1. Sgtskywalk

    Choke points on campaign map

    It would be great for the Bannerlord dev-team to implement into the game certain castles and settlements with several entrances. When inside, the player/AI will be able to choose from which of the different exits he wishes to get out (north gate, south gate, etc.). The player makes that decision...
  2. Daneel53

    WB [Terminée] VF de A World Of Ice And Fire 6.2

    Bonjour, Je viens de remarquer que le mod AWOIAF est passé en version 6 fin avril, il en est aujourd'hui à la version 6.2 en date du 7 mai. J'ai fait un premier bilan rapide après initialisation automatique à partir de la VF 5.3, il y environ 350 nouvelles lignes à traduire. Je vais m'occuper...
  3. produno

    B Medieval Fantasy A World of Ice and Fire: The Known World

    A World of Ice and Fire was originally created for Mount and Blade: Warband. Being developed over a period of 7+ years and with more than 500k unique downloads, we are now bringing the same Game of Thrones universe to Bannerlord. A World of Ice and Fire: The Known World Planned Features...
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