1. Sgtskywalk

    Choke points on campaign map

    It would be great for the Bannerlord dev-team to implement into the game certain castles and settlements with several entrances. When inside, the player/AI will be able to choose from which of the different exits he wishes to get out (north gate, south gate, etc.). The player makes that decision...
  2. Daneel53

    WB [Terminée] VF de A World Of Ice And Fire 6.2

    Bonjour, Je viens de remarquer que le mod AWOIAF est passé en version 6 fin avril, il en est aujourd'hui à la version 6.2 en date du 7 mai. J'ai fait un premier bilan rapide après initialisation automatique à partir de la VF 5.3, il y environ 350 nouvelles lignes à traduire. Je vais m'occuper...
  3. produno

    B Medieval Fantasy A World of Ice and Fire: The Known World

    A World of Ice and Fire was originally created for Mount and Blade: Warband. Being developed over a period of 7+ years and with more than 500k unique downloads, we are now bringing the same Game of Thrones universe to Bannerlord. Planned Features The full map of the ASoIaF world Many new...
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