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    Discussion Resource Browser For those wondering how to import meshes and textures

    Hey, I did all of this and nothing of it showed up in the editor.

    What kind of files does the editor accept for meshes and textures?
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    Hæringar [EU Norðmenn bande, formerly 'the Haraz']

    wy ts no work?!?
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Jarvisimo said:

    Rohan longsword. 238 polies.
    Critique? :smile:

    I followed Volkonski's advice and have tried to make it more metallic looking, however I think he said that about the Uruk swords as they're supposed to be meaner and darker and more battered.

    Blades too thick, I couldnt tell where the actual cutting edge was.
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    The very thought of modding warband makes my balls ache...
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    Yu Crezy!
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    I was just ****in about, just wanted too see eirikr's reaction, must say it was dissapointing.
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    Me and Eirikr will continue as devs.
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    B Fantasy [WB] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

    Why would they say anything upon dying?
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    You might wanna connect the vetrices at the end of the blade.
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    Help me Brothers

    How about asking the people who put it in the mod, what it is called?
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    Li guerreier de Moretoin

    Jim, ****off, your always so ******* hostile to people, let them play the way they want.....
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    In that case every weapon should break...
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    Hæringar [EU Norðmenn bande, formerly 'the Haraz']

    rapier17 said:
    I need people to give me their in-game NAME and their BACKSTORY *HINT BLOODY HINT*  :wink:

    "Rathos"  He was a god, he is a god and will always be a god.
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