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As I stated elsewhere, I recently started playing BL again. I ran into some really annoying issues!
Playing most recent versions broke some of the Mods I like and reverting back to 1.7.1 I was playing before the "vacation" was also a pain in the @$$ as the game kept crashing because of the Language issues, plus other things that made it impossible to play.

My questions is: Are there any updated Mods that allow players to recruit prisoner Heroes into the Clan? Or at least Mods that may increase the number of Companions a player can have?

Thank you
Kaoses tweaks and Arrange marriage for familly - as mamy companions as you want plus you can marry any clan member (companion also) to anyone and take them to your clan... working for 1.0.2
Thanks, mate.
That's pretty overboard though. I wonder if it breaks the game at some point, have you tried it?
Span of control is literally this game's progression system. What "breaks the game" is always depending on the individual, as invincibility in Doom didn't "break the game" for some, but it shatters the main way you progress throughout your playthrough, just like god mode shattered any true difficulty in Doom.

Because the player is the only clan hiring companions and can always choose to keep it's daughters and absorb the daughters from others, you have a unmatched advantage over the AI when it comes to "named characters."
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