make death of old age only an option again

do you think death from old age should be made a campaign option like disable death&birth?

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hey. i bought bannerlord when it first came out and i loved it. i bought it full price and its the first game i ever buy full price thats how excited i was to get it, but once 1.5.5 or 1.5.6 when death in battle became a thing, i hated it and i deleted it ever since i haven't played it im keeping an eye on the forum maybe you might bring it back but no hope.
i feel robed from my money if it was a thing from day one i would not have bought it .
i searched mods to maybe find one that disable it but non work and there are no clear way in the files to disable this feature .
i want the option to have death from old age only. i want to play and enjoy Bannerlord i don't care about what will happen 100 years in the campaign i do not play that long in a campaign and i bet allot of players dont too.
i will create a poll so people can say what they think.
i want this feature to enjoy a game i was excited for and i gave my money for (where im from 47$ is not a small amount ) i dont like it when games make a huge change after people buy the game i know its an early access game but early access is for adding features and fixing bugs not change a huge part of a game . viking conquest was my favorite game it had so many gameplay options to chose
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