minor bugs

  1. Resolved Got the same mace with the same name.

    Summary:Not a major bug but a weird one. Got the exact same 2 maces from tournaments. They have the same name and stats. How to Reproduce:Go to Tournaments and continue winning them. Eventually you should get the same mace. Have you used cheats and if so which:no Scene Name (if related): Media...
  2. Resolved Suggestions about the new dynamics of the workshops and one minor bug about kick companions from the clan.

    Summary: I saw that in version 1.8 they changed the dynamics of the workshops. Now you have to take care all the time so that they deliver good yields. I understood that this change is to force the player to develop trading skill. It's an excellent idea but once the trading skill gets too high...
  3. Geobeetle

    Need More Info 1.6.5 Scene Trees Not Solid

    Summary: Many of the trees in the following scene don't have collision. I only documented a few of them but there are more. How to Reproduce: Enter a battle in this area of the map. Run into some trees. Some don't stop you from going through them. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene...
  4. ronfino

    In Progress Threw/shot projectiles sticking on invisible walls

    Summary: I randomly threw an harpoon because no one was in the was server and it just sticked onto an invisible wall. How to Reproduce: Throw/shoot projectile on the walls Scene Name (if related): Harbour of Ovsk Media (Screenshots & Video): https://streamable.com/qt2ka8 Computer Specs: OS...
  5. Fixer

    In Progress [minor visual] Edge too long

    Summary: You can stand on "nothing" with half of your body. (some ppl use it to hide in multi sieges) How to Reproduce: Stand on the wooden overhang, notice Scene Name (if related): Ayzar Stronghold over F Media (Screenshots & Video):
  6. Ikea Knight

    In Progress Lavalios of the Eleftheroi wears women's clothes

    Summary: See title he wears womens clothes in this castle scene. I suppose it's a minor issue. How to Reproduce: Speak to him in a castle. Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM...
  7. Fixer

    Resolved Lobby Custom server list servername too long

    Summary: Sometimes the servername is too long in the lobby's custom server list option How to Reproduce: check the max servername length, create a server with a name like on the top row of the attachment Media (Screenshots & Video):
  8. Need More Info Zeno Default dialogue

    Summary: first encounter used "Yes? Do I know you? (Default - should not appear). Date occured:12/27/2020 How to Reproduce: First dialogue encounter, walking very short distance from adjacent lord who I just encountered. Character had ~30 renown. Scene Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots &...
  9. SGT_Night

    Need More Info [Beta 1.5.6] Escort Caravan Minor Bugs

    I accepted the quest at "Rhotae" then the caravan appears and start going into it's destination, almost imediatly it turns back into "Rhotae" and the quest is completed. After that i notice 3 more bugs: 1 - Close to "Rhotae" was still a party of bandits that were part of the quest that is...
  10. DawnPatroleum

    Resolved Minor Bug: Attacker vs. Defender troop size is wrong

    Summary: Before clicking attack to initiate battle with Monchug, the number of attackers and defenders is swapped around. It shows that I have 1230 troops and Monchug has 209, but it's the other way around. How to Reproduce: Happens when you initiate battle with Monchug or it could be any...
  11. DawnPatroleum

    Resolved Minor bug: Unit portraits look warped

    Summary: When opening up army menu when transferring prisoners or units from garrison, certain cavalry units are warped looking in the little portrait. This also happens when recruiting out of settlements. Affects Jawwal Bedouin, Jawwal Camel Rider, and Ghulam. There could be more that I am...
  12. yodakiller

    Resolved Minor: Talking to brother too early in tutorial phase leads to confusion

    At the beginning stages of the game, I went back to the village to recruit more troops before going after the raider camp. While in the village I decided to speak to Nogand. He was talking about splitting up and let me select my family name etc. I found the dialog confusing because he was...
  13. Need More Info Rare Graphicbug in Battlestage Singleplayer

    It happens to me maybe all 100 battles or so. It alltimes triggers only with the first action i do means getting hit by something or i hit something i one time even had it during a tournament 1v1. It never ever happen in the mid of a battle its alltimes the first action. And cuz its so rare i...
  14. Likbjorn

    Need More Info Thugs have wrong lines during Family Feud quest

    Summary: Thugs under command of the opposite side of Family Feud conflict have wrong lines when you talk to them. You can talk to them if the man you protect far enough to not trigger quest dialog. And the Thug talks like you just hired him in a tavern and he's a part of your party. How to...
  15. Need More Info Desert Bandit Hideout Shifting Texture Bug

    Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Desert Bandit Hideout Media (Screenshots & Video): Youtube Link Version: e1.0.0 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 GPU: Radeon RX 5700XT CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 32GB Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Storage Device: NVME SSD
  16. khollenbeck

    Need More Info I can buy settlements for 1 denar.

    I have no clue how or when this started happening. But I have been able to do this a couple times now.
  17. Kyrax

    Resolved Default dialogue still appearing.

    The quirkiest thing is that it even says in the dialogue that they shouldn't appear this way.
  18. TrooperPilot

    Character interaction; awkward character position; (may be a very minor bug)

    My king is just standing there, mouth wide open, probably stoned, as I am trying too interact with him. I.... I don't like this.
  19. Kyrax

    Need More Info First person perspective is inside head geometry on combat start.

    Whenever I load into battle with 1st person already enabled, I see my eyeholes, nose and mouth. Going to 3rd person and then to 1st person fixes that problem and you get normal vision, but it's a quality of life thing.
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