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Hi Im beginner in moding M&B Warband so I dont know everything and have couple of problems.
First of all is I created my own boots armor and I add them to game but there they are invisible on legs because they are away from my character turned into some type of flat image, I through probem is because my boots dont have animation like man_cheer, man_walk, ani_twohanded, death, anim_horse, man_cheer, man_cheer.
If this is the problem please tell me how add animation to my boots, if this is not the problem please tell me what should I do to fixed my boots, this is my first armor I created and I through it will be same simple ass adding weapons.

I working with Morgh's Editor v1.50, Open BRF, Gimp 2,10,32, Wings 3D (x64) 2.2.9

Sorry if I put this ask in wrong place or something Im new here.
Follow some tutorials on general modding and 3D meshes; I am sure you will sort it out on your own once you have grasped the basics.
Thanks for answer.

I watched all tutorials what are truly helpful, that why I know how to create weapon's and troop's and how put them into game.
With my boots I created is that problem there is 0 videos about create armor's, only about changing texture's and statistics so I don't even know where I do mistake.
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Also, using the ModSys will give you an advantage over the Morgh's Editor.
I tried Module System but it doesn't work on my laptop, also Morgh's is more friendly than ModSys because I don't have to write in code everything I want to change.
I know it's gives more options and with that I can change m&b into totally different game but I don't need that, I just need simple tool to do simple things.
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Eärendil Ardamírë

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Compare your boots in OpenBRF with Native boots. Pay attention to that they are at the same position. If your boots are not rigged, copy paste the rigging of some other boots.
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