1. killyouready

    SP Fantasy kof dimension-reduction-attack The main update direction is to make 2d things and 3d things combined well with each other. The main hero is still from kof and 2d. The country will become some culture from some classic 2d games such as DNF.and i will also add some 2d...
  2. Resolved Crash when entering a fight

    Summary: the game crashes, no matter the version, whenever i try to fight myself, the game crashes, leaving me with only the option to send troops, which is highly boring. has happened to me since the new patch, and reverting to old versions has not helped me in anyway or resolved the issue...
  3. LuProHD

    Auto-Block or Manually-Block?

    I wonder what is more fun to play with! Feel free to discuss here! :)
  4. Add some Special moves and animations

    Hello First, I love this game, so much potential BUT a thing dissapoint me, fight are similar to warband, I mean, same animations and same limited strike. Add some Special moves like Powerful Strikes, Counter and some Finish Moves can make battle look Epic and I think majority of players want...
  5. City Gang New Unkillable Mafia

    So I recently discovered the waterways gang in my city, and naturally I engage the thugs with my 7 companions. Now, I kill the original 8 in the streets but after a few prompts that more are gathering and to wait until they come near - I then go in to fight the gang leaders gang. What laid...
  6. AI behavior in square formation

    This is not a rant, but rather a compliment so read through. I find myself unable to really enjoy the game until the combat AI is fixed, that is spearmen don't get totally obliterated by cavalry and 500vs500 infantry clash in not over in about 30seconds. But, I can't help but notice the...
  7. Resolved Family Feud forced fight end bug

    Summary: Accepted Family Feud quest. Moved to quest giver and failed the checks (3 times in a row despite being trying a 59% and 74% check each time but whatever) and caused a fight 3 different times. In one case, the quest target downed my companion (Not the Family Feud companion), and that...
  8. Astorias27

    Is it just me ? Villagers and Bandits

    Hi people, really love the game but I only have one question. When I roam the world why I don't see any bandits and villagers fighting or anything like that, it feels kinda empty. No bandits attacking caravans, no looters killing villagers and so on. Anyone else noticed it ? Thank You
  9. The_Hussar

    Need More Info Fighting in practice fights does not increase the corresponding weapon skills

    After all, that's the point of that practice, right?
  10. Allied lords don't seem to join in fights.

    As a mercenary of a faction, I encountered a rival factions lord which attacked me. Near by was an army of 4 or so lords of the faction I am a part of. I started the battle and the allied lords did not join in. Once back to the campaign screen (after losing) it doesn't seem like the allied lords...
  11. A.K.D

    How I perceive the beta of Mount and Blades 2

    Youtube Link: Enjoy the head cinema and flash backs. What experiences have you had that produced a smile or a laughter? With kind regards A.K.D
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