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Guess what is the best way to gain influence early in the game when your clan has just about hatched and your host is a bit stronger than forest bandits, but you need to show yourself? Fighting big battles? Sieging castles? Wrecking havoc deep in the enemy territory? Nah!

Just bring some fish-n-chips to feed those poor starving knights and join the army. That's all!


The game lore says Garios was the best one in waging war, while in reality the army bigger than a hundred and a half is always starving. You can see it's possible to gain like 6-7 points of influence daily by just joining the army, doing virtually nothing, siffering no casualties and taking no risks. You just feed the poor like Mother Teresa and that's how you become the most influential clan. The famishing knights prefer some beer and snacks over heroic deeds and epic battles.

It seems that AI supply and logistics needs much work, as well as army commanders' decisionmaking: it's amusing how AI drops almost completed siege of a castle, rushes to another corner of the world to besiege more or less the similar one and drop it again.
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