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  1. Resolved Rescue Your Family Crash

    update to everyone the mission has been fixed i play on death disabled and i tried it just now and its working finally got my family back they have been there for 3 days :grin:
    there was a 113bite update today so that was the fix i guess
  2. i want people's vote and opinion

    hey i created a thread about death of old age in The Citadel-General Discussion>suggestions>Singleplayer>UI no one sees the suggestion forum so if u support my idea help vote maybe they implement it thread name is: make death of old age only an option again
  3. make death of old age only an option again

    hey. i bought bannerlord when it first came out and i loved it. i bought it full price and its the first game i ever buy full price thats how excited i was to get it, but once 1.5.5 or 1.5.6 when death in battle became a thing, i hated it and i deleted it ever since i haven't played it im...
  4. a question about lord death in battle

    There is a mod called "Don't Die" which should disable DIB while still having death from age. I'm not sure how version-compatible it is.

    Or was that the one you referenced which didn't work properly?

    My poll thread on the subject showed that (as of the time of this post) 43% of respondents prefer to play with death-from-age on but DIB off (which currently isn't possible without mods). That's a big chunk of the community that's being refused the option they want (and had, until patch 1.5.5 removed it).

    However, posting about it in General is largely like shouting into a windstorm. I don't think the devs even realize that this is even a problem for players. Your best bet would probably be to try to figure out a way to bring up this issue in the Support forum, phrased as a bug/issue report rather than a feature request. I myself have too many of my reports shot down by the primary support guy to try with this one.
    yeah and they can add this option back no need to code it if it was alrady here
    btw this mod u mentioned i think is removed because it failed to make the lords live it just made all the army knocked unconscious :grin: , and there is a mod called 'dont die on me' and it just changes values for soldiers no mention if it works for lords or companion
  5. a question about lord death in battle

    You can start a new game and choose to disable death and birth. It disables DEATH, and birth
    as i said there i wanted death from old age and birth like the old mechanic not completly disable it
    death from old age is way more realistic than a lord dying almost every single battleand companions too they have allways been important and amazing for the game now they are normal soldiers with some buffs
  6. a question about lord death in battle

    hey so i stopped playing bannerlord after the death in battle became a thing. i would love to play the game but i hated this new feature so much i deleted the game . i have been waiting for a mod or something to come out that removes this horrible feature (my opinion) but nothing yet .one mod...
  7. Tweaks for Viking Conquest (one for 2.028, others for 2.021, 2.012, 2.010 etc)

    you are the best i dont know how the heck people find these but man it must be annoying going through all this :grin:
    just changing the moral loss at sea and companions annoying moral loss made my eyes hurt trying to find those codes :grin: thanks allot for the work u did and man i wish if there was a program like tweak mb but for vc because vc deserves some love tbh
  8. Name 3 features you would like to see implemented in the next - not yet started - update / patch !

    for me i gave up on the game since they made death in battle a thing .

    but my ideas are this
    1- more campaign options (option to go back to the old setting (only death of old age) . change death age )
    2-fix the real issues in the game (ai in general. economy. relations . speech checks .khuzait.)
    3- working armor armor that is useful but not broken
    note that i havent played the game in a very long time so dont know what they did in this time. i bet non of what i said :grin:
  9. the new death in battle sucks

    I just posted in another thread that I am totally shocked there aren't more toggles and sliders in the native experience. I mean since this game is mostly a single player experience and it is obvious that it is relatively easy to create a mod with sliders and toggles for most of this stuff (The Bannerlord Tweaks mod is a prime example), why the hell didn't the developers just put in tons of sliders and toggles so the play could easily tweak his experience?

    I mean just add an advanced configuration screen with toggles and sliders that allow you to set party wages, max party size, max garrisons, rate skill progression, tournament rewards, death, birth, aging rate, things that only affect companions, things that only affect the player, cost of items, enable special loot drop and the rate they drop at, smithing stamina recharge rates, how easy it is for lords to escape, frequency of wars, etc, etc. I mean all these are just parameters in the game and can easily be tweaked and in most cases, there only needs to be a UI and a few lines of code to actually overwrite and change any of these parameters. It shouldn't even be that hard to do and it leaves the player to determine what sort of game play experience they want and enjoy. Hell Taleworlds could pretty much wash their hands of trying to balance things, just provide some sort of decent default settings then let the player go wild changing things up to their hearts content.
    it's doable and it can be just like warband and anno games, the harder options the higher the difficulty% u play
    i actually stopped playing the game from the time i posted this its dead for me im just annoyed i payed full price on it (first game i ever buy it full price and on launch )
  10. what workshop give more money now ?

    i will do what u guys said, tho after the lord death in battle thing i have mostly abandoned the game
    but it should be like the villages that produce a type of product means the workshop in the close town uses that brings the most profit, dont know why they dont do that alrady
  11. Can someone explain me the upcoming new setting "birth and death" in the 1.5.6 beta patch?

