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  1. WB 3D Art Adding own armor to game

    Hi Im beginner in moding M&B Warband so I dont know everything and have couple of problems. First of all is I created my own boots armor and I add them to game but there they are invisible on legs because they are away from my character turned into some type of flat image, I through probem is...
  2. Formation assignment based on equipment

    So I am trying to make a tiny C# mod, but the problem is that I know very little C# and if anyone would like to help me or give me some tips that would be lovely. Im trying to break Formations. In Bannerlord troops get assigned a formation based on their equipment so when a archer runs out of...
  3. creepy4_0

    Need some help with crashes

    Hello, not sure if this is the palce to get some info, but im experiencing alot of crashes when basically waiting in a city doing nothig but healing. I'm new to this modding stuff and just would like to know if i have my load order correct and versioning correct. im using branch e1.8.0. If...
  4. General Mesh Editor [Help] Material Not Showing Up in Game or Editor Icon, But Shows Up In Editor Preview Window

    I was trying to rename a mesh. I exported using Tpac tool, imported into Blender, renamed it and exported it as FBX. But when I imported the FBX into Bannerlord Editor theres nothing in the icon, nor is there anything in the game. As if the mesh is transparent. I have specified the material of...
  5. AlbertFaubrein

    WSE not working

    Use WSE2 or try this
  6. TacoChewsday

    Resolved Two Inventories?

    Summary: So I exited the game while in Makeb and when I logged back in and left the city I went into my inventory and there is a second inventory where normally there should be nothing. I can take from this other inventory and sell it or smelt it so the game counts as it actually being there...
  7. Unresolved Warband vassal management

    Ok here’s the problem I started my own kingdom and i’ve conquered Swadia. I’m trying to manage all my lords theifs the game says they all have different personalities. I’m trying to look for vassals that have atleast a loyal personality and vassals with a greedy personality so i can get rid of...
  8. SireKorentos_TV

    Modify the flow of time - (modding help)

    Hello, ? I'm new as regards modding, and I would like to create a "native mod like", but which would be more realistic. The first element I would like to modify is the flow of time in the game. The speed of time isn't to be modify, I just want to set that a year in game is not made up of 80...
  9. NW Coding How to activate the royale mode in the NW?

    I checked the source code of NW and I find a new game type call royale. I change the header_common and let this mode shows on the Admin panel. But it seems that don't have any trigger on this mode.(Like press C to battle cry and P to surrender). So it seems that I fail to activate that mode...
  10. BL Coding Help initializing a battle of my own

    Hello everyone, I need to initialize a field battle within my campaign and, while searching for how native starts its battles I found how it started its custom battle. It uses the function "OpenCustomBattleMission" which can be found in the class "BannerlordMissions". This is the function which...
  11. Resolved application crashed because a fatal error occurred while checking sound bank files hatası

    bu hatayı sürekli alıyorum dosyaların bütünlüğünü kontrol ettiğim zaman herhangi bir sıkıntı görülmüyor ancak oyuna girdiğimde başlıktaki hata çıkıyor oyunu 2 defa silip yükledim aynı zamanda 2 defa sound dosyasını silip dosya bütünlüğünü doğrula diyip dosyaları geri yükledim ancak hiçbir...
  12. PeasantOP

    Resolved General Modding My Own Troop Tree xml, crash only on party screen!?

    Everything from field battles, world map and encyclopedia are fine but the party screen when clicking on one of the edited troop units it crashes?
  13. Making a fan website for Bannerlord

    Good day to you warriors! My name is Dmitry, I am a Java/Javascript Junior developer. I was seeking for a great idea for my very first ambicious web project. Bannerlord seems to be a perfect case, because I love it so much and it has a lot of data to display for fans. However, there is a...
  14. How can i give a Map a own Name?

    Hi everyone, I am a Mapper and have a own Server. I loaded my own Maps up and replaced them with other Maps. So my Question is...can i give my Maps own Names like..."TrainingsMap1"..or so? Cause it is very problematic when one of my Friends joined on the Server and cant find his Map....
  15. Need More Info please help me someone!

    my game dont start. i tried anythink in the forum without download from the TaleWorld website cous i dont know where the downlowd... pls help me
  16. moved to technical difficulties

  17. BL Other modding on epic?

    Hi, I recently got bannerlord on epic because it was cheaper than steam, Is it possible to install mods for the game if you only have it through epic? and if so how would i do this?
  18. CoJoIsMyMoJo

    Need More Info Wife doesn't get pregnant.

    I've been with the for a number of years. I've tried carrying her in my party, I've tried waiting in a town, and I've tried assigning her a role as governor of one of my cities and still nothing. I have no idea what's going on so any help on it would be appreciated.
  19. Yetgin

    WB Coding Warband oyun kamera ayarlarını hangi klasörde bulabilirim?

    Oyunda kamerayı hangi klasörde bulabilirim?
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