Who would like to have a Siege ''load out'' similar to civilan load out ?

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I've been switching item for siege recently and realised the tech is here for a dedicated load out. Am I de only one who would like that ?
I use a much lighter armor when i'm on the field (I'm a footman and speed is key) and i dont carry as many bolt instead i carry a pole weapon to deal with cav.

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Just today I was thinking about how equipment loadouts would be wonderful so that you could create pre-made save states.
Lets say I have a hero "Ed" who is 175 Bow, 150 Riding, 150 polearm skill.
It would be nice to be able to have one set that put him on foot with a bow, two quivers and automatically slotted him into the ranged formation.
Another set that put him on an imperial charger with a couch lance, shield and javelins and the heavy cav formation
Another still that put him on a Aserai horse, Bill, bow, quivers and horse archer formation.

Because right now its a lot of different switches to flip to get your guys working correctly, when if you were actually commanding a solider and said "right ed you're with the archers today" he would know exactly what equipment to put on, where to go and who to go with instead of me having to hold his hand like a toddler every step until he's where he should be. I like versatility in my formations, and it seems that its actively discouraged by some of the mechanical processes the game takes.
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