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A World of Ice and Fire was originally created for Mount and Blade: Warband.
Being developed over a period of 7+ years and with more than 500k unique downloads, we are now bringing the same Game of Thrones universe to Bannerlord.


Planned Features

The full map of the ASoIaF world
Many new factions
Custom map icons
Many scenes built from information from the HBO TV series and the ASoIaF books
Known lords and characters from the ASoIaF world
New races and creatures such as Whitewalkers, Giants and Stonemen
Unique music created specifically for the modification
Many new recognisable and lore friendly companions
New lore friendly quests and adventures
All new troop trees
New equipment and items built and inspired from all ASoIaF resources

*Please note all previews are a work in progress*
I will continue to update the images below

The Golden Company




Mereen Throne Room

The Red Keep

Dragonstone Throne Room

Videos and Dev Logs

Feel free to join our DISCORD
or visit our ModDB page

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Good luck, it will be a pleasure to see the different takes on Westeros that different modders have. :smile:
Good luck I will be eagerly watching. I have never modded before but if you need someone to do some dirty work that is not too hard I can help. Thank you!
Nah man very much dead maybe not for warband since the latest announcement was last week but for bannerlord the last announcement was last month
You don't seem to be very active on the Discord, because there is lots of work being done for the Bannerlord version on a daily basis lol, updates are fairly common, you should join up to have the latest news.
I have updated the OP with some additional information. I will continue to update it as and when i can :smile:
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