorunlarınıza yardımcı oluyoruz. -...
  4. Epic games ve Steam ile lobi kurma

    Merhaba, Arkadaşlar ben Epic Games üzerinden satın aldım Bannerlordu arkadaşlarım Steam üzerinden aldılar online oynamak istiyoruz ama lobi kuramıyoruz farklı platformlarda olduğumuz için nasıl kuracağımızı bilen var mı ?
  5. Bannerlord Multiplayer Team: Sheepous!

    Hi all, I am looking to form a Bannerlord online team/clan to either compete or just play together! I am looking for people who love playing competitively and are fed up with playing with noobs! Here is the Steam group I have formed: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sheepous Please join and...
  6. Sunucularda ki Sorunlar

    Merhaba 1-2 aydır warband oynuyorum ve sunucularda bir takım adaletsizliğe sebep olan sorunlar gördüm.Bunlardan biri spawnpoints.Spawnpoints etrafına bir invisible zone oluşturulmalı bu zone lar içine eğer oyuncu girerse o spawnpoint oyuncu çıkana kadar devre dışı olup oyuncuların doğamaması...
  7. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Co op for hideouts and battles?

    If possible to have some kind of instance, where players who want to do a hideout can check to see if others want to help. Would be really nice to clear hideouts in Co op. Like its still single player but other single players can choose to be on a online list to join for hideouts and perhaps...
  8. Barring

    Is there any posibility to get a teamkiller banned?

    Entered a match and this guy called SV!NT0, his steam profile is in the video description. As you can se in his profile he is trash and enjoys destroying his team's matches. Some comments: Two pics that demonstrate he is teamkilling and enjoying it. Look at the chat (with racist comments...
  9. EmreBugday

    Singe player için Online Chat modu

    Herkese selam olsun güzel Calradia halkı! Bir yeni mod ile daha karşınızdayım. Aslında bu modun hikayesi biraz geriye dayanıyor, bir süredir kendi network altyapımı geliştiriyodum online oyunlarda kullanmak için. Network geliştirmenin en önemli aşamalarından biriside stress testtir. Bende kendi...
  10. EmreBugday

    SP MP Native Online Chat for Singeplayer

    I have been working on my own network architecture to use on my various projects. This mod has been a creation based on that network architecture. In fact, it runs on it. With this mod enabled your are connected into a global network architecture. Within this architecture you can speak with...
  11. kreamy

    KING OF THE HILL : Multiplayer (2 Gamemodes)

    You know you want it. Ideally new maps will be created for this. Game mode 1A (players only) -> Ideal application Key elements: 1. A hill with some minor fortifications (or in the maps currently) 2. a flag of choice, to capture 3. 3 teams, 3 factions. or civil war, 3 teams 1 faction. 4. hold...
  12. Wurm Online - A potential to be the open-world M&B MMO

    Summary When I picked this game up again after a six year long gap between last session to now, the game has gotten actually better with time; time with development, and in growth. This return and reflection over this time drew a picture in my mind of a lot of players banded together to fight...
  13. The Harmonizer

    What date can we Pre-Order?

    Hi there! Does anyone know if/when the pre-orders will be available? With the release date for early access coming closer, is the early access the only date I can get my hands on a copy? Kind Regards, An old fan. Can't wait to start stabbing with my hobo-stick again!
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