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Welcome to Mercenaries: Reforged. A Modification of the original Mount and Blade: Warband series which aims to restore the old version Module that we all loved: Mercenaries. This Module has been developed from bottom ground 0, meaning we have created it from scratch, with the only resources to help us being old community videos from you, and screenshots, on which we used to replicate all the Mercenaries Mod mechanics we could.

This Module is still in development, however, due to recent hype created from a similar Mod being developed, we have come forward and decided to give our voices about this project as-well. Website will be unique and easier to read while maintaining the essence of Mercenaries. Clan Wars will become automated - instead of writing on forums to reserve server, the system will do it after choosing opponent on website. Maps will remain mostly the same plus new ones based on community feedback. UI / in Game textures will be slightly improved as well as performance due to mod being coded with newer technologies.

Besides the features already existing in old mercenaries, we plan to improve it wherever possible.
Here's what we want to add/change:

- Automated Matches - scheduling matches through website and having specified time to play the match, depending on community feedback could be more or less still operated by admins,
- Clan Wars System - you can choose to either fight other clans either on ranked or casual matches. Official Clan Battles would count towards leaderboard and only clan members could participate. Casual matches would allow you to gather your friends from other clans on website. While being automated, in case of problems there will still be admins to come and help,
- New Maps - besides already existing maps, we will remove maps that are not suited for battle like Canyon and add new ones that community will favor,
- Camp Siege - we still havent decided whether to remove it or tweak it. Where building camp was fun the whole event of siegeing/defending camp was not pleasant and we aim to rework it,
- Duels - while not the priority, we will try also automatize duel systems so no frauds will be possible, depending on community feedback,
- Double capacity - during happy hour there were times that servers were full and players couldnt join, we will make sure this doesn't happen by increasing slots on battle and siege servers,

Join our Discord here:

Here are few pics from mod:


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