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so game been out for 3 years and the devs did allot of bug fixing and i thank them for that
what i really want to see is stuff that existed in viking coqnuest that were amazing for the game but need some improvements (i know people have asked for these things but its been 2 years since last posts i saw)

1- personal refuge or hideout : in viking conquest it was a really sweet feature, you can build a small settlement and upgrade it to have shops and garrison troops and not get raided or attacked . this feature would be amazing for a thiefe/rogue gameplay you have your own hideout and you can sell and buy stuff in it also you can place a companion to manage it and upgrade it (i believe this feature could be improved upon to be even better than how it was in viking conquest and gives a use to the large empty areas in the map)

2- alliance: also in viking conquest you could make alliances with other factions and in warband diplomacy mod was well known and liked for that , this feature should be introduced and made easier than how it was in viking conquest because it was a good feature but really hard to get in an alliance with a faction. maybe you can ally with a faction if your both at war with another faction or a faction that is weak will be more likely to want to ally with you so other factions wont attack it

3- special locations with special weapons/armor: again like viking conquest (loved the game) there was special locations like the troll's bridge or hadrian's wall where you fight or did a special mission for unique loot or a special companion but in bannerlord forget the special companion what i would love to see is special weapon and armor set that is hidden behind special locations or quest, the reward should be a really cool armor that blends the armor type/look of all 6 factions and has the best stats but should be made hard to get or takes time finish all those locations

that is what i really wish to see in the game hope you all comment what you think
I agree with a lot of this.

I really liked the way Viking Conquest's more linear or scripted quests and event locations gave the player a sense of space and time.
I do not know if I would want alliances. The Bannerlord AI already is not that smart, so adding in something as complex and alliances would just be a recipe for disaster. What I would like to see is Non Agression Pacts. They are already in the game on a small scale. If you get attacked by a slightly superior force, you can bribe the enemy to let you go in exchange for agreeing not to attack their faction for x days. So it should be significantly easier to implement than something as complex as alliances. But I would love to be able to build a personal hideout to earn more money and gain early storage. And being able to recruit bandits more easily would be amazing.
Of course more armor and clothing is a no brainer.
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