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It would be great for the Bannerlord dev-team to implement into the game certain castles and settlements with several entrances. When inside, the player/AI will be able to choose from which of the different exits he wishes to get out (north gate, south gate, etc.). The player makes that decision on the menu within the settlement/castle.

This feature would allow to use castles as barriers for an army on the campaign map. An enemy army will not be able to go around the castle due to natural barriers (mountains, wall, river), and will be forced to capture the castle in order to pass. A neutral army might be allowed to enter the castle and pass through its gates, but not always, and they might be subject to a toll (or even a marriage). A friendly army could be subject to a toll as well. Think of GoT/ASOIAF places like The Wall, The Bloody Gate, The Twins, or Moat Cailin.

For the current Calradia world-map, castles could be added that block narrow passes across rivers, and an army would be challenged with the decision to either pass through the castle, or go the long way around to reach the area behind. Perhaps a big wall along the Imperial provinces could also be added to prevent Khuzait invasions. The Khuzait would need to capture a castle along the wall in order to pass on the other side if they want to raid/conquer the Imperial settlements.

The decision to accept or refuse the passage of a neutral/friendly army for an unassigned fief could fall back to the faction leader. An enemy army however is per default unable to pass through the castle/settlement and absolutely has to capture it in order to proceed further on the campaign map.

This feature would contribute a lot to the potential fun to have, and the complexity of the game-play for the current Calradia campaign, as well as for the up-coming mods for years and years to come.
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