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    HILDILEIKR – official Víkingr server

    I would like to thank everybody for the nostalgic fight of today and I'm happy to see that some of my throwing skills are still better than my hand-to-axe combat. I especially want to thank Þorkell for informing me and I hope this won't be the last time I have great time in the servers with this beloved mod of ours and with the great people I've grown fond with fighting with/against.
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    I'm sad to write this, but it seems that after all I'm not able to attend in this event :/ I hope the gods of my freetime will be more pleasant next time when you lot will have yet another great event. Take care and have fun slicing and hacking eachother.
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    I shall join to the side of the saxons as Fintan Fer Araig against the heathen vikings who I dislike more out of the two. If some more established clan wants to to have more experienced man within their ranks I'm more than freely to use, but even public host gives me satisfaction to partake in this grand event.
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    Old East Slavic Fix for Vikingr 1.0

    Rule zum Rabensang said:
    Violating good old Fintan was the only reason to get rid of it, I've heard.

    Well then you lot have been extremely successful I give you that...
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    Old East Slavic Fix for Vikingr 1.0

    Hospes fori said:
    This is yet another step on the sacred path of historical authenticity. Hál Hróðbeorht!

    Well I for once feel violated with the lack of berserk class...
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Damn you saxons and your skill to understand dead languages!
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Glad to see that there's a full scale event for my favourite mod and community in this planet!
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    The Mead Hall

    Leifr Eiríksson said:
    Online battling also takes on its own flavour, with special modes like Coastal Assault and Warlord

    All these folk whom are blissfully unaware that a solid 'viking' experience already exists for MP.
    Well, the nail's in the coffin.

    Well I hope that we will still have the giant monopoly...
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    The Mead Hall

    Hospes fori said:
    Some of you probably already know it. TaleWorlds and the Brytenwalda team are working on a new Mount&Blade Warband offshoot called Viking Conquest.

    It's going to interesting to see if they can make better mp than we have in Vikingr atm.
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    SKJALDBORG – The Final Víkingr Shieldwall Event (In the past)

    I'm glad SW is coming back. In a one way I find SW sometimes even more entertaining than proper historical events as the idea of recreating the SW-style of fighting is so unique to this mod. Can't wait to thin out the enemy wall with my birin!
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    Community Art ! [first post depository]

    skvor said:
    Vikingr did affect me. The things I do, The person I am, I owe that to vikingr!
    *bursts in tears of approval*

    Just show with this doll where it did touch you.


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    The Mead Hall

    Leifr Eiríksson said:
    'Yes' voting Scots can suck a ****.
    If they want out, I want them out and to see them fall flat on their faces - preferably though I'd rather see them lynch Alex Salmond.  :smile:

    So does that mean you are wee bit leaning to the "No thanks" side?
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    The Mead Hall

    This post doesn't really have anything to do with the mod, but I'm interested how you chaps in the British isles see this Scottish referendrum for indepence thingy? And I also want to know if it makes me automatically pro-indepence if I like haggis.
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    Moeckscript on Hildileikr, lenient or strict Poll

    Wait, are you saying that we changed the server from awesome-setting at some point? So all those kills came from kitten*-mode and not from my manly skillz?

    It seems that this forum doesn't understand that some words can have many meanings from little cat to coward to female genitalia. The more you know...
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    The Mead Hall

    Just read something from the M&B II Bannerlord blog and this caught my attention: "Weapons, armor, clothes and architecture should date from around 600 to 1100 AD, rather than the 13th century."

    So it would seem that after Bannerlord it would more easier for people to make mods for this era like our Vikingr. Ofc the detail isn't the same if you would just copy-paste things from native, but it would be a easier start for some modders who are interested of the era.
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