Bug or "Feature"?

Which of the two are bugs?

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Here's the situation, I put together an army to try and break a siege of one of my castles. When I arrive I notice my army is slightly inferior to that of the besieging forces. I opt to break through their lines into the castle to reinforce the garrison from the inside. We actually then hold out perfectly against the besieging army thanks to a high number of archers and AI being dumb only bringing a battering ram without any broken walls. Then as we wait inside the walls for the next assault or reinforcements or idk what but ****, I can't leave! Everything goes to ****, bringing us to a little game I like to call "bug or feature"!

1. When the castle runs out of food but you have over 700 units of food (300 of which is my own personal stash) throughout your army that is INSIDE THE CASTLE, the garrison immediately starts dying off instead of food being shared.
(Why the **** would I be inside the castle with a bunch of food and just say **** YOU to my own garrison and not let them have any?)

2. When army cohesion drops to 0 while being inside a besieged settlement the army disbands and all members except for you are dropped OUTSIDE of the castle. They then proceed to run away from the besieging forces immediately leaving me alone to face off the horde

Spoiler alert I got captured and lost that castle, thanks Taleworlds. For the record I love the game, after 300+ hours this is the final straw that actually had me come to the forums to complain though haha.
They're not bugs but they're definitely not features either. Just silly design quirks that could be changed. Bugs are when something isn't working as intended or broken, but in this case it's a lack of intent to include a few sensible gaemplay options, like sharing your army's food or giving you a better option to deal with cohesion and/or making it so parties stay inside the castle.
First one is a bug, second one is actually your army leaving the castle by their own choice, Ive had disbanded army members stay and quit the defense, and those who quit had lost troops, so Im guessing not really a bug, just a stupid decision by the AI
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