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    Black Shields (BkS) bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks

    I didn't really care for Dayz's low population (60 person servers) with such a huge land mass - it seemed like pvp opportunities were too few. What is H1Z1's population capped at?
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    Your personal Viking Conquest rating (X out of 10)

    1 out of 10.

    Pure crap of a DLC. Textures, sound, performance are all bad. It's like an arcade version of Vikingr. It really is terrible. Truly.
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    Thank you for the feedback

    Pay the makers of Vikingr to fix this DLC.
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    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    Played that Viking DLC some today. I don't know why, but I thought this would be a no brainer, especially with something like Vikingr as their guide - but sadly TW really messed this up. Even if they would have just left it Native with Viking costumes it would have been better than whatever the fu*k I just purchased.

    The textures are terrible. Everything looks shiny and ultra fake (I'm using the same settings as Native). My frames in Native are 120. My frames in Viking Rip-off are about a 100, no idea why. There is a sound glitch with shield bash that follows you around even when you're not bashing. If you wear headphones you're at risk of bursting an eardrum, as the sound is amplified and never stops. Ever. Sound in general is also up the ass. Hitting an enemy's shield sounds like someone banging an empty oil drum with bat.

    Remember when we all played on medium speed, and fastest seemed fast. Well Viking DLC is like...fastester. It's possible I was playing as the ancient and noble house of Cheetah, sure, but barring that, my barefoot pagan glides upon the grass at the speed of a trotting horse. Weapon swings and back-peddling match cheetah running, so melee is just awkward and dumb to watch. Yet, despite the accelerated speed - blocking is super easy. It's like I was on an autoblock server, but I wasn't.  I know because I had to ask.

    I don't know what archery is. Remember Peasant's mod and how nobody could see their arrows being shot? It's like that. You just shoot them off in the general direction of other humans. You're rewarded with a zipping sound, but where you arrows go, nobody knows. It's like what it must be like playing as Zero.

    I didn't ride a horse. The only good thing about Viking DLC was the server settings - 1000 gold.

    TW should have just bought Vikingr and repackaged it.

    Viking Conquest the DLC is terrible. I'd rather go play the piano in Napoleonic Wars.
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    North American Native Clan List

    Can confirm. TF is a real thing. Pretty innovative. Modeled after The Manchurian Candidate.


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    I noticed your server is running what appears to be an edited version of Madoc's "quagmire" and Kiss' "open plains". 
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    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    That's what I tell them all.

    "I'm accustomed to listening to Fehnor with his mouth full."


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    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    Yeah PS2 is a lot smoother now. IDK what normal frames are but I'm pretty steady at 60fps in battle.


    Also, Before Juve was Juve he was Juvenile after he was Littleboy (which everyone found very creepy). He came to me one day in late summer and asked about a new name. The then Littleboy said he felt that his spirit was shackled and he wanted a new identity. I said I understand. We talked little bit about smoking dope, not because he asked, but because it's a speech I like giving. I explained that rolling a gigantic blunt and sparking it up at ten in the morning can make you feel like James Dean - and while James Dean was cool, F. Scott Fitzgerald was way more cool.

    Later in the conversation I made several suggestions. Juvenile was one of them. Bighands might have been another, but I can't recall.
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    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    ClockWise said:
    Balion is a Minecraft clan now.

    Try hard post.
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    [DW] Deathwatch (inactive)

    The Pizza said:
    I help the community, not just the clan I belong to.

    But you'll kick SPQR without warning from a pick-up party for not being in team speak.
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    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    John7 said:



    NA community has devolved to what essentially amounts to Tijuana after dark. Individually there are a few nice folks, but not enough. 2010-2012 was the most fun. RIP peace.
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    The Midnight Watchmen [TMW] - UNDEFEATED IN OVER 5 YEARS

    I won't touch anything while I'm in this thread (bsi precautions), but I know your clanmate Serial would go ape over this, so...


    Multiplayer petition -

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    Native Completed UNAC Map Testing Tournament - FINAL STANDINGS AND DISCUSSION

    The most recent rock port changes were from the unac season 2 captains meeting.  Carry on.
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    The Rebels (NA)

    Good luck with the personal stuff. Speedy return.
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