Formation assignment based on equipment

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So I am trying to make a tiny C# mod, but the problem is that I know very little C# and if anyone would like to help me or give me some tips that would be lovely.

Im trying to break Formations. In Bannerlord troops get assigned a formation based on their equipment so when a archer runs out of arrows they get reassigned to infantry instead of archers. I want to stop that from happening, in the mod i want to make it so that they always keep the default group set in the story_mode_characters.xml, nothing else should influence what group they are put in only the default_group=" " line should decide.

It feels like a mod that should be easy to make but I am awful at C#.

I am working on a different mod and it would be working perfectly but the problem is that troops get reassigned based on their equipment. And it feels like i cant be the only person that is having this problem so if i could put a tiny mod that breaks formations out there it would help at least one other person.

And from the testing/fiddling i have done it has something to do with "BasicCharacterObject" in TaleWorlds.Core but I have no idea how to change it to break formations but at the same time not breaking the game.
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