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Hi guys!

I am going to continue my small list what visual things would I like to see in the game later. With the latest beta 1.5.10 I am glad to see the new italo norman helmet in the game, I hope the dev team will add more and more iconic armor and etc. stuffs into the game. Now I introduce some things which can make the game more amazing.

Camel armor

I really miss camel armor from the game especially for ghilman subfaction their mid tier units have armored horses and the high tier units the ghulams have simple camels with no armor. They really need a scale or lamellar armor for their mounts.

Barbarian hairstyle

I know this type of knot was used by ancent germanic tribes but I hope we will see this in the game for example for Battanians. Yes they are mostly celtic influenced faction but I can imagine this hairstyle option at character creation.

Armors with extra equipment

I am glad to see that the new sturgian and battanian armors have some extra on them, a small purse, a horn, really awesome. I hope the team will continue this things cause I know its more work but visually it's totally worth. For example some armguards with finger tab on them for archers. A decorated dagger on a knight's belt.
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