    Death right now is 10% player battles only. It was supposed to be changed to 2% for all battles and companion missions,, but the 2% was scrapped by TW. As far as NPC battles I am sure it will be changed sometime soon. The 10% I don't mind as a player but it is insane for companions as the AI do not value life like we do and kamikazee all the time, I have asked if we could get some other options so everyone can get to play according to their playstyle but that has fallen on deaf ears, TW says it's 10% and deal with it, sorry but that's the truth
    man its the first game i ever buy full price and on launch and im never repeating that mistake these idiots deserve the game to be only pirated
  12. what workshop give more money now ?

    so i started a game in 1.5.6 and i bought a brewery in askar (aserai town) it has 2 grain producing villages from the first time i ever bought a brewery there it made 180-200 gold and sometimes jumps to 280 now its bearly making 60 a day what happened im losing 300 a day now and dont know...
  13. when will traits be a thing

    They fixed the trait gains a few months back.
    i only seem to lose traits tho how do u gain them ? i do honorable things and do helping missions all the time they never add to traits
  14. when will traits be a thing

    hey so we all know how messed up the trait/speech check system is i want to know when will they fix it and make traits useful and make us gain those traits thro choices we make in quests and battles . i use the glitch in the 75 athletics perk because of how broken the system is . i dont like...
  15. Khuzait still snowballs

    Seriously im getting god damn tired of this snowball bull****. Rework their freaking map movement speed perk for christ sake, Khuzait needs to be balanced so that the other AI can fight them (i dont want ANY cuck boy replying to this thread with their personal idea on how to win vs khuzait as a player, no one cares, it has NOTHING to do with this thread, this thread is about AI vs AI). I'm tired of having to f****g restart campains hoping that the next one will not get snowballed by god damn Khuzait. Its been so many months and this stupid ass problem has been ruining my game experience since day one.
    Why the **** doesnt Aserai ever declare war on them ?
    Why the **** do they win every siege
    Why the **** do they have a perk that makes them unreachable by other AI on the world map
    Why the **** do they win every and any encounter with other AI.
    Why the **** are they so well positioned on the map making armies starve to death before even reaching them.
    Why the **** do all my lords vote against declaring war to them
    Why the **** does Southern Empire and Sturgia still suck ass vs them ?

    Bring the god damn nerf hammer upon these stupid ass Khuzait already, i think its pretty clear im getting sick and tired of this ****.

    agree they are so annoying almost no one can catch them on the map and they can catch lords with 10 20 men (lords rebuilding there army's) making enemy factions stay weak, and when they declare war there lords go deep in enemy territory hunting other lords, yet other factions rarely venture inside enemy lands. there ai seems way smarter than other ai dont know if thats a thing but they act much smarter than other factions in wars .even against player u do struggle a bit against there 2 wave tactic (tons of horse archers hitting u wile there main force advance)
  16. the new death in battle sucks

    froggyluv, you compliment the devs in assuming they are headed toward "a strong visionary product"... and I hope they are, but I fear that is just...hope. To me, there is so much extemporized in this game that I can't see the "vision" that it started with.

    Someone considering scope of a campaign RPG would need, from the start, to be thinking about how long a typical campaign will need to hold together. Since a higher population means higher PC resources, having a runaway population will at some point ruin anyone's game. Some mechanism had to be provided for dynamism: new notables/heroes/nobles shuffling in, older ones checking out. When BL went into EA, I don't think there was any mechanism at all for in/out (edit: except for executions). Adding death in battle only after three-quarters of a year (and sneaking it in on a hot-fix without warning, as I understand from the beta folks) indicates to me that either there was no vision at the start, or that the devs are just correcting population imbalances that happened - predictably - because important people weren't dying in battle. Setting the death "tax" at 10% "to start with" indicates (again, to me) that no serious ability to mathematically model outcomes is being invested. Why should BloodGryphon, a player, have to be providing statistical analyses to the devs to help them out?

    Population control is of course just one element of the game. The economy and the smithing are two other areas where math modeling should have started before coding. TW is still flailing on both.

    A game design document shouldn't consist solely of "I want to make the best damn medieval campaign game with the best damn combat for Single and Multiplayer." It needs to have some idea - some vision - of what that will look like. TW appears to be feeling its way towards an understanding of the details, but dammitall, putting in one system at a time breaks the others and requires endless iterations until it's somewhat workable.
    agree on all. they should not sneak this or even implement it if its just a rushed "balance" . as i said before i was completely against it but when someone explained why its important for longer campaigns im with it, but not in this rushed and 0 thought behind it state they should for now remove this work on it for a while and when its ready and balanced implement . i assure u it will take at least months for them to fix it even in 1.5.6 there is no mention of balancing it and don't know when that is coming to the main game branch
  17. the new death in battle sucks

    So much THIS! If a friend asked me how to play Chess and I said "Well you can move any piece anywhere you want at any time" -that would kill the fricken whole idea of chess. Sure, you bought it, in theory you can change the rules and play anyway you want - but i'd like for a game to have fun tightly calibrated rules that makes the whole affair interesting - a bought challenge that they have crafted and ive set out to master.

