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    Legio XIX [AU/NZ]

    🇦🇺 Looking Good 🇦🇺
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    Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Goodluck!  :grin:
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    ALECOS said:
    La Grandmaster said:
    ALECOS said:
    Alright i have been playing some M&B and im curious as to how the arenas will work in the towns as well as marriage and lordship basically all the boring things nobody has asked about
    Basically in an ideal world I would change the whole lot - arenas would be set up to hold almost mad max style deathmatches along with jeep races and fist fights. But I sadly lack the time to do all of this so, in the alpha version at least, there will be no arenas (they just wont be accessible). I would like to do something with the marriage system as well but I have no plans for it yet.
    HoJu said:
    It would be cool if the arena be a foorball stadium and the contesrants wore football gear, but that'd neeed a lot of custom props and items (big foam gloves as weapons?)  :razz:
    The mod does feature football gear but not in arenas.
    I think the final around of the arena should be to the death, as in you can actually kill the last person, i know it does not change or matter much it is just a word that said knocked unconscious or killed, but it would make it sooo much more satisfying killing the champion/defending yourself as champion, at least once they are put in
    Oblivion much?
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    dinnerblaster said:
    Better get this mod out quick, so we can start practising for life after Russia's bombed everything to the ground. Not meaning to cause mass hysteria, but the situation as it is now, looks bad. Very, very bad.
    This might sound weird but im playing as ukraine in some of my games....
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    ThaneWulfgharn said:
    dinnerblaster said:
    La Grandmaster said:
    Just to clarify to him - this mod is not OSP

    Why it isn't? At least I'd be eager to see what possible spinnoff mods would pop up.

    I have a pretty interesting idea :smile: (no zombies though...)
    Im sorry but if i had to i would do something like falling skies season 2  :mrgreen:
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    It has been done an entire page about big tits i am feeling very sorry for grandmaster since its on his Mod Page.  :mad:
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    Volkonski said:
    I suppose grandmaster could tie the super infected into a US army quest. Something like "Alpha squad went missing X weeks/months ago, we've tasked you and whomever you deem fit to accompany you to go find them. *Insert potential award here*". Also perhaps upon finding and eliminating the super infected you find a cache of weapons and supplies which you can either hoard for yourself or give to your faction.
    Only problem is that you just mentioned they died and he would give you a reward upon their Second death
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    Sir_Newton said:
    How would you balance enemy use of firearms if the lords have infinite/no money?
    Make them as rare as Black armored knights
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    And duct tape, Lots of duct tape  :mrgreen:
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    Sir_Don_Quixote said:
    Acually the lords in natve do use money. I remember a while back I was in cheat menu, and I clicked on something and It says lord ____ has 15000 denars.
    did you have your own faction? because your own lords might have their own currency
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    La Grandmaster said:
    Depends how much time I spend working on the mod, I haven't been spending loads of time on it recently. If I was to spend a solid month working solely on the mod then it would be released by the end of it - but that's never going to happen
    Dont we know it :sad:
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    Mr. Gloom said:
    I'm more looking forward to hacking up some Jesus nuts with a hatchet. It'll be... cathartic.
    Amen :3
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    The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    lukesky36 said:
    well why not i would like the option that's all
    Do you mean civilian RPG?
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    MP Sci-Fi Fantasy [WB] Warhammer 40k: Battle for the Imperium ALPHA v3 RELEASED.

    forexjammer said:
    Dead Mod ?
    damnit i always wanted a 40kmod :sad:
    Its not dead.
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    SP Fantasy Warsword Baptism 1.3

    Please move it to the Original M&B section please that is all.
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