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  1. Opening the modding kit with mods installed v1.2.8

    Is there a way to open the Modding Kit with mods installed? I have a bunch of errors when I launch the Modding Kit via Steam, but I do not want to uninstall them as it's quite a long list.
  2. Why my scene loses its textures in editor?

    When I open my scenes in editor three months later, I find the terrain of my world-map scene turns black and loses its textures: and when I build a new scene, the terrain works normally: How can I fix the terrain of the former scene? Thanks a lot for any one's help.
  3. Test Mission Crash/How to open Bannerlord scenes with terrain

    Hello, I have two questions. The first is that I get two to three errors and then a crash every time I attempt to "Test Mission" on any native or custom made map. I've tried reinstalling and validating files for both Bannerlord and the Modding Kit. I have screenshots of the errors but cannot...
  4. Body mesh override problem

    Hi guys I really need help. I was trying to add a stick to teen male body as same in mod "Nude men and women". But I ended up getting all the parts of the body mixed together like a monster. (I dont know how to insert images thru links sorry) I was thinking smth went wrong maybe skeleton...
  5. Kingclonetrooper

    Need More Info General Is there a limit to the number of additional items?

    Hello, I'm modeling. Cannot add more items. With the following error, no items are added and a crash occurs on the character selection screen. First of all, I didn't count the number of items in the mod I was making, but I made more than 300 items. I don't know why the above error occurs.
  6. Need More Info General Assertin Failed! Expression: version == SHADER_CACHE_VERSION

    I was prompted when I opened the editor Assertin Failed! C:\Develop\MB3\Source\Engine\Rgl\rglShader_manager.cpp:439 Expression:version == SHADER_CACHE_VERSION And it appears when I load the big map: vista_record_tileset_!=nullptr (false) && "There is something wrong, plese contact...
  7. modding toolkit support for the Microsoft store version of Bannerlord?

    So, I'm a half-life modder, and recently finished my first playthrough, So my modder brain turned on and wanted to mod the game(I own the Microsoft store version) but when I searched for the modding toolkit download it said it's on steam only. Is there a plan to bring it to Epic, and Microsoft...
  8. Resolved Scene Editor Some problems with the moddingkit

    I loaded up the moddingkit in SP and it tells me that my shader cache is too old and that my Get_Tilesets are out of date. When i get into the loading screen it crashes the game. How can i update these 2 things? i have tried to delete the Tilesets in the native folder and the entire shader...
  9. Aleaume d'Angon

    Need More Info Modding tools throwing randoms errors

    Summary: Using the modding tools for a while, since 1.8.0 crashs occurs when doing random stuff like opening the main map (sandbox) going into asset browser. Problems continues even after clean re-installation. The errors seems to be related to the engine source code having some missing code or...
  10. Deha

    Modding tool for epic games

    Hello i want to make a mod named Island Settlements adds settlements and a kingdom to islands but i dont have modding kit i bought on epic games anyone can help me or send me the tools?
  11. Aleaume d'Angon

    Resolved Testing custom map causes it to crash on loading

    Summary: Hello, I'm having an issue trying to launch a custom map from custom battle to test it, but it cash when loading (the map has no errors in the modding tools). The map is quite old but i reopened, and saved it in 1.6.3 in modding tools with no problems. I wonder what is wrong with it...
  12. Wüstenkrieger

    Resolved General Modding Kit not starting at all

    Summary: When starting the modding kit via the launcher, the launcher closes and the kit never starts. The process of the launcher is still running until killed via task manager. Re-installing, restarting, changing version from e1.6.2 to e1.6.3 beta did not fix the issue. Note: The game has the...
  13. TheREALHayster

    Resolved Model & Animation Viewer Model Viewers not working as intended

    Hey I don't know if this is an Isolated thing but it's really getting annoying. For the last two patches I have been unable to use any model viewer other than the one in resource browser as it immediately causes the editor to freeze and then crash. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the...
  14. Viking2419

    Need More Info General Modding beta Unable to find texture: ui_charactercreation_1

    I installed e1.5.7 and modding tool beta. When I start the game, I get errors "unable to find texture: ui_charactercreation_1 and ui_charactercreation_2". I am able to run the game but the character creation page is not working. Control+E doesn't lunch the modding tools either. Thanks
  15. How do I solve the crash problem in the Siege map?

    I made a siege-only map and confirmed that the equipment used in siege equipment appeared. But as soon as i press the Start button, i get Crash. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me... I saw the article about Stephenbk1, but I still don't know what the problem is. What I did Navmesh...
  16. TheREALHayster

    Items show correctly in Modding tool but not in game

    So in have imported and checked so modified base game assets in the modding tool. Within the modding kit they appear correctly (I.e. they equip to the head of the model). However when I load a game save two of them are showing either too far forward or too far back. Any aid please? Please...
  17. Mod nasıl yapılır?

    Arkadaşlar ben Bannerlord'u Epic Games'den aldım. Bannerlord için harita modlaması yapmak istiyorum.Resmi mod araçlarını nasıl kullanabilirim?
  18. steffenbk1

    How to make a siege castle map

    im struggling to make this siege map, i have looked at references on how the other maps are made. Mainly khuzait_castle_002 . but i really cant fiugre out what is wrong with my map. i have included - Sp_battele_set -borders for attackers and defenders and boundaries -flee lines -path for...
  19. steffenbk1

    Map editor bug

    Got this bug when i create a scene and test it, and i press tab to exit back to the editor. It makes a new scene as well as getting me out. It works fine again if i open it in the folder then i can freely tab out again without it creating a new scene. Got asked to post it on the forum on the...
  20. Cattowin

    Modlama tavsiyeleri

    Merhabalar, ben Bannerlord için modlamaya başlamak istiyorum. Sadece öğrenmek istiyorum nereden başlamalıyım, modding tools dışında hangi programları kullanmalıyım, yeni özellikler eklemek için hangi programlama dilini öğrenmeliyim? Bana tavsiyeler verebilir misiniz? Türkçe veya İngilizce...
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