    Now one could also make the argument "well just leave in options for everything -then everyone is happy!" Thats both true and false. Because in reality -these games are of finite resource in its making - meaning, the more we leave the entire thing an open ended option rich affair -the less chance the game realizes its original vision and challenge and then everyone starts complaining 5000 ways around one issue "Khuzait are snowballing AGAIN!", "Well thats because you have child death at 2% instead of 20% blah blah" - and the developers will abandon trying to calibrate a good game for us leaving it up to us to "find the proper settings in the Options menu".

    Let the creators make a strong visionary product with tightly would rules and let modders and personal coders adjust as they see fit.
    im all for it but what they did is just drop death feature with 10% death chance and said we will fix it later, im not against a nice calibrated game i hate when they put a half ass solution for a problem that wont happen in most gameplays. many people think im against them making the game stable in long campaigns (+40 years in game ) at first i was completely against this feature but a guy explained why it will be important, but what i am against is the 10% chance and the companion death they should have worked on it made it all work and then implement it, 10% really seems like 30 or 40% and why kill companions they just made melee companions useless if we now have to use them as archers why did they add one and two handed companions who would cost 500-2500 but almost die like a normal soldier, i will say i will accept this new feature if they did it right
  18. the new death in battle sucks

    (answer to most posts )
    i know the game wont be balanced the without this feature in long games , but they shouldn't have implement a 10% chance of death they should have worked on it and improved it make it a 2% disable companions death and then release it i could have liked it but 10% is retarded from them and they should fix snowballing before implementing this because if they add lords death in calculated combat (ai vs ai ) and khuzait or vlandia are in those then rip to all factions .
    after i read 1 post saying why they are doing that (almost a week ago) i understood why they need to put such a thing but why did they implement a 10% chance and only if player helps an army + why companions they dont give birth and its not like they are the most op thing in game they are limited in party and as i know there is a limit on how many of them can spawn on the map .
    i still wish to just get the old system as an option because with the current 10% chance i stopped playing for almost a week now.
  19. the new death in battle sucks

    As many pointed out, death in battle is necessary to keep the population from overgrowing. If you are afraid to loose your companions, just keep them as archers or horse archers, or change them to a custom unit that you will keep away from danger as your personal guard (though, I noticed they have higher survivability in archers divisions).

    War is war and I actually like the fact that my companions and even wife are at risk. It makes the game a little more immersive. Just yesterday I lost one of my old companions that ran with my for quite a lot of years. The guy was my medic ad he kept complaining about me raiding villages and slaughtering peasants (economical warfare for the win :wink: ) so I was actually planning to kick him out of clan whenever I could find a replacement for his position. But when he died I felt kind of sad.

    Another memorable moment was when I was leading a quickly assembled Surgian army to recapture Tyal from Khuzaits. We took the city by surprise, and it was poorly defended so I led the assault without any preparations. Sturgians took the city walls and I was taking out defenders with my bow. I kept shooting, taking down one enemy with every arrow until I accidently headshoted one of our Sturgian lords... and the poor guy died... At the end we captured the city but I felt guilty about this guy. This unfortunate accident also forced me to reconsider my war plans, as the guy's party added up about 25% of my manpower. After his death his men dissasembled so I was no longer able to continue my march to victory.

    So yeah, I love this game for the fact that it writes it's own stories and death in battle actually ads a lot to that immersion.
    they all talk about games after 2 generations being overpopulated but why kill companions tho u realize one handed and two handed and even polarm companions are useless now i know there should be a risk but there 10% is happening way more than a real 10% chance
  20. the new death in battle sucks

    Easy breezy doesn’t equate to fun for a lot of people. But again, the assertion that 90% of people are fully against combat death is a false one anyway. Sometimes you as the player need to overcome obstacles, not just whine until they are removed.

    Your life will run much smother with that approach
    this post had nothing to do with game being difficult i was talking about a feature i liked that they removed
    complaining about something in a game doesn't make one having trouble in life, as u paid money for this game i did too and if there is something i don't like i will say it that's why there is a forum u dont like it u can just exit the page being a **** to others u don't agree with wont help anyone .
    there are allot of people before u in this post who either agree with some parts or disagree with it all but they are respectful and i respect there ideas even some had same ideas u mentioned but they did it as humans
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