Got a bit over eager with the horsetrade

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Not a complaint or bug. Just my little story from my first attempt as a savvy merchant.

So, I had dabbled a bit. Figured out that midland palfreys could sell for a good prise if I got them for around 150. I then read that desert horses were fetching a much bigger profit. So I went south and bought as many as I could afford as well as Aserai warhorses. And yes. It was very profitable. I probably ended up with 250% wealth compared to when I set out. So, I did another run, and afterwards I had around 60 k. Now, I could not invest in more workshops, but duty called so I figured I could invest the money later.
A little into the war, I found myself on the border to the desert and figured, hey, I can just nip in and get some horses for later. 40 k later I return from the desert, only to find that some idiot have flooded the market with desert horses, so I have difficulties finding a place to sell them for a decent price. So now I'm trotting around with 100+ desert horses, 60 + mules. A handful other horses and let's not forget my two pack camels. On the plus side, my party of 55 men is holding the very admirable speed of 6.2 in open terrain. X-D
Anyway, I'm having good time!
Sounds like the time I smelted down several city armories of weapons and sold a bunch of thamaskene steel I made, crashed the metal economy permanently somehow, all metal dropped down to its lowest price and stayed that way for many years in game so I had like 6000 ingots of varying types that were essentially worthless. I think mine might be more of a bug though because I noticed if you sell a small amount of thamaskene steel (lets say 30 ingots) then the metal market tanks super hard for a long time.
Lol, sounds like a Nodwick story where the adventure party messed up local economy by always hauling in a ton of gold, gems and other loot. 6000 ingots... Wow.

But the lesson must be not to make your trade strategy too narrow.
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